Fifty Strands Of Hay!

All rights for the original cover design belong to whoever created it, whee piggies just had some fun on paint!

Fifty Strands Of Hay

(A Clean Guinea Pig Version Of The Well Known Book)

By Amy Williamson

A tail, sorry, I mean tale (whee piggies don’t even have tails so I don’t know why I made that joke!) about 2 piggies who meet under strange circumstances and a friendship blossoming between an unlikely pair!

Our Mummy wrote it for us but whee thought whee would share it with you. Whee thought about releasing it chapter by chapter but as there are only four an whee hate to leave you hanging. So here is the whole story! Enjoy fur and hooman friends of the blogosphere . . .


There was no doubt, upon meeting six month old Tupenny the guinea pig, that she was different. There was something in her pretty grey and white face and her crinkly whiskers, which someone had once rudely suggested looked as though she had been electrocuted. Something about her youthful optimism and excitable nature. But it was obvious that she was love, and trouble, in one adorable package.

She lived quite happily at Hay Ho Rescue with her three sisters Euro, Silver and Goldey – along with their highly strung mother Dollar.

Tupenny, who was affectionately known as Penny, was rather proud of her name. It was chosen by the rescue owner, Sarah. When she was rescuing the young family, she had been told she had to pay for them. All she had in her pocket was a button and a two pence piece. Penny was thrilled that she had been chosen to have the special name. It was mainly because she had a large grey splodge on her that was the exact size and shape of a two pence bit.

She was so pleased with her name that she often told her sisters fanciful stories about the adventures she had had to gain such a name. They had been there and knew it was greatly exaggerated but they still hung off her every word. She told of the adventures they would have if they could just get out of their cage.

“Get your head out of the clouds my girl. There’s nothing good out there. Be thankful Miss Sarah looks after us so well.” Penny’s mother would scold whenever she overheard such stories.

But Penny ignored her mother, who was fond of a little exaggeration herself, when telling stories. One of the stories she discussed most often was the one about Penny’s father. ‘A good for nothing scoundrel,’ she would tell them crossly.

A common pet shop piggy who had his wicked way with her when he escaped from next door and got into her run. If any of her daughters did anything wrong, it was automatically blamed on their adventurous father’s bad bloodline. Never mind that half of their blood came from her. Penny’s mother frequently told her off and said that she was the most troublesome and most like her wayward father. Penny took that as a compliment. “Nothing good will ever come of always wanting more.” Dollar would huff in disapproval.

It wasn’t until late one Thursday morning that Penny even considered her mother might have a point.

Chapter 1

Breakfast arrived and, with her usual enthusiasm, Penny dived in. Bounding through the fresh pile of hay she jumped and kicked it everywhere. Sarah laughed and patted Penny’s head before heading off like she normally did.

Penny nibbled on some spinach and carrot then had a little drink before settling down for her nap. Her naps never lasted very long, but she had to let her breakfast go down a bit.

Usually Penny would wake up an hour or two later but this time she was woken by a hand closing around her and her feet leaving the floor. With a squeak of alarm, she struggled, her heart beating like a wild thing in her chest.

“That’s what you get for misbehaving all the time.” Penny’s mother squeaked knowingly, hurrying her sisters into the safety of a hiding box.

Penny squeaked again, her legs paddling through the air, until she found herself cradled against Sarah’s chest. She wheeked in relief, “Oh, it’s only you. I thought something scary was going to happen!”

“Now Penny, lets get you cleaned and brushed before the introductions.” Sarah crooned softly and began walking off.

Penny, who had just relaxed and snuggled in, jerked her head up. “What do you mean introductions?!” she asked.

But Sarah didn’t reply. She just hummed to herself as she lowered Penny into a bowl. Penny squeaked worriedly, “Miss Sarah, it’s all wet. I think your water bottle is leaking.” she said trying to jump out.

But again Sarah ignored her and began to methodically soak Penny, much to her horror.

