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Un-‘bear’-ably Cute!

Everything in life I will share, except for my old teddy bear!
– Author Unknown

Ok, so I am going to admit something. I suppose that, like my biting habit, I should be a little ashamed of. I am teddy-bly . . . I mean terribly embarrassed by it.

I have a teddy bear. There. It’s out in the open. No taking it back. Whee all share two teddies a beanie baby squirrel known as ‘Squirrel Nutkin’ or ‘Cyril’ and a faded purple teddy who very recently (this morning!) was given the name Ozzy. You may think this outburst is quite random but I assure you it is not. Really it relates to Nibbles talking about cuddles. But it also relates to another blog post whee read about teddies (love you Miss Jodi!)

Do you have a secret teddy? (I understand it’s not all that secret when you blab it to the entire blogosphere but I am very curious – just nod once if you have a teddy and whee will understand!) Do you have a special toy? Or do you have a funny story behind a toy or teddy that you could tell us?

I’m just super nosy! Here is me with Squirrel Nutkin!

Bingo and his beloved bear . . . Bear-y cute!


Hugs Appreciation!

There is nothing in life I love more than a good cuddle. (Not even noms!) Nuzzling into Mummy’s neck and feeling safe and wanted is the best feeling in the world. I have a few favourite spots.

Hugs are a universal medicine – Author Unknown

When Mummy is sitting down and lying back a little I like to be on her chest, just close enough that I can whiffle her chin with my nose and stretch myself out. If she is sitting up I prefer to be in her arms, craddled almost like a baby, with my chin resting in the crook of her arm. But if she is walking around I love her shoulder! I can see the whole world from there! I can see as far as the breadbin from the kitchen doorway and as far as the cage from the sofa! I feel suddenly adventurous when up there.

My favourite spot is when she is lying back. It is cosy and I like to relax so I go almost flat out on her.

In my favourite spot on Mummy’s Mum?

Do you love cuddles too? What is your favourite type/place/lap to snuggle on?


Strawberries & Snuggles!

Today it has really been hot hot hot! Whee have been exhausted by it. The heat has meant a lot less snuggles because whee act like hot water bottles when being cuddled, which can get quite uncomfortable for both us and the hooman.

Whee spent most of the morning lazing around and taking naps in the sun puddles which stream through the living room window and fall over our cages.

Todays strawberry crops!

To cool us down Mummy makes us veggie kebabs with high water content veggies. Whee had cucumber, melon, grapes, celery and tomato. Not to mention some of Mummy fresh homegrown Kentish strawberries. Mummy says there is nothing nicer than home grown strawberries and calls them the taste of Summer. (If that is what Summer tastes like then I think I’ll be enjoying summer lovin’!)

Other hoomans say Mummy wastes them by giving some of them to us but she ignores them – a fact for which I am very grateful!

Unfortunately, it was far too hot for us to go in the garden most of the day. In fact whee didn’t get out there until late in the evening. Whee spent over two hours out on the grass having lots of fun! Mummy tried getting pigtures but whee got soo excited she only managed one of me!

This adorable face is dedicated to Poppy and Clover, two of my special fanpigs!

What do you think is the taste of Summer? Do you have a favourite fruit? Do your hoomans sometimes feed you things other people say are too nice for you?


Pigtures, Posing & Piggy Lips!

As you have undoubtabley guessed, Mummy loves taking pigtures of us. I’m not saying a few pigtures when whee do something cute or naughty. I mean continually. Her camera spends most of the day following us around, she’s like my own personal paparazzi!

Her favourite pigtures of me almost always involve my lips. You are probably thinking “Why his lips?” No, I’m not psychic, you are just predictable! Well my lips are like velvet. They are as black as ebony and soft as silk. Yet Mummy cannot seem to take a pigture that captures the perfectness of my lips. No matter how hard she tries. I spend a large amount of time biting things, so some of those bar biting photos show off my lips but other than that Mummy struggles. (On the biting front, I am much improved. I did have a crafty nibble of Mummy’s sock today but haven’t been in trouble for my naughty nomming habit for quite awhile now. However they do say that good piggies are just bad piggies who don’t get caught!

Do you find yourself having your pigture taken all the time? Do you have any tips on how Mummy can capture my gorgeous lips? Do you like biting things (I’m considering starting a club called biters anonymous for those struggling with a similar addiction!)?


