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Shopping Around the World – How Much At The Hutch?

So whee have seen this taking place before and decided to jump on the band wagon! With Bacon &  Fozziemum‘s shopping around the world challenge! All you have to do is find each of the listed items and share them and their price where you are. It’s furry interesting to see what things cost where other bloggies are!

So this time the challenge asked for:

  • Random condiment of your choice.

Whee picked –

Heinz Squeezy Tomato Ketchup 700g

This cost us £2.29

Whee know that if whee picked own brand it would have been cheaper but sadly whee have furry fussy little hoomans!



  • Random frozen meal of your choice.

Whee picked –

Tesco Classic Chicken Dinner 400g

This costs £1.50

This is one of Mummy’s favourite “cheat” dinners!



  • Random dessert/something sweet of your choice.

Whee picked –

Tesco Banoffee Pie 500g

This cost £2.00

This is Mummy’s all time favourite cake/pudding. She likes making it herself but this is good for a quick fix!



  • Random Fruit of your choice.

Tesco Pink Lady Apples LooseWhee picked –

Tesco Pink Lady Apples

These cost £0.59 each loose

To be fair Mummy has very expensive taste and so do whee! Most apples are closer to 30p but these are sweet and whee like sharing them!



  • Random Item of your choice.

Finally, this was a difficult one.

Usually whee use Dust Free Hay, but sometimes whee run out and need some quickly.

So whee picked Tesco, Everyday Value Large Meadow Hay

This costs £3.29



Whee hope you enjoyed seeing what things cost when shopping for the Hutch here!

Have a great day!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

Throwback Thursday – A Bag Of Nacho

Who remembers this pigture? Baby me was so scared of efurrything I used to hide in bags and under things all the time!


Nowadays I’m much braver! Do you have a favourite hiding spot?

Happy Thursday efurryone



Wordless Wednesday – Has Spring Sprung?!


I think I saw sunshine! Has Spring Sprung?!


Happy Wednesday!



The Terror of Treats!


Sometimes Mummy likes to get us to try new things. And sometimes whee even try them. But a lot of the time whee stare at them suspiciously and wait all day to see if they will attack before trying them!

Whee circle them and sniff at them and huff at them and wait.

Do you have any safety rituals to protect you from potentially evil food? Have you ever eaten something you shouldn’t? 🙂


Have a great day efurryone!


From Your Whiskers to Your Paws

From Your Whiskers to Your Paws

A poem to my guinea pigs!

You think the carpet is a toilet,

You think all clothes are food,

You poop wherever you please,

And you fart too (that’s kind of rude!)

You squeak out when you want me,

And rumble when you’ve had enough,

And you never let me pass the cage,

Without giving you a fuss!

I don’t know how you did it,

Did it happen over time?

How do you bring me running,

With every squeak and whine?!

You sleep inside your food bowl,

And wee all on your bed,

But are endlessly entertaining,

When you’re on my brothers head!


I don’t care how much trouble,

Never mind the havoc you can cause,

I love every single bit of you,

From your whiskers to your paws.

A Busy Buddy!

So whee have had a few requests now for updates on what whee have all been up to. As the oldest I thought it was best that I tell you!

I’ve been very well. Doing my typical kicking up a diva-like fuss at every opportunity and throwing my food bowl around in protest of my diet, which has been very successful (more on that in another post!)image

Basil has been his usual cheeky self, causing trouble and then kissing (licking!) the hoomans to beg for forgiveness. His most recent adventure involved a rocking chair, a box of  newspapers and an apple. Trust me, some things just cannot be explained without hand gestures and demonstrations!

Nacho is still pretty nervous but he has been improving. He now squeaks a bit when he’s being cuddled and is less frightened of strangers. He now seemed to have almost stopped growing and is destined to stay a “little-pig” forever!

Noah, well he almost needs a whole post to himself for every day of things he gets up to! From breaking water bottles to escaping up the hallway when Mummy’s back is turned. Not to mention the grumpy teeth chattering at people he decides he doesn’t like! It’s non-stop naughtiness!

Mummy is actually doing very well herself. She has met a big hooman she calls the “boy-furfriend” who distracted her from posting for a little while. Whee haven’t met him yet but whee are pretty sure he’s nice!

So that’s us. Whee have been busy bees! What have you all been up to?

Have a furry good day


Long Long Ago – A Prehistoric Guinea Pig!

Well, as you know, whee are well educated guinea piggies so whee keep up to date on all the hot news topics. This is why our first “back-to-blogging” post is about a news story of the prehistoric kind!

Long long ago, before Mummy was born. Before Mummy’s Mummy and her Mummy’s Mummy was born . . . guinea pig roamed the Earth!

Think that doesn’t sound too impressive? Well how about a guinea pig the size of a buffalo that had a bite as strong as a tiger’s and is believed to be the largest rodent to have ever lived?

That’s what scientists at the University of York and The Hull York Medical School (HYMS) discovered about a creature that lived three million years ago!

You heard right: a guinea pig the size of a buffalo, and Mummy thought whee were trouble when whee were in bad moods!

Experts say that these piggies, who they believe used to dig for food, are our ancestors and may have used their giant rodent teeth in the same way an elephant uses its tusks, which is pretty impressive!

Scientists used compawter simulators to estimate how powerful a bite it had, and came up with a force of around 1,400 Newtons – about the same as that of a tiger’s clamping jaws.

For some reason they named it, Josephoartigasia monesi, and missed the brilliant opportunity to call it a “Guinea Big” in our opinion!

Josephoartigasia monesi

Artist impression of Josephoartigasia monesi(Nobu Tamura)

Well you wouldn’t want to meet one of those in a dark alley. So next time you’re complaining about the mess us guinea pigs make . . . remember, we were once strong as tigers and big as buffaloes . . . who says we won’t be again!!

Have a great day efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


We Have Returned!

wpid-img_20140816_201216.jpgHello there,

Yes, it is in fact a lesser spotted guinea pig blogger! We have returned!

Sadly, our very naughty hooman has had a busy social life and so she completely forgot about this blog. Shameful, whee know. But whee are back now.

It may take us some time to catch up on blogs and get back into the swing of things but we have well and truly returned so whee will be doing our best to post as often as before ^_^

Hope you are all well and please do catch us up on all the blogosphere gossip and news in the comments!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


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