Penny squeaked and continued her escape attempts. Then Sarah began to massage something into Penny’s fur. It was actually quite nice until the soaking started again.

Penny squeaked in outrage when her tummy was being cleaned, but just got a mouthful of soapy water for her troubles.

When the water finally stopped the torture still didn’t end. Wrapped in a towel, Penny was dried a little roughly for her liking. Then she found herself on the receiving end of a loud bright pink wind maker.

Penny kept trying to run away but always ended up plopped back into the same place.

When it finally stopped Penny glared up at Sarah, her fur standing on edge and sticking up every which way.

“Oh Penny, you do look cross.” Sarah laughed, picking her up.

“That’s because I am!” Penny rumbled in reply.

Sarah just laughed and sat, putting Penny on her legs. It wasn’t until she produced the fur brushes that Penny would even so much as look at her. Penny liked been brushed. It was relaxing.

So she consented to Sarah brushing her fur into a semblance of normalcy. Penny found the process made her feel sleepy. When Sarah put the brush aside and cradled Penny to her shoulder Penny yawned and snuggled in. “Now it’s time to meet your new friend.” Sarah told her softly.

“Friend?” Penny asked, instantly more alert.

“You have to be nice to him, he’s had a difficult few months. And we had to get him attended to before he could meet you so he is a little grumpy.” Sarah explained, passing through the noms room on the journey.

“Him? A He? A Boar?” Penny asked in shock.

Her mother had always warned her about the males of their species. They were supposed to be shockingly rude and you shouldn’t trust them. But then again, Penny’s mother didn’t really trust anyone, on account of her not having a happy life before Sarah’s help.

This could be an adventure, Penny decided.

It was be an experience in the very least, meeting one of these legendary and supposedly monstrous males.

Chapter 2

“Here we are.” Sarah said quietly and began lowering Penny into the pen that was set up in the centre of her living room, “Yes, just put him down over there.” she added to someone Penny couldn’t see.

As her feet touched the floor, Penny glanced around herself. It was then she saw him. He wasn’t handsome in the classical sense. His ears were a little ragged and his fur had extra rosettes which should have made him seem scruffy. His fur was a black that seemed to shine blue in the light.

“Hello.” she squeaked in greeting.

The stranger stared at her silently and did nothing.

“My name’s Penny. What’s yours?” she asked.

Still he was unmoving. Penny tried to subtly make sure he was still breathing by scampering round alongside him. She kept her distance though. She was adventurous, not stupid.

His head turned slowly, following her progress. Curious, Penny continued until she was directly behind him and he was forced to turn fully to keep his eyes on her. With a little popcorn of delight Penny ran round him a few more times. “What are you doing?” the stranger snapped gruffly.

“He squeaked at her!” said an excited hooman voice above them, “He hasn’t squeaked since we lost Chester.”

Sarah hushed the voice quickly, but the damage was done. Penny’s paws clattered on the polished tiled floor as she, in a panic, tried to look for somewhere to hide.

With no other choice, she ran to the stranger and tried to tuck herself under his chin. Penny could feel his surprise, but her own shock and fear was to raw for her to do anything but tremble.

There was a sharp intake of breath from the hoomans, and then a long silence.

“Why,” asked the stranger eventually, “Why are you hiding under my chin?”

Penny peeked out and looked up at his face. His expression was guarded and Penny tried to decipher the look he gave her. Remembering he had asked a question she pulled herself together enough to answer, “T-t-the v-v-voice. Didn’t you hear it?” she whispered nervously.

“Yes.” he relied simply, “My hooman, Suzy.” he added in a ‘duh’ voice.

“It made me jump.” Penny confessed.

His face softened a little, then became guarded again, “Suzy won’t hurt you.”

There was another silence before he finally asked, “Would you mind coming out from under my chin?”

Chapter 3

Penny smiled awkwardly and shuffled backwards a few steps. “So?” she asked timidly, “Are you going to tell me your name?”

