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What Goes Around, Comes Around – Pay It Forward

Well it seems like whee are just showing off what big fans whee are of Bacon over at Pig Love Blog but whee thought this was too impawtent a post not to write!

It was inspired by this post about why you should Pay It Forward.

So what is Pay It Forward all about? Well it’s pretty simple really.  You do something for someone out of the blue, not asking for anything in return just because you can.  A random act of kindness.

It’s all about bringing around good karma. Doing good things and expecting nothing in return. Mummy has been doing it a bit this month but for what remains of it she hopes to do much more!

From paying for someone on the bus who didn’t have the right money, to offering to help someone who looked lost, to stopping to speak to a homeless man and buying him a hot chocolate.

These are basic and very simple things that Mummy was able to do and whee hope she would have done anyway without this reminder. The idea is to just brighten someone’s day.

And though it says “expecting nothing in return” the truth is, you get so much from it. A warm positive feeling, and a smile that stays with you all day! Whee think Mummy has got the bug and might be addicted!

Have you done anything like this today? Are you going to give it a go?

Bacon says:

You have an entire month to Pay it Forward.  Do little things.  We will meet back here on my blog on March 4, 2015 to post about what we have done and how we have touched someones life in 2015.  I hope this inspires you my friends

You only have one day left but whee hope you do something a little special today!

Have a pawesome day!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


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