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Mummy Monday

Hello efurryone,

Long time no squeak. Mummy has been suffering with nasty hayfever for a little while but is now improving with some medicine for the hooman vet so whee are back! Whee have a lot of catching up on blogs to do as well as some exciting new things to tell you but for now whee are going to leave you with this selfie I took with Mummy when whee snuggled up to watch tv together ^_^

Happy Monday efurryone



Summer Safety

Well whee all love the Summer don’t we? The sunshine, the flowers, the heat. But what happens when the heat gets too much? When it’s that lovely hot Summer morning, and you put your guinea pigs out to play in the garden?

Do you sit out, enjoy the sun with us? Or do you decide that when it gets a bit too hot, about midday, when the sun is at its highest point you want to go in so you leave us out there. The simple truth is; you may be causing unnecessary suffering to your beloved pets.

If it’s too hot for you out there then it is too hot for us. Don’t leave us out in the garden while you go in to cool down. Though whee are not sure of exact figures (having only read stories online and some probably aren’t put out there) whee are always shocked by the amount of guinea pigs that die every Summer due to heatstroke.

Though whee think its common sense whee are going to put these points together:

> When in the garden, please give your guinea pig an area of shade and something to hide in. One per piggy is usually best. Whee have a blue tent, and small cuddly pet beds for our garden time.

> If you are putting us out for longer than half an hour, please put out a bowl of water or attach a water bottle to the run, somewhere shaded to keep the water cool for us.

> It is also good to give us some vegetables with a high water content such as cherry tomatoes, cucumber, celery, pepper etc.

> This can be used in a cage or outside. Either get a pet safe cool pack for them to cuddle up to. Or make your own by filling an empty water bottle with water and freezing it. Then wrap that in a towel or blanket and put in the cage or run for us to cuddle up to.

> Watch out for signs of heat stroke (or heat stress). Signs of heat stroke include panting, slobbering, weakness (floppy body), refusal to move about (lethargy), delirium, convulsions and eventually death. Yes, it is that serious.

With heat stroke your piggy will be floppy and lethargic, it is one of the scariest things to see. Best treatment whee can recommend is syringe room temperature water and place them on a cool wet flannel or cloth, somewhere shaded. Alternatively you can use a spray bottle of cool water and spray a light mist over the piggy. But the only real advice is get that piggy to a cavy savvy vet ASAP.

So whatever you do this Summer to enjoy the hot weather please remember, we rely on you so keep us safe and hydrated.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – Yoga Antics

Happy Birthday to Stella, Mummy hooman to Mollie and Alfie from Mollie’s Dog Treats!

Whee have learnt well in your yoga lessons!!!

Happy Wednesday efurryone



Happy Father’s Day!

Whee want to wish our Mummy’s Daddy a very Happy Father’s Day. And to celebrate whee want to share this pigture of him with me (I was only eight wheeks old in it)


Have a wonderful Father’s Day to all the Daddy hoomans efurrywhere!


Furry Future – Fifa Friday

After the success of, the sadly deceased, Paul the Octopus in the 2010 World Cup a Swiss guinea pig has become a soothsaying squeaker.

20-month-old, Madame Shiva is  focusing only on her home team’s matches in Brazil. To discover her predictions she is placed on a mini football pitch with the colours of the teams at either end.

In true Hutch A Good Life fashion whee have decided to get involved and make our own match predictions.

Mummy googled the matches taking place today and printed out the flags. She then stuck them to either end of our garden runs and tested which whee were going for by putting us in the centre and looking to see which side whee went to first. Buddy took the longest to decide because he’s a lazy git and doesn’t like moving when it’s hot but eventually whee came up with the following results!

^^Deliberating in the one part of the run Mummy didn’t want me in because it is damaged!
Group A
Whee predict Mexico
Group B
Whee predict Spain
Group B
Whee predict Australia

Paws crossed our predictions come true. Whee will soon see.

Hope efurryone is having a great Friday



ps. Again whee really want to remind hoomans to be careful of all pet furries in the heat. You can move away from an area if you get too hot, whee cannot/

Randy Rodent’s Raunchy Rampage

You may or may not have heard about this news story, but whee have to share it with you!

After a badly behaved boar broke out of his enclosure he has ended up expectant Father of 400, after mating with roughly 100 female piggies.

The rampant two-year-old – nicknamed Randy –  surprised staff at Hatton Country World in Warwickshire when they discovered all 100 female guinea pigs were pregnant after an inspection last week.

The boars and ladypigs were usually kept apart but workers discovered an exhausted Randy taking a snooze in a pile of straw and realised he was the culprit.

The manager admitted that it looked like Randy had had a “very good time”.

He also mentioned that they had no idea how long Randy had been in there but it could have been weeks which would have given him enough time to get round all of the females! Now the park’s piggy population is set to double and they are building an extension to the enclosure to accommodate them all.

He must have been busy and have plenty of bragging rights now he has returned to his fellow males.

Sadly, as funny as this sounds, it’s also quite a worry as female piggies face many dangers in pregnancy. Luckily it sounds like they have just enough time to prepare before the baby boom and whee are keeping the ladypigs in our thoughts and hoping they all get safely through it.

Randy is taking a well earned rest and whee are sure they a keeping a closer watch to make sure nothing like this happens again but whee couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

Happy Thursday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


ps. The weather is really hotting up in the UK so whee want to remind people to be vigilant to the signs of heat stroke and preventing it. You can read our article about it here

Wordless Wednesday – I Nose I Am Gorgeous



Happy Wordless Wednesday efurryone



Monday Mischief – ASBO Piggy

I may have been a little naughty yesterday as whee played outside in the sunshine. And yes, I was silly enough to get caught on camera again (I just don’t learn!)

Once upon a time there was a Basil

Once upon a time there was a Basil

He was hungry so ate some of his Castle

He was hungry so ate some of his Castle

It wasn't very tasty but he chewed anyway

It wasn’t very tasty but he chewed anyway

Until he pulled right off when Mummy was distracted by a friend

Until he pulled part of it right off when Mummy was distracted by a friend

And left a bit of a mess. The End!

And left a bit of a mess. The End!

Not that it excuses my behaviour but it was furry hot and Mummy was washing most of our toys so I didn’t have much to do!

What’s the naughtiest thing you ever got caught doing?

Have a mischevious Monday efurryone



ps. For those not from England, ASBO is something you get from the police here if you are naughty and stands for Anti-Social Behaviour Order. Mummy says I definitely deserve one 🙂

Sometime Ago Sunday

As you will know if you follow us on Twitter, whee sent our hoomans off to visit the London Pet Show a few weeks back and they saw lots of fascinating things and even brought back a present for us (whee will do another post on that soon!). But for now here are some of the pigtures Mummy took, including some of the little hooman who was extremely afraid of small dogs after an incident but got to speak to and meet a breeder who talked him through it and eventually had him hugging one of the very dogs he was so afraid of. It was amazing and whee cannot thank her enough as he is a whole different hooman since!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whee loved getting the chance to meet some of our Twitter furfriends and learn more about all the different animals they had there. Hopefully there will be another similar event soon!

Have a serene Sunday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


A Triumphant Return!

Well whee have been away for awhile now and whee are furry sorry. Sometimes life has a habit of throwing things at you and messing you around. Rest assured that whee have Mummy ready to snap some pigtures and share tales of mischief once again.

For now (Please excuse the blurriness as this was taken on a phone) this is me enjoying chin tickles tonight.


Have a great day efurryone


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