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Stick With It

Hey efurryone. Whee are so sorry for not posting. Mummy has been unwell and is going through a difficult time right now. If you could please send her your best wishes and thank you for sticking with us so far. Whee are hoping all will get better soon.

Of course, keep sending in your entries for our Valentine Pigture Contest where whee will get the little hoomans to help us judge and sort out that.

Love you guys.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Hey Juliet!

So whee want you to all keep entering our Valentine pigture contest. But in the meantime, as promised, whee have some home videos of us made into a little Valentine’s music video for you all! Thanks to Mummy and the little hoomans for putting this together. Enjoy!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Why Can’t WordPress Feel The Love Tonight?!

Ok. Now this one had better work. Believe it on not furfriends this is a third attempt to post! Our first try was a funny little story about Basil. Our second try was a slight strained attempt at a humorous story about Basil. Now whee are on the third try and not feeling funny but whee will do our best.

*deep calming breath*

So, today I thought I had fallen in love. Love at first sniff. Cuddled on Mummy while watching the morning cartoons is one of my favourite things to do but this time was different. As soon as I was in her arms I could smell it.

The overwhelming aroma of luuuuurve! I snuffled around getting more excited by the minute. Had my hoomans gotten me a Valentine gift. Another piggy (male or female, I wasn’t fussy!)?

My excitment was throughly squashed though when Mummy laughed and explained that it was Nutty I could smell. No new piggy. Suddenly I felt rather embarassed by my outburst. My squeaking and purring and popcorning and snuffling seemed a bit much. It did feel a little over the top now that I thought about it.
“I knew that.” I wheeked at Mummy, “I was just admiring the texture of your dress.”
She kept laughing till she put me back. The cheek of it.

I mean whee all make mistakes sometimes. Help me feel less alone. What has been your biggest/most embarrassing mistake ever?


Ps. With WordPress being awkward whee aren’t going to risk trying to add the pigture whee had so please forgive us for that!

Hey Fat Piggy

Sorry whee missed posting yesterday. Mummy was really tired and busy. Still is in fact! Keep entering the contest efurryone. The entries so far are just brillant. Very inspired!

Whee don’t really have anything prepared for today but whee do have the answer to an important question.

Is your piggy fat?! Size doesn’t really matter!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Valentine Pigture Contest!

Well with Nutty on the mend whee have decided to announce our pigture contest! Better late than never. You have until 1st February 2013 to enter and here is what you need to do . . . 


Whether you are a Right Romantic Romeo or Jealousy Generating Juilet whee have a part for you!

Whee want you to send in pigtures of your pets acting out their favourite romantic movie scenes or being their favourite character in a romantic book, film or tv show.

Whether you are Rose and Jack on the titanic or Romeo and Juilet on the balcony or Cinderella and Prince Charming ballroom dancing . . . Whee want to see you!

Email your entries to us Just attach the pigtures to your email in jpeg format and use the subject line “Love Is In The Air!” Don’t forget to include your pet’s name and if you have a blog then the URL in the body of the email!

Prizes will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place and winners announced of the weekend after the closing date

Whee cannot wait to hear from you!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

The Proof Is In The Pudding . . .

Not sure where that phrase comes from but the proof Nutty is better was in his dinner today. He squeaked and squeaked when he heard Mummy’s Mum getting the others some hay which made Mummy feel a whole load better!

This is one of the first videos on our brand new fabulous youtube channel thingy. Cool huh?! It is of Nutty calling for food for the first time since he fell ill. (Please ignore Mummy’s Mum speaking in a silly voice!)

Let us know what you think and whee will make some more videos over the next few months. Do you think whee should make piggy care videos? Or share funny home videos (trust us, whee have tons!)?

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


ps. for those who guessed, it was Nibbles’s booty in the previous post! Well done if you guessed right!

Turn Our Backs On Troubles!

Well whee finally have some good news! Nutty has begun to eat on his own a bit! This means the medicines must be working! Yay!

So whee are turning our backs on troubles as you can see:


Can you guess who is behind that behind? Whee will narrow it down as it is clearly a tri-colour. Is it Nibbles or Buddy?

Hopefully things will return to normal soon and paws crossed Nutty is on the road to recovery!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Bad Things Come In Three’s . . .

Well if bad things do come in threes whee are expecting one more. As you know Nutty is ill. Well today Mummy was taken ill too and now she has gone to bed so the little hoomans are helping us. Whee don’t have much but here are some pigtures of Nutty today. As you can see he looks a bit better but he still will not eat for himself so even though Mummy is unwell she and her pawrents will be up everything three or four hours to feed him through the night.

IMG_1677 IMG_1693

His eye is still a little sore and half closed but it isn’t weeping or crusty anymore so paws crossed the antibiotics are working.

Whee really appreciate your kind wishes efurryone, hopefully whee can bring better news soon.

Nibbles, Buddy & Basil


Nutty’s Not Well


Not looking well

Whee know whee promised a fantabulous Valentine Contest but instead whee are going to have to ask for all your loves. Nutty was taken ill this morning and is very unwell. Thankfully Mummy was able to guess what was wrong and rush him to the Sunday vet clinic.

Nutty has an upper respiratory infection, otherwise known as a URI. He was quiet most of Saturday but by Sunday he was lethargic and weak and not eating. Mummy did a quick poop inspection and discovered one tiny stringy thing . . . Not normal. His eye is weepy and his breathing sounds horribly crackly.
The vet agreed with Mummy and said that his not eating was very bad. Piggies have delicate digestive systems and after some time without food they begin to shut down which would double Nutty’s troubles.


Nutty enduring syringe feeding at different angles while Mummy works out which way is easiest. (and least messy!)

Unfortunately for him he is now on meds twice a day and being syringe-force-fed every three hours. He has managed some red pepper and spinach leaves and a few hours ago passed some small, dark but more normal looking poops.

So you see, with all this drama and not to mention the five inches of snow Mummy struggled through to get to the vets (Well Mummy’s Daddy struggled through with them in the car. Special thanks to him for being awesome and understanding!) it has been too busy to make the contest.

Whee hope you can forgive us and beg you to please send your warmest get well wishes to Nutty. The vet said the next forty eight hours are critical.

Nibbles, Buddy and Basil

Let Me Be Your Wings

Whee all have dates for the Valentine Ball now!

Nibbles is escourting the purr-fect Suki the cat from Cat’N’Co

Nutty is barking for joy at getting to go with Nellie the dog from JaspersDoggyWorld

Buddy is romancing and going with sweet Cupcake from CupcakeSpeaks

And Basil is taking the love of his life Princess Zena from ThePrincessTails!

Here is a little message from us to our dates . . .

Has efurryone else got dates yet? And how would you like a Valentine themed photo contest?! You would?! Well check back tomorrow!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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