The Night Before Pigmass!

A re-telling of the popular Pigmass classic, staring Buddy!



Twas the night before Pigmass,

And all through the cage,

Only one creature was stiring,

Twas Buddy checking his image!

“How handsome I am!”

He declared with smug glee,

“Ladypigs won’t care what’s in their stockings,

If the first thing is me!”

He smoothed out his whiskers,

And gazed all around,

At the room decked with tinsel,

Then his ear caught a sound.

Twas the strangest noise,

That he had heard all year,

But feeling quite brave,

He swallowed his fear,

He climbed up the bars,

With trembling claws,

And came nose-to-nose,

With old Santa Paws!

Santa said, “Ho Ho!”,

At Buddy’s surprise,

His tummy shaking with laughter,

And a glint in his eyes!

Then Santa stepped back,

And began sharing gifts from his bag,

Till he’d filled up the stockings,

To make tidings glad!

Then he turned back to Buddy,

And uttered no word,

But it was the warmest, “Merry Pigmass!”,

Buddy had ever heard.

He knew not to speak,

Awe shone on his face,

As he watched Santa return,

To the hoomans fireplace.

Santa Paws gave a chuckle,

Then thrice twitched his nose,

And with a puff of magic,

Up the chimney he rose!

Buddy decided right then,

He would be less vain,

To have thought Pigmass all about him,

Well it was quite insane.

Tomorrow was about family,

And giving and joy,

Not just about veggies,

And a new fancy toy.

Buddy thought he heard something,

As he turned out the light,

A “Ho Ho Merry Pigmass!”

And a “Buddy, good night!”

  1. YAY! What a wonderful Pigmass story Buddy……..please tell your Mummy that we yet again are struck with how very creative she is……what a grand story with YOU as the star along with Santa Paws!!!

    Merry Pigmass……

  2. oh…so nice …. ho-ho-ho Merry Pigmass Buddy !!!

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