Safety Tips

Keeping your piggies safe when in the garden can sometimes be tough, but with these tips you can’t go far wrong!

  • Always make sure there is nothing that can harm your pet in the run. This includes plastic, twigs, broken plant pots and poisonous plants such as the following common garden flowers;

Bluebell, Crocus, Daffodil, Dock, Foxglove, Hyacinth, Buttercup, Poppy, Ragwort, Tulip You can find a list of other poisonous plants in good guinea pig books and online.


  • Check your local weather forecast. If it is going to be hot then provide lots of cool water, shade and high water content vegetables. If it is going to be cool provide heat pads and cozies to snuggle in. Also remember that in Spring the temperatures are temperamental and it can start sunny and warm and cool quite quickly in the evenings so be prepared to add heat pads or take the piggies in if it  does cool or rain.
  • Always make sure there is someone watching your pets. Even with secure, covered runs they are not always predator proof. Foxes, cats, birds and other wild animals can all present a danger to your pet.
  • Check the run regularly for parts that might have been chewed and exposed splinters or metal.
  • Guinea pigs are expert escape artists. If no one is watching (and even if someone is, mentioning no names here Basil!) then they can break out in the blink of an eye and be off down the garden. Try putting in lots of toys and distractions to prevent them from wanting to test their houdini skills!


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