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Super Nutty – Ask Ask And Away!











Whee would like to start off this post by send our warmest whiffles and gentle cuddles to Misaki who had operation go a little wrong. Whee are glad to hear you are improving and hope you continue to get better. The second order of business is to inform you that tomorrow I shall be interviewing none other that the most famous guinea pig superhero. Super Nut.

Now if you haven’t heard of him then he is doing well at flying under the radar. Essentially whee are asking for your ideas for questions to ask Super Nutty. Just post them in the comments and wait and see if yours are included!

It couldn’t be easier. Good luck.


Vampire Piggy?!

Well whee asked you to come up with captions and as usual you didn’t disappoint! All the ideas were great and whee had a tough time deciding but whee eventually went with this one, simply for it’s relevances to todays happenings. The winning caption was by Zena.

‘It’s not a vampire is it? Please tell me they haven’t moved me into a duplex next to a vampire!’

Well you may wonder why this is relevant. Today Basil has been a very naughty piggy. He does however have reason to be. While having cuddles today the little hoomans noticed he was more fidgety than usual and kept nipping. As soon as Mummy got in she did her usual checks and discovered he has hay mites. Hay mites are very common in piggies and are easily dealt with. This is Basil’s first time having them but quick treatment stamps out any further issues. Basil has been treated and after glaring and itching for an hour or so he has forgiven Mummy and written an apology letter to Mummy’s Dad, our Grampa hooman, who he bit very hard when he was itchy.

I also feel Basil should write an apology to me, seeing as I was also subjected to treatment simply because I share a cage with him, but I won’t hold my breath!



Dear Grampa Hooman,

I’m writing to say sowwwheeee for being a naughty ‘toofy terrorist’, ‘bad biting bandit’ and various other names you shouted as you clutched your thumb after I had had my wicked way with it.

I never intended permanant damage and I understand you regained movement in the thumb seconds later and are expected to make a full recovery.

I was under a lot of stress and discomfort at the time not that it makes my actions acceptable.

Once again I apologise for being a ‘bloody vampire guinea pig’ and hope you can forgive me.

Kind Regards
Basil (the apologetic)

Ps. Whee know this is a bit of an odd post but here is a poem Mummy wrote inspired by todays events.

My guinea pig is a vampire,
His fang are sharp and strong,
They sink easily into soft flesh,
And it’s victims don’t last long.
He doesn’t sparkle in the sun,
Nor does it burn his head,
But rather makes him happier,
Vitamin D is good for him instead.
Garlic doesn’t phase him,
Though his whiskers don’t half twitch,
He is not a famous movie star,
Or fabulously wealthy and rich.
A stake might be dangerous,
Unless it’s a willow twig,
He will quite happily munch that,
What?! He’s still a guinea pig!
Yes my guinea pig is a vampire,
At 11 o’clock you should beware,
If you are near the fridge or fruit bowl,
You just might find him there,
He is Buddy the veggie slayer,
Watch out carrots and celery,
I’ve seen him destroy his victims,
I’m just glad that veggie isn’t me!

Caption Me Cute!

Well caption me cute and call me a silly pig. Mummy just found a pigture of me which she loves. As a wise cavy once said “Every good pigture deserves an equally good caption”. Well actually it wasn’t a wise cavy and it wasn’t once said. It was said by me . . . Just now!

Anywho I’m losing my point. This pigture of me is great. Do I look startled? Surprised? Scared? Hugry? Mischevious? What have I heard/seen/smelt/done to cause such a reaction?! You tell me what you think in a caption posted in the comments and then tomorrow I might share the story behind it. Or get one of the others to help.

Oh and the winning caption-ator (it is a word, don’t argue with me, I’m too fluffy to be wrong!) will get a shoutout and mention in the next post too!

So come on, get those thinking caps on!


Secret Santa Paws!

What’s that?! Surprise secret Santa Paws?! Well who wouldn’t want to find me in their stocking?! 🙂

Well whee have something very exciting to share! Today when Mummy got in from work she checked the compawter then started squealing. I briefly wondered if she was trying to squeak my lingo but then she began the bouncing from foot to foot dance.