Pretty piggy lips!

When all the pigtures get a bit much I have a lie down!

The Grass Is Always Greener . . .

Today whee had a brief, but much welcomed, bout of sunshine! After being resigned to running in the hallway and living room for the past wheek or so whee were all very excited! Mummy put me in the run first, then Nibbles joined me. Then she fetched Bingo and Buddy to go in a run alongside us.

It was lovely; warm but with a light breeze. Then I noticed something. A patch of clover and a lovely juicy dandelion . . . In the other run! I squeaked to Nibbles who had a peek and said there was nothing whee could do. So I watched as Bingo and Buddy ate their fill of the leafy greens I love so much. It was horrible. Mummy shared out some parsley and gave us a mint leaf each before whee went back. (Though secretly, I believe Mummy only gives us the mint because she likes the smell of it on our breath!) But it just wasn’t enough!

Do you ever feel that the grass is greener elsewhere? And speaking of green do you ever get a case of the green-eyed-monster and feel as jealous as I did?


Me and Nibbles sharing our run with the others in their own behind us.

Me looking cute and having a runny while its sunny

If Whee Had Tails They’d Be Wagging!

Whee are so honoured to have had awards bestowed upon us!

The Misadventures Of Misakai  gave us the You Make Me Shine award and the Readers Appreciation award:


Paws To Talk  gave us the Readers Appreciation award:

You should definitely check out their blogs if you haven’t already. They are the best!

Here’s what whee have to do:

1.  Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.

2. Answer these 10 questions, below, for fun if you want to.

3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number.

4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate.

5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.

The Questions…

1. What is your favorite color? Orange or green, the colour of our favourite veggies!

2. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Water, Mummy says whee are not allowed anything else. Spoil sport!

3. What is your favorite animal? Hoomans, they’re odd creatures but you learn to love them.

4. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? Neither, Mummy disapproves of social networking!

5. What is your favorite pattern? The teeth marks on the bars of our cage where whee have chewed on them to demand something!

6. Do you prefer giving or getting presents? Getting (calls us selfish but whee get super excited when whee get gifts like these awards!)

7. What is your favorite number? 4 because there are four of us!

8. What is your favorite day of the week? Saturday and Sunday because all the little hoomans don’t have to go to school and get to play with us.

9. What is your favorite flower? Whee like parsley, though it doesn’t have flowers exactly, it is a plant.

10. What’s your passion? Eating! (What?! Whee are piggies afterall!)

Now whee are going to nominate a few blogs whee love and want to have both these awards to prove their awesomeness!

Cupcake Speaks  – Her Mummy is a writer like ours!

Pig Love  – It’s a pig! And not a guinea one!

Hamster Diaries  – Dexter and Eve are our very special hammy friends!

Jodie Ambrose  – The amazing Miss Jodi, whee love her posts (though Mummy sometimes covers our eyes so whee can’t read some of them!)

SlowDownSlowly  – Whee love our daily dose of animal pigtures here!

Savannah’s Paw Tracks  – The super brave rescue cat, on the road to recovery

One Spoiled Cat  – This kitty may be spoiled but whee can’t help loving the blog!

Cosy Travels  – Cosy travels of a Viking and his kitten!

Tigger’s Teachings – Whee have learnt so much from the amazing kitty blogger.

Adamaecompton – A dog, and a blog!

As always whee want to say a massive thank you to all of you, our pawesome readers. Whee may not be the biggest, whee may not be the smartest, whee may not even be the fluffiest (though that fact is debatable) but whee love blogging and whee love you!

Whee love you all.

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy


Not Happy Nibbles & The Piggy Pedicure

Not a happy bunny . . . Or rather Piggy!

Today, was not a good day. For starters I was forewarned of a vet trip because I made such a fuss about Mummy clipping my claws. I tried to use my masculinity as an excuse, claiming my boarliness did not allow me to be subjected to piggy pedicures. Mummy didn’t listen.

So when Mummy got out the blue travel box I grew more and more worried. I tried hiding in the pigloo but she easily lifted me out and plonked – really there is no other word for it – plonked me in the travel box. I spent the car journey trying to dig my way out of the box and chewing on the plastic. Mummy gave up telling me off after a few minutes.