He was silent once more and just watched her. She snorted crossly, “Mother was right. You males are infuriating!” she flicked her head for emphasis.

He looked a little amused but still said nothing.

“Will you at least tell me why whee have been put together? You obviously dislike me.” Penny sighed, trying and failing to hide her hurt.

Nobody had ever not liked her before. “I don’t hate you.” he said quietly.

“Oh why thank you for being so kind as to not hate someone you don’t even know.” Penny huffed sarcastically, “You aren’t good at answering questions. Are you?”

She thought for a moment then giggled at the irony of asking such a question. His lips barely twitched and she quickly calmed down. Then she waited for him to squeak. It soon became obvious that he was not going to.

Penny huffed again and turned her back on him. Sauntering over to the food bowl she had spotted when looking around earlier she sniffed the bowl and ate a piece of food daintily.  Glancing back at him she saw he was still watching her.

“He’s not taken an interest in any other cavy since Chester.” whispered the hooman the stranger had said was called Suzy.

Penny whirled to face the strange piggy, no doubt surprising him if the look on his face was anything to go by. “That’s the second time they’ve mentioned that name. Who is Chester?”

The stranger reacted with anger, chattering his teeth and rumbling as he began to advance on her. The hoomans above them gasped and hands reached in to save Penny.

She supposed she should have been afraid but she wasn’t. Nervous? Yes. Afraid? Never. She would never let it be said the Tupenny the guinea pig was a coward. Dodging the incoming hands she marched calmly up to the stranger. “I’m sorry about Chester.” she guessed, carefully watching his reaction.

His mouth shut with a snap and he went silent. “He was your friend?” she enquired gently.

A part of his tough pig armour fell away and left a vulnerable look in his eyes. “I’m sure he was very special.” she offered.

“He was my best friend.” the stranger whispered, then sank to the floor and lay his chin on his paws.

Chapter 4

Penny stepped towards him cautiously. When he didn’t attack or yell at her, she lay beside him. If guinea pigs could cry, she thought he would probably do so.

She comforted him for the long time in which he lay there, silently. “I’m sorry.” he said finally, “Chester was my only friend. I can’t imagine being with anyone else, and I miss him so much it makes me angry. I can’t explain it.” his sides heaved with emotion.

Penny made a small noise of encouragement and he took a deep breath before continuing, “They tried putting me with other male piggies so I wouldn’t be lonely, but I attacked them all. I was so angry. Now I’ve been neutered and they are trying me with you.” he turned to look a Penny.

“Would you like to be my friend?” Penny asked suddenly, in a bright voice.

He thought for a moment, “That would be . . . Nice.”

Penny smiled, “You know what this means?” she asked, eyes sparkling with mischief.

He cocked his head to one side and looked at her curiously.

“You are going to have to tell me your name!” she laughed.

“No.” he said seriously.

Penny pouted.

“No.”  he repeated.

“Why not?” Penny huffed.

“It’s embarrassing.” he sighed.

“It’s perfect.” gushed the hooman voice above them, “I never thought my Prince Pork Pie would find someone. Prince Porky and Penny!”

Penny looked him from nose to rump slowly, while he squirmed with embarrassment. “Prince Porky?” she giggled.

“I’ll get you if you call me that again.” he threatened, but the menace he might have intended vanished with the smile one his face.

“Little Prince Porky Pig.” Penny teased.

“Right.” he wheeked and dashed after her as she popcorned off.

A happily ever after was on the cards for this odd pair. Despite the fact they were as different as fifty strands of hay.

The End

  1. Amy this is a lovely story! A grand little tale (tail) of friendship between two piggies who were simply MEANT for each other….. 😀

    Pam (Sam’s Mom)

  2. Brilliant, I have just shared with my Facebook buddies.

  3. Absolutely fantastic. I am a huge fan and I found it very funny. I am sure you will get a book published soon.

  4. princess guinea and ariel

    well that is cute!

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