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Whee Put The FUN In DisFUNctional!

Well there is nothing odd about four guinea pigs being furry godparents to some baby hamsters. Is there? I’m afraid our path to resposibility has been fraught with sorrow as of our thirteen godchildren, only two remain. But whee are determined to be the best whee can be for them. Monty and Jeeves have fought hard and whee have been with them every blog post of the way. That is why whee were thrilled to recieve a very special award from the Hamster Diaries with their adorable little furry faces on.

They have given their poor hooman quite a rough few wheeks and really made things tough but hopefully this award is the sign of brightness and good things to come. Be good bubby hammies. (At least in your hoomans sight. Remember good pets are just bad pets that don’t get caught!)

Another award whee have recieved is from our good friend Sammy the Cat. He gave us the Thinking Of You Award. One whee have never heard of! Unfortunately Mummy is really behind on awards and the computermabob is being naughty so whee cannot pass it on this time but if whee sort it whee will update this.

Thanks to all the award givers and efurryone for being so great. May whee continue to spread of furry faces across the blogosphere and take over the world . . . *ahem* I mean get lots of followers!

Piggy kisses efurryone.

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

Our Olym-Pig AFURlete Winners!

So this is the moment some of you may have been waiting for…

The moment whee have been leading up to. Yes whee are announcing the winners to our Olym-Pigs Sporty Pet Pigture competition. It was really hard, whee had over thirty entries! Mummy had to enlist some hooman helpers for the decision but whee finally have the results.

In a very particular order:

With a Gold from us Amber the dog, attempting Furdles

ConCATulations to Silver award winner Sam the Cat, couch surfing:

Winning the Bronze medal is Hamlet the hamster, showing off his Pignastics:

But with so many fab entries whee cannot resist including a few that made the short list:

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AwardIf you made the short list and have a blog or facebook or twitter or any other social media thingy please post this as your proof of amazingness.

If you were a medal winner then please use this but say you were a medal winner and refer people here as proof. Whee are sorry whee didn’t make anything else but Mummy forgot till the last minute. Hoomans eh?!

Well this was a great competition, whee should do it again sometime!

Piggy kisses and congrats to everyone.

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy


I Smile Because I Have No Idea What’s Going On!

Today I wasn’t feeling too great. Mummy says I may need to meet my good friend the vet again! But it didn’t really bother me. Being ill that is. I just popcorned around cheerily.

Then there was a huge flash of light and the little hoomans screamed. The scream went very deep and rumbled for ages. It also seemed to be coming fron outside.

I tell you; my little hooman has a future as a ventrilloquist! Anyway, I squeaked at Buddy that they had switched the light on and off for some reason. He said they were hoomans and whee shouldn”t try to understand their strange ways.

Mummy came on her knees by the cage. “Shush shush babies don’t be scared.” she cooed. I smiled up at her, “Lady, I have no idea what you are on about.” I drawled copying the voice of one of the hoomans from the dramas she likes to watch. She fussed me more. For some reason she was surprised when I went to get a drink, and was unconcerned that someone was playing with the lights and rumbling louder than me and Buddy manage. I don’t really know why it came as a shock or why they shut the blinds after awhile. I was upset that it was raining and I couldn’t play on the grass and eat the fabulous green spaghetti too but they seemed to be over reacting.

I’ll never understand hoomans. Anyway just a reminder that tomorrow is your last day to enter our OlymPIGS Sporty Pet photo competition. Check back the past two posts to see how to enter if you missed it.


Pawgress Report On Future OlymPIGGYians!

Well whee have had an amazing response to the compigtion so far! Lots of great entries that have had us glued to our screens for most of the day! No seriously. I couldn’t tear myself away!

Tehehehe What Fab Furdles!

Please keep sending your entries. Whee are loving them and creating the awards as whee squeak! Mummy wanted to get a pigture of me smiling to encourage you but I had a diva style tantrum and curled up so she couldn’t get a nice photo. Mummy hopes that other pets and OlymPIGGYians are being more cooperative for their hoomans!

