Bag Biting Buddy

So Basil shared with you his habit of sitting in bags and now I feel I need to tell you about my recent bag-related-issue. Whee get floor time on a regular basis, which is where the hoomans put us on the floor and let us roam about and play in our pairs. Typically I find a warm spot (on the rug or by a hooman) and refuse to run about on the cold laminate floor.

Then, on Monday, I noticed it. The moutain like beast of a bag sat there, waiting for me. The straps were just begging to be nibbled. I ran over, surprising the hoomans with the speed I was able to move considering I don’t normally like to do anything!

I bit down, and it was as satisfying as I had expected!

“Buddy!” came the hoomans disapproving voice.

I glanced innocently over my shoulder in time to spot the flashy box going off in her hands.

Bother! I was caught out! There’s no denying the photographic evidence, but in my defense, they never specifically told me I wasn’t allowed to eat that bag…


How would you defend me if you were defending me in court?! Can you recommend a good lawyer with to be paid in fruit and veg?

Hope you’re having a great wheek!



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  1. Guess it isn’t the taste eh Buddy? More like the texture of the scrunch.

  2. Uhoh Buddy……caught by the flashy box chomping on that strap BUT that photo does NOT actually show you munching – just sitting innocently by it… I think we can safely say that it’s YOUR word against your Mom’s! Never fear, any good guinea pig lawyer can have your record cleared in no time!

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. you can call ernie the attorney, but I’m not sure if he likes fruits :o) Our foxterrier killed a bag once, because there was a candy inside …it looked like a bullet hole and my mother had to buy a new bag for her granny :o)

  4. There’s no defense for this, B. Except that bags are delicious! And what’s inside them is sometimes delicious, too.

    Love and licks,

  5. Maybe the hooman can give you a paper bag stuffed with hay to chew on instead? You are so cute even if you’re being naughty!

  6. I’d go with Ernie, the attorney. You’ll be just fine because his brother, Frankie, is the judge.

  7. We like to chew on bags when we have floor time also — and, in case you didn’t know, shoe strings are very tasty too! We only get a nibble before they are taken away but it’s fun! Wheeks, Willow and Zuna.

  8. It is fair game if left on the floor. Blame it on the human for not picking up. Case Closed!

  9. hello buddy its dennis the vizsla dog hay this sownds like a job for my cousin vinny!!! wel he is not my cousin but that is the naym of the dokyoomentry abowt him!!! ok bye

  10. Hi Buddy, I need to speak to your mummy. Is she about? Can you pass a message on to her for me rather urgently please?

    Hi Mum, I have an urgent piggie problem that I would be eternally grateful if you could reach out to your piggie network for me???? My Guinea pig Snow had to have emergency surgery on her teeth because they were overgrown, because of a never heard of before discovery they made – her tongue is now attached to her cheeks!! The vets have never seen this before and there is nothing on Google about it. This means she has to have 3 operations a year or she dies and check-ups every two months and you know how risky this is, this is the post I just published about it – please can you share it the best possible way you know how and find out if anyone knows about the condition and what can be done to save her?? Thanks so much.

  11. Oh dear, could you say you were just sleep walking and not aware you were snacking. I’ve heard of some humans doing this and eating sandwiches and cake and things. I don’t know any ‘good’ lawyers but maybe you can plead the 5th. (it works on the tele). xo B

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