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Tuesday Tails Blog Hop

When whee heard about this blog hop run by our furfriends Dogs n Paws, whee just had to take part and urge you to do so too. Whee want to highlight the plight of piggies at a local rescue. Anim-Mates is our favourite animal rescue ever. The work they do is simply amazing.

You can see all the lovely piggies here and all the other animals including cats, dogs and rabbits.

Here are the piggies seeking homes at the time of writing this post:

Adorable just neutered little boy Squidge is looking for a furever home

Coco and her two adorable daughters are looking for a loving family to give them the happy life they deserve

Cute crested boy Bobby has just been neutered and is now looking for a new family to care for

TuesdaysTailsBlogHopOfficialBadge zpsb5025ffe Tuesdays Tails #1:  Ellie Needs A Home!

If you are looking please consider these lovelies.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Take the link below and please join in this great blog hop!

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Tender, Tents and Tolerating!

It is not often whee are sharing. In fact Mummy has believed for a very long time that Nibbles merely tolerates me but you may have noticed in the last post whee like to cuddle up together sometimes. This is a source of great amusement to the hoomans who claim to remember the first few wheeks I was part of the family and how Nibbles looked like a new mother or father who could not get the baby to sleep through the night. I was young and rather hyperactive! However they also nicknamed me Mojo for a little while because Nibbles was very sad over the loss of his friend Nugget and I brought back his zest for life.

The bond whee share is more that of Father and Son rather than brothers as Nibbles and Nugget were. He berates me if I am naughty and keep him awake with antics. I keep him young by chasing and playing games with him. I get so enthusiastic about veggie time that he has no choice but to be excited too.

As he has gotten older, he sometimes forgets to eat and drink and is a little doddery but I make sure he moves around and does things. In return when I was ill he sat at my side and nudged me over to the food bowl at breakfast time. Whee particularly love to share our blue tent and doze in it on warm days in the garden:

Some say animals do not love or do not understand hooman concepts of love. But if whee were purely instinct driven animals why would whee take care of the weak ones in our herd and mourn losses so deeply that whee nearly give up living ourselves? Sometimes with our basic right and wrong morals and consideration for one another, Mummy thinks whee show more humanity than some hoomans she knows.

Who are you closest to? Is it another animal or a hooman? And hoomans, do you believe that animals ‘love’?



Not Much Time Left!

Whee are asking you to send us a pigture of you celebrating or your wild parties to celebrate our blogoversary! So far whee have had some great entries which have made us giggle.

All you need to do is send your pigture to in jpeg format with the title, Blog Pawty. Please include your name, your pets name and your blog name if you have one.

Closing date will be May 1st so there is not much time left!

Get this Pawty started! (but nap first!)

Well there isn’t much time left to enter our blogoversary photo contest. 

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Cute Overload?!

When Mummy first told us about this song whee thought it was called cute over ‘LORD’ and while whee are probably that too whee are more overloading the cute scale. Here is us having floor time and playing with the hoomans today. Hope you like it, and yes, it is another ear worm song!

Buddy & Basil


Whee Are Family!

Well this couldn’t have come at a better time. At the end of our first year whee have received this wonderful award:

Whee have big wheeks and pixel hugs to Peace Love And Whiskers! You should definitely check out their blog!

Here are the rules

1. Display the award logo on your blog – Up there ^^^.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you – Up there again ^^^

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them

5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people who have taken you as  a friend, and spread the love.

Whee can do this . . .

Doggy Style – If you need a laugh then this is the blog for you! Never fails to cheer us up!

Clowie’s Corner – Some fascinating adventures, training, and surprising naughtiness!

Easy Rider – Another funny doggy who guarantees a giggle!

Binky Bunny House – A new bunny blog, definitely worth checking out, whee are following them!

Basil’s Blog – The fabulous doggy face of Harringtons Pet Food and what he has to say about the world!

The Princess Tails – For the gorgeous Princess Zena!

Kyla Scott – A funny doggy blog with the sort of sarcastic humor that has our Mummy snorting and great tales to teach us about doggies!

Cupcake Speaks – One of Buddy’s Babes teaching us its harder than it looks to be the one keeping a children’s author in order!