Keep sending your entries to in jpeg format.

For all the rules please check the previous post.

Buddy (Diva Gold Medalist!)

Olym-Pig Antics & Competition

So the day has finally arrived. The Olym-pig opening ceremony will be taking place and whee are watching it on the telly with our Mummy! To get into the spirit of things whee put together a little photoshoot. With our GB flag and our homemade olympig torch, with hay flames and a cardboard cone!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But anyway, to the main event. A surprise whee have really kept under wraps! Yes, whee are pleased to announce our very first competition! Our Olympig photo sport competition! Whee are asking you, our awesome followers to send us your pet pigtures of you trying one of the following sports:

– Couch Surfing
– PIGnastics
– Furdles
– 100m Zoomies
– Syncronised Squeaking
– ArchaHAY

Whee will be giving a HutchAGoodLife Gold Award, A Silver Award and a Bronze Award! Please send your pigtures in jpeg format to by Monday 30th July and whee will announce the Winners on Tuesday!

Whee can’t wait to see your sporting amazingness!

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

Roasted Nut!

Roasted Little Nutkin!

I was roasted and toasted and I made the most-est of the nice weather today. The mean old weather person said that it won’t last much longer. The spoil sport. Of course Mummy wanted to put us in the garden early to make the most of it but it was just too hot.

Late this evening whee all had a little run in the garden. I say little because, after barely forty minutes, whee were flaked out and Mummy brought us in. Lots of restorative celery and spinach leaves later whee sat down to ponder what whee call Mummy. I know it seems like and odd thing to discuss but whee are odd piggies!

Anyway, so I said I just call her Mummy but Nibbles calls her ‘The Source Of Cucumber’. I think that is a rather grand name for our silly Mummy. Bingo and Buddy admit they call her ‘Two-Legged’ or ‘Hooman’ but I don’t really see why. They could get mixed up. There are plenty of two legged’s and hoomans but only one Mummy! Nibbles called me a Mama’s boy so I wheeked at Mummy till she got me out for a hug. He just rolled his eyes and said I had proved his point. I spent the rest of the evening sulking in the pigloo

What do you call your Mummy or Daddy? Have you had nice westher recently? Has the sun roasted you like it did me? 😉


When Will They Make Good Health Catching Instead Of Illness?

You know when you begin to get the feeling that the vet/doctor must be sponsoring your illness because it just won’t go? I passed that point! I have wanted to tell everyone for days but Mummy didn’t want me to jinx it. Cautiously she checked my ear this morning and declared it a miracle. For the past four days, there hasn’t been any pus or discharge from my ear for Mummy to clean.

Mummy says I still have to finish the course of medicines but I am definitely on the mend. Spoil sport. I still take one medicine as good as gold and try to smear the other over Mummy’s outfit. It seems she has become wise to my ways though as she has begun covering her lap with a blanket. In my upset I leapt onto Mummy’s shoulder and smeared it in her hair. She is always saying how lovely it smells and telling me to ‘nom’ on it nicely. I thought she might want me to share. I was wrong!

Mummy was really happy today when I climbed out of the cage and came over to her. I climbed on her lap and had a nice cuddle instead of struggling and trying to rub my sore ear on the floor. It is such an improvement she forgave my medicine sharing naughtiness!

My Sunny Summer Smile!

Today, I was celebrating in the garden. I looked up and saw she had her camera out. I gazed up at her with my biggest most lovely smile and held a pose. I am starting to think Buddy’s diva modelling is rubbing off on me!

Isn’t it just the best feeling to be getting well again?! What do you get to do when you are sick? Do you get sick often (I do!)? What did you get up to today?

Bingo (the surprisingly well behaved!)

A First For FURnando!

