Better Than TV (A Poem)

My little hoomans love to watch TV,

Like zombies they’ll sit and stare,

Watching whatever catches their eyes,

But never seem to share.


I got stuck watching the sports today,

When teen hooman had the remote,

I wanted to watch the music channel,

Couldn’t whee have had a vote?!

And now Daddy hooman is watching,

A complex documentary,

And all that that long old while,

No one is watching me!

I shouldn’t really be jealous,

Of that grey/black light up box,

When I’m much more fun to cuddle,

And don’t give out electric shocks.

So when Mummy hooman says loudly,

“That’s enough telly today,”

I do a little popcorn,

Because now, with me, they’ll play!

My pigture’s always in HD,

I’m 3D and touch screen,

‘Am I jealous of that TV?!’

Oh don’t know what you mean!




  1. I love it SOOOOO much.

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