When she made no move to do the normal hooman thing of going to the toilet I examined her movements more closely and realised she was dancing. Strange though it was I squeaked at her to explain herself. She picked me up (I had been running around the living room enjoying floor time) and began to explain.

All over the world there are animals who do not have and will not have a safe, loving home this Pigmass. Whee cannot help all of them or take all of them in (no matter how much whee might want to!) but whee can do a little something for a few guinea pigs in a UK rescue thanks to a wonderful idea run by some incredibly kind and generous individuals on a guinea pig forum whee adore. Secret Santa.

The idea is this: you send your name and say you would like to be paired up with a piggy (unfortunately it is all closed up now but whee managed to enter in time!) then you wait for them to pair you up! Today Mummy recieved the message saying which piggies whee were paired with.

They do include this:

“Please note: secret santas are anononmous! so don’t tell anyone! ”

Sorry guys but whee cannot reveal our piggies! Suffice to say whee did a little research and they are bootiful!

Mummy says she will shop for them tomorrow and she cannot wait. Whee have reminded her not to forget us! I did point out that the piggies are gorgeous . . . And I am gorgeous . . . And who wouldn’t want to unwrap me on Pigmass morning but she loves me to much to give me away, even for a good cause. *sigh* Sorry Ladies (and/or Gentlepigs!), I tried!

Now you are out of time to join in this secret santa but whee do have a little plan to help spread Pigmass cheer.

Why not find out where your local shelter is and see what they need. Blankets, towels, shampoos and toys are almosts always welcome. Then get your hooman to do a little Pigmass shopping and package up whatever you can get. After that you can write a little note or use this one:

There is ice on the ground,
And a chill in the air,
But luckily for you,
We have warmth to spare.
It may not be much,
But I hope it brightens up your day,
And makes lives better this Christmas,
That’s all I hope and I pray.

Tuck that in and send it on it’s way. You may not recieve any thanks. In fact if you do it properly and don’t tell anyfurry then you won’t but the feeling of warm fuzzies and Pigmass cheer will make you feel ten paws tall!

So why not try it. Presents can be big or small, money or packages, whatever you can give. Make a pet’s Pigmass!


Deer, Oh Deer . . .

Whee could tell you that this post was planned in advance and whee knew exactly what whee were doing. But that would, of course, be a lie. Truth is Mummy is showing another of her rapidly multipling failings. First she feeds our carrots to some silly hoomans and now . . . Brace yourselves . . . She hasn’t taken any pigtures of us. *insert shocked gasps here*

I know, I know. It is shocking. So whee are now having to make do with getting a post from some of Mummy’s other pigtures. As Pigmass is approaching whee think these pigtures are at least vaguely relevant, in a sleigh-pulling-sort-of-way! Mummy took them when she went off on one of her family walks a wheek or two ago. She says deer are much bigger than us.

Whee aren’t sure what sort of deer they are (any deer experts out there care to lend a paw?!) but they really are quite bootiful? (Not as bootiful as us but not bad!)

What is your local wildlife like? Do you have deer too? And what would you suggest as names for the deer Mummy photographed? (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph are already taken!)

Hope you all survived Manic Monday! 🙂


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Panto Production Pawty!

Hello hello. Now this post is answering two requests. One to see pigtures of the piggies and one with our Snow White Panto. Whee hope you enjoy you back stage (blog!) entlll
Whee hope you all like them! Let us know.


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Back In Action! Munchies And Meet-Ups!

Waaaaah! Whee are finally back in business.

*clings desperately to blogosphere* I’ll never let you go Jack . . . I mean blog . . . I mean efurryone!

Yes our compawter is finally fixed! Can whee get a whoop whoop?! . . . No . . . Oh ok then.

Whee would just like to say a massive thank you to efurryone who stuck with us through our cut off time and made such kind and wonderful comments on our Snow White Panto. Glad you liked our modern kind of Princess!

