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Food?! Omnomnomnom

Well the rains have come again and that means whee are stuck inside with no fresh grass. Mummy says that I in particular get furry demanding when the weather is wet and rainy but I can’t help it.

I feel like I’m going crazy, even running around the living room and hallway I still feel trapped. Not that I’ve been outside since Autumn but the fact that it is now the weather preventing me just makes me cross.

And the lack of grass doesn’t help either. I love it that Mummy goes out and pick a handful of grass in the morning, the fact that the pouring rain stops her. It makes me so cross! In fact, the only thing that calms me is food.

This is the face that greeted Mummy when she said no grass. It clearly says, “Well get something else for me then hooman!”

She fetched me some spinach. Boy have I got her wrapped round my little paw!

What do you like to do when the weather is rainy or horrible?

Have a great Thursday efurryone


Mega Mouthful Monday

It’s that time again. That day whee all dread has come back around. All Nacho’s hiding under tents couldn’t keep it away.


When munching in the garden whee sometimes take mega sized mouthfuls, on days like Monday’s whee take the biggest mouthfuls ever!

Now Mummy has been working on putting together a special little section on the blog for some time now – A Hoomans Guide to Guinea Pigs. (You can see the little tab up there under our banner) This is being updated and added to all the time with new sections and info as whee post it but so far it has the following sections:

The Basics of Guinea Pigs

Handling and Health

Emergency and Illness

Break The Boredom! Time For Toys!

Guinea Pig First Aid Kit

Heat Stroke (And how to deal with it)

If you have any ideas for sections you’d like to see please let us know! The other tabs up there have also been updated and redesigned so please take a look and let us know what you think.

Have a mellow Monday efurryone ^_^



ps. Little Nacho was super lucky to be the proud winner of The School Daze Pigture  contest run by Sammy over at One Spoiled Cat. The you had to enter a pigture of you enjoying you Summer Holidays. Nacho spent his on the hunt for a missing parsley plant. Here is the winning pigture and the award. Thanks so much for voting for him efurryone, whee are so proud and excited!

Nacholookingformissing parsley          SummerVacationWinner

Why Are Whee Waiting?!

imageWhy are whee always left waiting for veggies. This pigture was taken at 10:46 today. Mummy asked in that silly voice hoomans like to use:

“Heya Buddy Budkins! Are you waiting for something?!”

(I can’t help the ridiculous nickname she used, some hoomans just don’t respect that I have a reputation to protect!)

“Of course. My vegetables woman, where are they?!” I wheeked back loudly, climbing the bars.

“But it’s not 11 o’clock silly boy! Not veggie time yet!” she laughed.

“Does this face really look like it cares for your cruel time-telling devices lies about whether it’s stomach needs feeding?!” I wheeked back in outrage.

Clearly persuaded by my powers of argument (and the fact she needed to go out and do some food shopping soon) she fetched the vegetables with only a small amount of naughtiness in only giving us two veggies instead of our usual three. However whee forgive her because whee got to have the left over carrot tops and broccoli stalks from the hoomans dinner, whee always wheek in case they are cooking something that might have left overs for us! Yummy!

What’s your favourite snack? Do you have  a silly nickname your hooman thinks is cute? It can’t be worse than Buddy Budkin, Buddy Battenburg bottom (named so for the neat markings on my fur), Buddy McFabulous or Prince Buddy Buddington! (All real nicknames Mummy uses!)



Back In Action! Munchies And Meet-Ups!

Waaaaah! Whee are finally back in business.

*clings desperately to blogosphere* I’ll never let you go Jack . . . I mean blog . . . I mean efurryone!

Yes our compawter is finally fixed! Can whee get a whoop whoop?! . . . No . . . Oh ok then.

Whee would just like to say a massive thank you to efurryone who stuck with us through our cut off time and made such kind and wonderful comments on our Snow White Panto. Glad you liked our modern kind of Princess!

From one Princess to another . . . Well the first thing Mummy did when whee got the compawter back- after wrapping it in a blanket and plastic bag homemade protection thingy – was help us check out as many blogs as whee could. Whee are still getting through you all but had to pause to post! One of our favourite posts ever, in the history of the world was made by Zena from The Princess Tails! It is the charming retelling of the three little pigs, called The Four Little Piggies and Princess Zena. You should definitely read it. Doggy makes a fabulous bad guy, or rather dog!

Whee don’t actually have any photos ready because whee didn’t have time but promise to have them tomorrow. Instead whee are going to tell you what Mummy got up to today.

