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Nibbles – Food Connoisseur!

Hello there

As you may or may not know I am a bit of a guinea pig food connoisseur. I really enjoy savoring each of the individuals flavour. (As my Mummy will testify, having cleaned them off my chin many times before!)

Ideally I would like to save some of my veggies but any food leftover in my house is safe for about three seconds before the vultures devour it!

Of course we don’t have vultures in England so I must clarify, when I refer to vultures I simply mean my fellow piggies. They do not enjoy the subtle flavour combinations in the same way I do. Simply piggying out (pun intended) and eating as fast as they can.

If I could think of any way to protect my noms or keep the others away from it then I would. I have already tried hiding it in my pigloo and sitting on it but then naughty inconsiderate Mummy searches the cage and throws anything left away! I mean what a waste. There are piggies starving to death in third world hutches and she throws away a perfectly delicious piece of limp spinach!

Have you got any ideas for munchies protection?! I definitely need them.

Its snack time now, I think its celery today so I’d better get in quickly if I want any! (IF I want any? Silly question!)

Sir Nibbles

Bingo Redecorates . . .

Today I got caught. Mummy has no evidence. She has no proof that it was me. I was rearranging the food bowls, you know, gentley nosing them along. Doing a little interior design. Changing the cage layout a little to improve the feng shui. (well no body want to poop in their luck section or eat in their love section!)

Then all of a sudden as I am about to move it again, the food bowl flips over all by itself sending guinea pig nuggets and cucumber chunks everywhere.

Mummy chose that moment to come and see what we were up to and found me in the awkward position by the food bowl, surrounded by mess. I froze hoping that she wouldn’t see me. But her eyes fell on the cage and widdened “Bingo! Behave! Just look at the mess you’ve made!” she sighed crossly hurrying over.

I did my best “Who me?’ look but she didn’t seem to pay any attention as she began tidying up the mess. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?! So I tried picking up food and putting it in the bowl to help her. But then, I am ashamed to admit I spotted her finger . . . It was like seeing a toe . . . I couldn’t stop myself . . . I nipped it.

I know it was wrong, but I couldn’t help it. She let out a cry of surprise and snatched her hand back. It was so exciting I popcorned around, kicking food and hay and bedding everywhere. It was great!

My Mummy was not impressed. But it was soo much fun. As I have tried to tell her, I just can’t help myself. She got Buddy out and took him away for a cuddle. He laughed at me over her shoulder. Ah well. She will forgive me eventually. I’m so naughty but she still loves me!

Better go now. Just heard the fridge so I need to wheek at Mummy at chew the bars as loudly as I can.


After A Hard Day Blogging . . .

Just thought I’d share this pigture of Nutty after a hard days blogging!

What do you think?!

Sir Nibbles

Buddy Babe Magnet!

Hello there,

I can’t help it. I’m incredibly gorgeous. I think that the others may be jealous but I cannot hide in a pigloo my entire life. It would be a travesty not to share this face with the world!

When Mummy came home today she smelt . . . unusual.  I instantly knew she’d been up to something so I adopted my most dejected “how could you?!” face. This face has been proven to make her spill everything before. Here let me demonstrate:

Do you see what I mean? No one can resist. She was helpless against my charms. “I’m sorry!” she cried, “I only had a short cuddle with some girl piggies. It would have been rude to my friend if I didn’t.” she wailed.

Girl Piggies?! I flicked my head and began swaying my hips and rumble strutting around the treat bowl. “Silly. They’re not here now.” Mummy laughed.

Feeling offended I stalked into the bedroom, but Bingo was there, laughing at me too. So Mummy got out my favourite pigture of my fan club to cheer me up.

Aren’t they just piggilicious! They just adore me. We’ve never actually met, but I’m sure they are very much in love with me. (Left to Right; Clover, Pepper, Poppy  –  Sadly Pepper past away but she is still very much part of my fan club)

My Mummy says that she likes taking photos of me but get annoyed when I’m a bit of a diva. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want my carrot carefully sliced instead of whole. Do you? She just doesn’t seem to understand how all this being handsome is exhausting both mentally and physically. Sometimes I will sit and ‘meditate’ as Mummy calls it, by gazing at one thing for a long time. She always distracts me though, by saying how adorable I look and snapping pigtures. Ridiculous, isn’t it.

No rest for the good looking. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Talking of rest, I think I will go and get some beauty sleep now.

Forever yours



In Which Bingo Confesses . . .


My name’s Bingo (the handsome first piggy on the banner!) and I’ve decided to come and say hello to you all. That and admit something. I was inspired to confess by another blog which I read about a guinea pig with the same dark secret. Something about me which annoys Mummy. In fact you can regularly hear her calling/huffing/sighing/shouting “Bingo Behave!”

I am a biter.

There. I said it. It’s in the open now. I’m not proud of it but I just can’t help myself. I see a slipper or sock covered foot and its like another part of me takes over. All of a sudden I’m edging over to it and before anyone can protest or try to stop me I have a cheeky nibble.

I thought everyone liked a bad boy but my Mummy says I’m driving her mad! Shame. I consider it almost an addiction. I can’t seem to stop myself. I have looked but they don’t seem to have ‘Foot Biters Anonymous’ for guinea pigs with problems like mine.

I think my Mummy is just going to have to learn to deal with my issue and see that its nothing personal!

She did get me a load of willow twigs to chew on . . . But its not the same! There’s no howl of surprise from the twig or attempt to run away. Such a let down. Mummy’s going to let us have some floor time now so I’d better go. I hope she remembered to wear her fluffy socks . . . They taste the best!


Not the smartest veggie in the treat bowl . . .

Hello there,

It’s Nutty here. I didn’t want Nibbles to have all the fun so here I am!

You may be wondering about the title of this post. I admit it does seem rather odd. But it is what my Mummy said to me again today when I began asking for our 11 o’clock veggies at 9. Hello? I’m a guinea pig, I can’t read the time, and even if I could, that wouldn’t stop me from wanting my veggies from the moment I finish my breakfast!

Oh and laughing at me when I admire and chase my shadow is NOT fair. He follows me everywhere! I tried to tell Nibbles but he just chattered his teeth crossly at me and flopped down in the hay corner.

And how could I forget the giggles at my confusion when my Mummy’s Mummy isn’t wearing her glasses like she usually does. She didn’t look like her anymore!

I suppose I can forgive you seeing as you give me hay, water and veggies and cuddles and clean outs and ‘floor time’. But this is your final warning!!!

Piggy kisses


Hay Hay – We Wanna Be Blog-Stars!!!

Hello there,

It’s Nibbles here. Writing the first post so all my friends can see how its done.

My Mummy says this blog is for us to record all our thoughts and adventures. I’m not sure about the others but I am far to upper class for that. Mummy tells me to stop being such a snob when I turn my nose up at certain foods. She doesn’t seem to understand that she is our piggy slave and should therefore provide whatever whee wheek for. If that is vegetables at half past eleven at night then it is her duty to provide it. I think of myself like royalty almost. Or at the very least Sir Nibbles! Yes, I like the sound of that. Sir Nibbles. I shall have to tell my Mummy to call me that from now on.

I am ever so embarrassed that she is so badly trained after all the time I have been with her. Maybe I should have tried the tough love thing. Or the silent wheekment. Or maybe I should have been harder on her.

She even had the cheek to try to make me run around during ‘floor time’ yesterday. She accused my well rounded figure of being ‘tubby’. Of course I’m not as active as I used to be . . . But I don’t think it shows, much!

Well there’s not much more to say right now.

Until next time.

Sir Nibbles

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