From one Princess to another . . . Well the first thing Mummy did when whee got the compawter back- after wrapping it in a blanket and plastic bag homemade protection thingy – was help us check out as many blogs as whee could. Whee are still getting through you all but had to pause to post! One of our favourite posts ever, in the history of the world was made by Zena from The Princess Tails! It is the charming retelling of the three little pigs, called The Four Little Piggies and Princess Zena. You should definitely read it. Doggy makes a fabulous bad guy, or rather dog!

Whee don’t actually have any photos ready because whee didn’t have time but promise to have them tomorrow. Instead whee are going to tell you what Mummy got up to today.

She abandoned us! Left us at home and went off to London with one of the little hoomans to meet up with a small group of furry fanatics, piggy protectors, cavy crusaders. Yes, whee speak of the Piggy Slaves! Before she left she was very busy in the kitchen. As usual whee assumed it was for us. The fridge opened and there was a carrot-bag sounding rustle. But then no carrot appeared. To our horror, Mummy had grated three perfectly delicious carrots into a mixture for hooman cupcakes. Well whee were distraught. To add insult to injury she was then out all afternoon. When she returned she said what a great time she had. Yes . . . With our carrots! Of course she enjoyed herself! Efurryone enjoys themselves when carrots are involved. But those were our carrots and whee are currently not squeaking to Mummy.

Wait . . . Hang on one piggy-popcornin’-minute! I can hear the hay bag rustling!

Hay! Hay! Hay Mummy! Don’t forget to feed me!


Snow White And The Seven Dwarves – Part 4 (finale)

Narrator – So my friends,
You return once more,
Such I dedicated readers,
I have not met before.
After all whee have been,
Cut off from your blogs,
And cut off from the stories,
Of hamsters, cats and dogs.
But never fear my friends,
Our computer is nearly repaired,
Though apparently a piece of piggy food,
Is why it was before impaired.
Who would have thought,
That if put in the disk draw it would break,
Mummy’s has crossly blamed us,
But it must be a mistake.

Anyway on with our story,
You must be dying to know,
Will good defeat evil,
Will someone save Princess Snow?!

Now you remember Prince Rupert,
That dashing handsome fellow,
Stopping for his lunch,
When he saw something and went to say hello.
A vision of loveliness,
Nestled in the grass,
Inside a glass coffin,
He did not notice time pass.
He watched her with wonder,
Until a sound made him turn,

Doc the Dwarf – Wipe that drool off your chin kid.

Narrator – And how his cheeks did burn.

Prince Rupert – Who is this beauty,
And why does she lay here,
Would a soft bed,
Not be kinder on her rear?!

Doc the Dwarf – Well I suppose that it might kid,
But it’s not like she’d care,
She is dead, killed by magic,
And that’s why she lays there.

Sleepy – Whee will always guard her,
She was our close friend,
Making our beds,
Til her untimely end.

Happy – And always laughing,
So full of glee,

Dopey – And even when I was being thick,
She never made fun of me.

Sneezy – And she handwashed my hankies,
And ironed out every crease,

Bashful – And when I was nervous,
She showed me inner peace.

Narrator – Everyone turned to Grumpy,
Who scowled back silently,

Grumpy – What?! Just cos’ she’s dead,
I’ve gotta compliment her nicely?!

All The Other Dwarves – Yes.

Grumpy – Fine, well she wasn’t a bad cook,
And she was alright with a duster,
I’m sorry guys,
That’s all the niceness I can muster.

Narrator – They did not notice as they spoke,
The Prince creeping closer to Snow White,
Till he claimed with a passion,
His cheeks still quite alight.

Prince Rupert – Snow white, so bright,
The prettiest princess I’ve seen tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Kiss her piggy lips tonight.

Narrator – Without further ado,
And before you can say “get on with it”,
Before the dwarves could protest,
Or make him quit.
He lifted the glass lid with a flourish,
And bent his head to hers,
Then kissed her gentley,
Stroking her forehead furs.
Now it turns out black magic,
Has a get out clause it’s true,
And, as you guessed, true loves kiss,
Is number twenty two!