She abandoned us! Left us at home and went off to London with one of the little hoomans to meet up with a small group of furry fanatics, piggy protectors, cavy crusaders. Yes, whee speak of the Piggy Slaves! Before she left she was very busy in the kitchen. As usual whee assumed it was for us. The fridge opened and there was a carrot-bag sounding rustle. But then no carrot appeared. To our horror, Mummy had grated three perfectly delicious carrots into a mixture for hooman cupcakes. Well whee were distraught. To add insult to injury she was then out all afternoon. When she returned she said what a great time she had. Yes . . . With our carrots! Of course she enjoyed herself! Efurryone enjoys themselves when carrots are involved. But those were our carrots and whee are currently not squeaking to Mummy.

Wait . . . Hang on one piggy-popcornin’-minute! I can hear the hay bag rustling!

Hay! Hay! Hay Mummy! Don’t forget to feed me!


Hey Hey Happy Pigoween!

So Mummy is feeling better and has been pouring over the entries to our Pigoween Potion Poem Contest with us and the little hoomans. (who you squeaked to in the last post!)

After much deliberation (and snack breaks and arguing!) whee have chosen a winner. This poem was written by Carmeline, Lola, Mina and Lily the piggies with a small amount of help from their hooman slave! Whee are pretty sure you will agree this fab potion poem is a very deserving winner!

Blade of grass and root of beet,
Top of carrot, corn so sweet,
Hurry up! We need a treat,
Fill our bowl with things to eat.

Nice fresh grass and dandelion,
Picked by hand with dew still on ’em,
Crunchy pepper, green or red,
Come on, fill the bowl, we said.

Nice lush grass so tasty and green,
The biggest tomato we’ve ever seen,
A piece of fresh apple, to share between four,
Quickly our slave, we still want some more.

Lots more grass and celery stem,
A sizeable piece of banana skin,
Fill the bowl slave, you know what to do,
Feed us with love, for we do so love you!

Well bootiful ladypigs, firstly congratulations! Secondly, if you could drop our Mummy an email with your hutch address and with pigtures of each of you attached as jpegs, whee have a prize bundle to make up and send to you!

Have a great Pigoween efurryone. Why not tell us in the comments what you have been up to?!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

PS. Whee will check efurryones blogs as soon as whee can!

PPS. Hope efurryone got through the Frankenstorm safely.

Big Girls . . . You Are Bootiful!

So here is the first problem whee are going to answer and advise in our Piggy Problem Parlour!

Settle down. Pull up a chair! Recline on the chaise longe! Take a snack and taste our haycakes!

Our first problem is a mix of body issues and bullying. It is from Strawberry The Guinea Pig.

Ok I’ve always known I’m a bit on the large side, my old slaves fed me so much(TOOMUCH)lovely food..oh it makes my mouth water..all that lovely food..SNAP OUT OUT OF IT,STRAWBERRY…oops sorry but those strawberries…NO!..ok! Anyway the embarrassing thing is I’m so large I can’t get up the ramp without making such a noise that I scare all my friends and it’s soooo tiring so I stay at the bottom because by the time I get up there i have to plonk myself down and have a sleep. And they ALL LAUGH AT ME!!! How mean is that!!! Just thinking about it makes me sad!! I might need another carrot to cheer myself up!! Wheres slave!!!!! Slave!!! I want a carrot!!!

From Strawberry

Dear Strawberry,

Know-It-All Nibbles here. I have to say that your furfriends are being pretty mean laughing at you. I like a ladypig who enjoys her food and I definitly live with a Nutty who is fond of nomming. I’m called Nibbles afterall because I am always eating!

I think you will find that if you compare yourself to hoomans (particularly the noisy ones of a smaller variety) they make far more noise running up and down stairs. So you see, you are practicually underweight in comparisons to hoomans. (Don’t argue with my logic, it made more sense in my head !)

In fact I find myself dreaming of a VOLUPTOUS ladypig I have a bit of a crush on! Whee boars don’t like a skinny little thing that picks at her hay, whee like a veggie munching, cuddly, furry, lady of a pig! Whee like somefurry who appreciates her veggies for the heavenly noms they are.

If you are concerned about your weight then you might want to try running up and down the ramp a couple of times a day until you can do it without needing a nap. Ignore your cagemates or make a game of it. You could even play see-who-can-make-the-most- noise-on-the-ramp! It could be fun!

Whee might do a post with some exercise tips soon so watch out for those. And stop worrying! Why try to change who you are? I bet your hoomans like having more of you to cuddle!


ps. Please keep sending in your problems, whee have had some great ones so far!

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