St. Val the Eccentric – A piggy owner blogging about her life and her pigs. The way a good cavy slave should!

Animal Couriers – The happy endings they bring about make this blog a must follow. Seeing the happy animals reunited with families or finally safe. Warm fuzzies guaranteed!

Now whether whee nominated you or not please listen to this song and know it is about us and you guys! Our wordpress family!

Squeak soon

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Happy Blogoversary To Us!

Yes whee have reached that incredible milestone. Our first full year of blogging. There have been ups and downs, loss and arrivals, competitions and cuteness, health scares and drama and do you know whee never would have kept all this up without you wonderful peoples!

Furfriends, whee salute you!

Now whee wanted to do something special for our blogoversary. Something memorable that also squeaks of us. What better way than with one of our fantabulous photo competitions!? Whee want you to send us a pigture of you celebrating or your wild parties to celebrate our blogoversary! So crack out the salad and champagne! Pawty time! Whether its you round the buffet table. Or throwing down some moves on the dance floor show us! They can be edited pigtures if you want but they don’t have to be. Any animal can enter! (Even wild animal pigture you’ve taken if you don’t have any pets!)

Your pigture needs to be sent to us in jpeg format with the title, Blog Pawty. Please include your name, your pets name and your blog name if you have one.

Whee just can’t wait to see what you come up with! Closing date will be May 1st with judging to take place shortly afterwards!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


ps. It has come to our attention that somefurry wanted to join Buddy’s Babes but wasn’t sure they would be allowed to. Whee are an equal opportunities blog and so whee are pleased to announce Buddy’s latest Babe, Missy Pimplebutt (AKA Doggy in Drag!) Just scroll to the bottom of this page to see for yourselves!

Whee Can’t Get Over It, Whee Can’t Get Over It, Oh No! Whee’ll Have To Hide Under It!

Well whee have once again been cut off from you, our fabulous furfriends and boy has it been distressing. Look, whee spent our days comfort eating to cope with the intense sorrow:

Well it what happened was our dear little compawter, nearly joined the great motherboard in the sky. But whee are ok, because some Techno-Savvy hoomans at a shop have fixed it and now . . . It lives!!! But whee couldn’t get over the problem, so like with this tent, whee hid under it till it went away!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whee have so much to share with you. First, whee have some new additions to our Buddy’s Babes page with their love poems from Buddy himself. Second, whee will be reviewing some amazing treats. Truth be told, whee kind of already ate most of them! And thirdly, you may have noticed the counter on the side indicating our impending blogoversary, well whee have a special little surprise for you regarding that and whee can’t wait to share!

Yet again, whee will be catching up on your blogs as soon as whee can.

Squeak to you later

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil



Well you would not believe what I have been through! There have been many accusations over the past couple of days over the cause of a ‘smell’ around the living room. Mummy pointed out that the smell appeared most often when I was out of the cage. To my outrage I was the subjected to a sniff test where all the hoomans stuck their hooters in my direction and sniffed loudly.

Buddy, of course found this hilarious but I was appalled. Such treatment did things to a little chaps ego. Mummy declared I would be having a B.A.T.H. I did not know what this was but now I do, I can assure you that these things must be avoided at all costs. Soaking me and covering me in some fancy stinky shampoo is really going to damage my reputation.

So what if I am fluffier, brighter, and whiter at the end of this? (below are my after bath pigtures, I look at bit stunned after meeting the hair drier for the first time – its a monster!)

How will I ever recover my dignity?!

Basil – The Bashful Piggy


The Grass Is Greener

You know the saying the grass is greener on the other side. Clearly that’s what Basil thought as he felt the green-eyed-monster jealousy which you saw in that pigture of Nibbles yesterday. And no wonder! Look at what Mummy gave us first before getting to his run:

Whee are only allowed a handful each as Spring grass is very rich and can give us upset tummy’s if whee are not careful.

The grass is always greener.



ps. thank you efurryone for your kind wishes, I am feeling and looking much better. I am off all my medicines and Mummy is spo happy.

Cavy Caption Contest – Watching & Waiting!

Hiya guys, well whee have another pigture for you to caption. It’s from when whee were  playing in the garden. You’ll notice how bootiful I look having my portrait done but who is that nosy piggy in the next door run?




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