Snow woke with a gasp,
And sat up in a hurry,
Bumping head with the Prince,
As everyone spoke in a flurry.
Snow couldn’t think,
With all that silly chatter,
Her head hurt as she tried to guess,
What was the matter.
Slowly she remembered,
The crone was Belladonna,

Snow White – Well like she said,
One of us must die, and I give her that honour!

Narrator – She jumped out of the coffin,
And marched determindly,
Everyone following now,
Did so silently.

When they reached the castle,
And got in through the garden,
Snow walkes straight into Bumble,
Who just begged her pardon,
Then suddenly he realised,
Who she really was,

Bumble – Oh no, you should go,
Or the Queen will be cross!

Snow White – There’s only one Queen in this castle,
And she is stood right here,
It’s rightfully me,
So she should feel fear.

Narrator – Snow pushed passed him,
And the slaves, maids and guard,
The focus in her eyes,
Surprisingly hard.
She flung open the door,
And entered the Queen suite,
To find her with her feet up
Having a massage on her feet!

Snow knew right then,
How to defeat this fashion nerd,
She would break her down,
Using the spoken word.

Snow White – You are old, you are wrinkled,
Your fur sticks up on end,
And there are droops under your eyes,
And your knees won’t bend.

Narrator – Under the onslaught,
The Queen screamed and shrivelled up,
Yes she had been defeated,
By that little pup!

The very next day,
Snow White was crowned,
And decreed that efurryone should be happy,
And make this country the most fun all around.
And the Dwarves became popular,
At their local pub,
Respected and given,
Unlimited free grub!
And Bumble learnt his lesson,
And was now loyal to Snow,
Who was also doing well,
At all Queenly things you know!
Now what became of Prince Rupert,
Did he and Snow wed,
Well actually no, Snow thought it was creepy he’d kiss someone he thought was dead!
But the Prince was never without,
Company and a full wine cup,
Afterall his kisses could wake the dead,
And woke one such Princess up!

And what of me,
Narrator extraordinary,
Well I started a blog,
And the rest is history!

Snow White and The Seven Dwarves – Part 3

Narrator – Hello there my friends,
Good to see you again,
Have you eagerly awaited,
For this part Mummy had to pen?
Well whee will leap back into the action,
It is about half past three,
Snow has finished cleaning,
And is now cooking the dwarves tea.
A rap on the door,
Makes her turn with a frown,
Putting the bowl she was mixing careful down.
She skipped to the door,
And called out a greeting,

Snow White – Whee aren’t interested if you sell,
Double glazing or heating.

Narrator – There was a loud cough,
That sounded quite bad,
Making Snow fling open the door,
Forgetting the caution she’d just had.
The crone on the door step,
Cleared her throat once more,
Then explained her sob story,
She was old, alone and poor.

Snow White – Oh you poor thing,
Is there something I can do,
I could give you my hair ribbons,
They are practically new.
Maybe you can sell them,
And get what you need,
Now please excuse me, I have,
Seven hungry mouths to feed.

Narrator – The crone was doubled over,
But stopped the door from closing,
With a strength usually beyond the elderly,
That would have had smarter furries suppposing.

Crone – Oh thank you my pretty,
May I give you something in return,
A rosy red apple,
To thank you for the money I’ll earn.

Narrator – Snow took the apple,
With a smile so sweet,
Then upon the crones begging,
Bit into the tart treat.
Then something happened,
And it fell from her paw,
Revealing the black magic,
Swirling out from the core.
Her eyes widdened in shock,
And her fur stood on end,
And the whole world around her,
Appeared to sway and bend.

Crone / Queen Belladonna – I remove the disguise,
That tricked a fool like you,
So you will see me as you die,
And I will see you fade too.