The car stopped moving and I was carried into the vets. My palms, or rather paws, became sweaty and I became more agitated. Mummy opened the box and began feeding me grapes and spinach leaves. A little boy who was there with his pet was watching me. He was only a little hooman and so I was very patient when he patted me and touched my whiskers. Then my name was called. “Nibbles Williamson” I’ve always thought it ridiculous that they don’t call out Sir Nibbles but there you go.

It was worse than I remembered clutching hands holding me in position. The sound of knives being sharpened. Okay maybe knife sharpening is an exageration. It could have been the computer starting up. Then the clipping started. I squeaked and wailed and struggled and snapped. The vet kept telling me what a good boy I was. I didn’t care that Mummy would tell me off. I bit him. How was the good boy now?! Of course Mummy was mortified but the vet shrugged it off. It was then discovered I have hay mites! Occassionally they come in a bad batch of hay and though they are not really bad they’re not nice either. I’ve had then before and now need treatment. Nutty shares a cage with me so he gets treatment too. *evil laugh*

Mummy whimp ered when she saw the bill. Serves her right. Do you like having you claws or nails pedicured? Do you mind visiting the vet or doctors?

As my vet will testify, it is not something I enjoy!


Wasn’t Me!

Today Mummy had the cheek to make an accusation which shocked me. It was the afternoon, a little after four, Mummy had taken Nibbles out to give him a piggy pedicure (which, incidentally, he caused such a fuss over she has had to book him into the vets for them to do it tomorrow but that will be another blog post!)

I was sitting quite peacefully in the bedroom, occassionally pottering round. All of a sudden there is a clatter of paws on the food bowl and piggy nuggets rain down all over the cage. Of course I had nothing to do with this, it is a total mystery. But Mummy came over and caught me investigating the spilt food for evidence of who may have commited this messy muchies murder. She took a pigture and I’ll admit I look a little guilty, but I think its just the lighting. I’ve been framed! What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?! (Nibbles just mentioned previous evidence of me commiting similar crimes in film and pigture. But I’ve changed!)

Here is the damning pigture:

Caught In The Act!

Have you ever been framed for a crime you did not commit? Have you ever solved a mystery, if so then I need tips! Have you ever been caught in the act of naughtiness?


Cleany Paws and Cuteness

So Mummy has spent hours stalking us for cute pigtures to share with you all. Recently whee agreed to try to get a film of one of us cleaning ourselves with magic eyemilk. However, since that declaration, whee have all tried to avoid being the one having our beauty regime shared on here. Well a piggy has to have some privacy! Mummy obviously disagrees and watched us like a hawk trying to see if whee showed any signs of so much as a whisker wipe.

Unfortunately, while I was cleaning my whiskers before settling down for bed, Mummy spotted me. She grabbed her nearby phone and managed to get a short clip. Every time my nose points down I am wiping it. Usually it looks a lot cuter but it was just before bed and Mummy was shoving her bright pink phone in my face! Also whee apologise for how dark it is. This was filmed late at night with only a table lamp and Mummy’s rubbish phone camera. I hope you like it, though Mummy promises to try to get another, better quality version (God help us!)

Nibbles Cleans His Nose


Room In Your Heart?

Buddy with Mummy’s book!

Finally whee are able to tell you all about Mummy’s first book, which is now available. Room In Your Heart is a collection of short stories about animals in rescues. How they ended up there and how they found their happy ever afters.

You can get it from here –

It also has some poems our Mummy wrote about why people should rescue, from the point of view of the animal. This is one of them from a doggie. It is called Time. Whee hope you like it and you will buy Mummy’s book!

Now it’s finished she might have more time to work on our story!

Piggy kisses

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy



Once upon a time I was lonely,

My limbs heavy as lead,

I lay on streets; cold and wet,

No place to rest my head.

They said ‘time’ was the problem,

Twas ‘time’ that made me sad,

Twas the lack of it to train me,

That meant I did things that were bad.

There was not time to feed me,

There was not time to go out,

The time I waited to relieve myself,

If in the wrong place, they would shout.

Time meant they couldn’t play anymore,

Time meant hunger and pain,

Time meant that they would leave me,

And life would never be the same…

(The above is an extract of the poem, for the rest of it you will need to buy the book!) 

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