As you may remember, awhile ago whee got a new addition to the family. A vivid pet guinea pig statue. Well much to everyone’s surprise, the magical power of his name being bestowed upon him, by Sammy the Cat, revealed he lives. Now, Mummy was rather surprised by this but has agreed to let Furnando post on here sometimes to answer a suggestion whee recieved. What is it like in England? Well Furnando got to go on a special trip today and he brought back some photos and a story to share . . .

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Hello! Furnando here. As the others so kindly introduced me already I am going to jump right in and tell you about today! I was woken earlier than usual with everyone bustling around packing towels and buckets and spades. I did wonder what might be happening until Mummy explained that they were having a family day out at the beach and I was invited.

I said yes and was bundled into the car with everyone. There was a lot of loud singing (that wasn’t even in tune) and games of I Spy. The I Spy game got a bit boring when everyone said their word began with ‘c’ and everyone knew it was car. It felt like hours and hours to get to the beach and it got hotter and hotter. When whee finally got there whee all sat at the top of some cliffs looking out to sea and enjoying a pignic. Mummy said I could have a sandwhich but I didn’t want to eat a sandy witch so I nibbled on some cliff top grass instead.

On the beach everyone sunburned. I am supposed to say sunbathed but with all the complaining which followed they just got burnt. Nothing else. They even put on some sun cream first to stop it from happening but it just made their hands so slippery they kept nearly dropping me. They built me a huge sandcatle to live in and it took the little hoomans nearly all day to do it! Unfortunately Mummy was balancing me on a turret for a photo when the entire creation collapsed and I very nearly needed to be dug out!

After my near death experience and checking myself for life threatening injuries I joined everyone getting icecreams. Apparently they don’t do grass or carrot flavoured ones. I was very disappointed.

With ices creams and sandcastles and paddling (which I wasn’t brave enough to do seeing as the water would be up to my chin in one step!) and bad singing, I think I experienced everything neccessary for a British day at the beach.

Have any of you ever been to the beach? What do you like to do theere?


Furry Godparents!

Whee are proud, and slightly emotional, about some incredible news. Whee have become Furry Godparents to thirteen adorable bubby hamsters on one of our favourite blogs

Why did they pick us I hear you cry! Well because despite our silliness, cuteness, naughtiness and general piggy behaviour whee are actually rather responsible. Yes, under layers of fur and adventure beats the heart of . . . Aww who are whee kidding?! Whee got it because whee suggested it and asked really nicely!

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Proud Mummy Eve only gave birth days ago and Daddy Dexter is probably feeling a little overwhelmed. Of course, with a rather strange position comes rather strange responsibilities. That is why whee will be following the growth of our currently hairless godchildren attentively via the blog and issuing pieces of wise advice such as;

– Do not pee in your treat bowl.
– Pose for pigtures often to keep hoomans wrapped round your little paws.
– Always demand food whenever hungry, it is a hooman slaves duty to fetch whatever you ask for.

Whee hope you will follow our godchildren too. Do you have any little pearls of wisdom whee can share with them? What advice would you give these adorable bubbies?

Yours, Some Completely Besotted Uncles,

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

If The Tooth Be Told. . .

There is a song from the musical, Annie, which my Mummy loves. She sings it as she walks around the house, hums it as she cleans our cages. The lyrics are wonderful. They are;

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile!”

It’s true. A smile completes a person. It bridges gaps between barriers of culture and language. I may not be able to understand every woof or meow or squark or shriek, but everyone smiles in the same language.

Whee did another post about smiling a little while back but I think it is important to remind everyone to smile. Mummy has been ill today. Throwing up ill. Whee told her to go to the vet, but being a stubborn hooman she said she didn’t need it. One rule for us and another for her eh?! Despite her failings I am willing to do this post to cheer her up and make her smile. Even though she is a bit better now she still feels icky and achey.

A smile is contagious. That is why I am posting a pigture of my smile, so that you will catch it and share it. My smile will travel all over the world thanks to all of you!

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What makes you smile? A time? A place? A hooman? A pet?


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