Narrator – Snow crumpled in a heap,
Her fur fanning out gracefully,
Gasping for breath and trying to say,
“Help me!”
Her eyes fluttered closed,
And the Queen started a victory dance,
But the dwarves were returning,
So she did not get a chance.
She fled the scene of her crime,
Without remorse or care,
But maybe if she watched more CSI,
She would see the evidence she left there.
Grumpy stormed into the room, With his usual cheer,
And tripped over Snow’s body,
Shouting “Now who left that here?!”
Then they saw and realised,
It was their Princess Snow,
S’not looking to alive,
And rather dead as you know.

Dopey – Erm Snow are you sleeping?
If so, why not in bed?

Grumpy – And if not, who,
Will cook dinner if you are really dead?

Narrator – But of course Snow didn’t move,
Or look vaguely alive,
She had only half laid the table with,
Just the spoon and knives.

The Dwarves were distraught,
And decided then and there,
To build a coffin,
Of glass to protect her face and hair.
That night they sealed it up,
And cried for poor Snow,
And placed her in a glen,
Of wildflowers not far from home.

Now not far away,
Comes a hero proud and good,
The wonderful Prince Rupert,
Visiting for the funeral food.
He was going to attend,
The Queen’s Ball and Brunch,
But had stopped nearly there,
To eat up his lunch.
He swished his fur forward,
Then swishd it right back,
And smiled so dazzlingly,
Ladypigs hearts it would attack.

I suppose you want him to save the day,
And leap right into action,
But Mumny has just written this out,
And this part is a just fraction.
So whee will end this part here,
There is only one more after this,
And again whee know about the photos,
And the fact that each post they miss.
What will happen next?
Take a guess for a dare?
Will good prevail,
Or are things over right there?!

Snow White And The Seven Dwarves – Part 2

Hello efurryone. Here is part 2 of Snow White. First whee would like to apologise for the lack of pigtures. Our compytermabob is broken and so whee are doing this from Mummy’s phone. That also means that she has had to write all this off the top of her head because it wasn’t saved anywhere else and whee didn’t want to let you down. She has actually written it out in memos once already and accidentally deleted two hours work this evening so she is working fast for this to be ready in time. (She very nearly cried over losing it but realised she only has one hour before midnight and her usual post deadline. So hysterics are saved for later!) Paws crossed whee manage it in time.

If you are reading it then Mummy has succeeded and probably won’t have the brain power to get up in the morning!

Whee hope you like it.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Snow White And The Seven Dwarves

Part 2

Narrator – So now whee return my dear friends,
And a whole wheek has passed,
Whee hope you have contained you excitment,
Since I squeaked to you last!
Snow White is doing well,
The Dwaves domestic goddess,
Surprisingly good for a Princess,
At cleaning up their mess.
There was a small washing incident,
Involving their shirts and her clothes,
She didn’t realise her red dress,
Would dye everything pale rose!
The dwarves too were happy,
Mining caves with their spade,
But peace would not last,
Away from that glade.
Well what did you expect,
Something was bound to go wrong,
This is a fairytale afterall,
And that happens before long.

In fact, at the castle,
Rose a familiar shout,
And an outraged sounding cry,
For Butler Bumble-A-Bout.

Queen Belladonna – Is it so hard to obey me,
You lying little fool,
One simple task,
And you failed me Bumble!

Bumble – Oh dear, oh no,
The Queen’s guessed the truth,
I will not be safe,
At least not under this roof!

Narrator – He dashed for the door,
But Guards blocked his way,
Leaving him with no choice,
But to reluctantly stay.

Bumble – Oh dear, oh help,
Whatever will I say,
Maybe I should get on my knees,
And just begin to pray!
I’m a terrible liar,
And I can’t think of a story,
But what will I do,
In the face if her fury?!
Oh please, oh help,
She is coming down the hall,
She really was right,
I have been such a fool.

Queen Belladonna – I only asked something simple,
Why do you not obey,
Is it really so hard,
To just do what I say.
Am I not kind,
To let you continue to breathe,
Am I not merciful,
Am I not, Guard Steve.

Narrator – Guard Steve was wise,
For he did not say a word,
But Bumble did not get the memo,
‘Silence is golden’? He had not heard!

Bumble – You are merciful,
My Queen I must plead,
Let me find her again,
As quick as you need.
I can do it at once,
I beg your forgiveness,
I was such a fool to ever get into this mess.

Narrator – The Queen thought for a moment,
Then inclined her head,

Queen Belladomna – I suppose you can have one more chance,
You are more use when not dead.
If you go right now,
It may be done it time,
Well what are you waiting for,
Scoot, and don’t whine.

Narrator – Bumble dashed again for the door,
But another shout stopped him in his tracks,
As he turned on his heels,
To face the Queen’s angry eyes attacks.

Queen Belladonna – Where on earth are you going?!
The kitchen is that way,
I said tell the cook to prepare the remembering feast,
And you promised to obey.

Narrator – Bumble realised in that moment,
That he had misunderstood,
She was not on about Snow White,
But the funeral meal food.
He sighed in relief,
And hurried to the cook,
Leaving the angry Queen,
With a furious look.
She probably would have glared more,
If she weren’t so afraid to gain a wrinkle,
Already on her brow,
Was one too many a crinkle.
The feast she had organised,
Invited all royals nearby,
To celebrate Snow short life,
She wanted a pawty, that’s why!
All would be fine,
She assured herself,
And resolutely reminded,
That worry was bad for her health.
She decided that now,
Would be a good time to see her looking glass,
Afterall, it has been awhile,
Since Snow’s death had come to pass.
She was truly confident,
That the beauty would have rotted away,
Well corpses are’t pretty,
In anyones eyes anyway.
She swept off to her bedroom,
And into the ensuite,
Then flung back the mirror’s curtain,
And spoke, deceptively sweet.

Queen Belladonna – Mirror, my darling,
Answer my call,
Tell me now I’m the fairest,
Of them all!

Magic Mirror – My Queen in the palace,
You outshine the rest,
But now hiding in the forrest,
Snow White is still best!
Yes you thought her dead,
But that girl has got guts,
And see how she felled your warrior,
With one mighty touch.

Narrator – The mirror showed reflected,
Snow White’s escape from Bumble,
And her smile at the dwarves,
All shy and humble.

Queen Belladonna – How can this be,
I ordered her killed,
I was told her blood had been,
Messily spilled.
Now what will my pawry,
Remember tonight,
How about my fading youth,
*Sob* Just lie if it’s too bad, all right.

Magic Mirror – You know I cannot do that,
But I can tell you how to regain some years,
Any take care of the Princess,
So no need for tears.
All you need do,
If spell her into a death sleep,
And then all her youth and years,
Will be yours to keep.
Make her eat or drink it,
Willingly mind you,
Trick her into taking it,
And those years will belong to you.

Narrator – The Queen liked the sound of that,
And hurried to her potion room,
A dingy little place,
Which resembles a tomb.
She began grabbing bottles,
And tossing things together,
Tired memories and sleep berries,
And night time weather.

Queen Belladonna – Now how to make it appetising?

Narrator – She said pacing back and forth,
First East to West,
The South to North.
Then she saw it,
Inspired by a fruit bowl,
She grabbed out the only,
Piece of fruit that was whole.
A single rosy apple,
She dipped in the sleep curse,
It would ensure that this time,
Snow ended up in a hearse!
Then the Queen donned a disguise,
Like a wizened old crone,
And clutching the apple in a basket,
She left her castle home.
She entered the forrest,
And used a locator spell,
Planning to arrive while the dwarves were out,
Well it wouldn’t seem this could go well.

Now that is the end of part 2,
You enjoyed it whee hope,
Seeing as this is the third time,
Mummy has written this, and that’s no joke.
What will happen next,
Will the trick catch Snow out,
And will whee see more,
Of Bumble-A-Bout?
And what of Prince Rupert,
Well just you wait and see,
You won’t get a single hint,
Or a word out if me!

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