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Wordless Wednesday – What’s That?!

What is this pepper you speak of? I do not trust it!

What is this pepper you speak of? I do not trust it!

I am suspicious of new food! Are you?



Tired Out Tuesday!

Well yesterday the weather wasn’t too bad, a little bit windy but nothing whee can’t handle! So whee spent most of it in the garden and today whee are tired right out! Just look at me, in my highly attractive and comfortable looking sleeping pose:

IMG_0275Just to give you a glimpse of the funs whee had, the little hoomans and Mummy filmed us playing out there. My favourite part is the end bit with Nacho popcorning in the tent! The green spaghetti is very disappointing at the moment, all dried out thanks to the sunshine and our munching so Mummy let us eat our vegetables out there to cheer us up. Yes, whee piggies had a PIGnic! I can tell you is super jealous!

Did you have a fun time in the sunshine? Are you tired out today? Do you like my sleeping position (provocative but not showing to much ^_^)?!

Have a terrific Tuesday



ps. in the video the observant of you will notice Nacho closing his right eye a little. He has seen the vet and is having eyedrops (which he is very brave about) to make this better.

Nutty’s Guide To Bringing Up A Naughty Piggy!

You probably all know that Nacho, my new cage mate is furry young. Between 9 and 10 wheeks old in fact! Well like most babies he is causing a lot of trouble and it’s up to me to keep him under control and teach him all he needs to know . . .

Nacho?! Nacho, What are you doing over there?!! Behave!

Sorry about that, now where was I? Oh yes. There are many lesson he must learn, like, how one should eat the green spaghetti in the garden really really fast then look up at the hoomans with the hungry face

Speed nomming, the whippersnapper's not half bad!

Speed nomming, the whippersnapper’s not half bad!

And how to bounce around in a cute way so the hoomans go “D’awwwwwww”

How to wheek at the top of your lungs to make the hoomans hurry up with the noms, be it hay, veggies or breakfast! He’s not to great at this one, whee will have to film it because it’s quite funny! When he gets really excited he actually can’t squeak, he just puffs out lots of air and dashes around. Whee got the vet to check this was ok on his first ever vet trip and she said there’s nothing wrong with him, he’s just super duper excited!

And how to share a tent . . .


Ok, so he hasn’t quite got the hang of that one but these things take practice!

The final art I have been working on with him, is the art of adorable snuggling on the hoomans . . .


He’s getting good at this one! Wait! Nacho! What are you doing? Where are you going kid?! Naughty Nacho!!!


Ah well. Whee might need to work on that one too!

What other lessons do you think efurry young piggy or pet should learn?

Happy Monday efurryone!



Somewhere To Be Sunday

Well it was nice while it lasted. The sunshine went away yesterday evening, making way for a horrible thunderstorm. Luckily whee spent some time out enjoying the garden while it was nice.

Mummy always thinks I look funny in the garden as I bustle around a lot, like I’ve got somewhere to be! What she doesn’t know is that I am like a guard. Just call me the Cavy Crusader! I am watching out for threats! Those mischievous magpies, sly sparrows, cunning cats (Sorry kitty furfriends but you have not seen the way next doors kitty Lucky McFluff looks at us! Whee are not lunch!) and don’t even bring up that troublesome toad. See, somefurry has to watch out and sound the alarm if danger approaches. I know Mummy sits out so she might see but two pairs of eyes are better than one.

I may have sounded the alarm prematurely sixteen a couple of times before by wheeking at the top of my lungs and sending efurryone dashing for cover when I saw shadows or something flew past but it’s better safe than sorry, right?!

I don’t usually stay still long enough for good pigtures outside but Mummy got caught me by surprise by hiding round the back of our tent as I made my perimeter checks. Of course this caused one of my false alarms and I don’t think anyfurry will believe me next time. It’s like that story of the boy who cried wolf cavy who squeaked cat.


Ah well, at least inside I have a better view of the entrances and exits. Nothing will get passed me in there!



Buddy And The Better Blog Style?

Well firstly, what do you guys think of the new style to the blog? Whee had a few people say the old background flashed a little too much and hurt their eyes. Also, after losing Nibbles it was upsetting to have his bootiful fluffy faced portrait in our header so whee designed a new one! Whee hope you like it!

Now I thought you might like to see these pigtures of me. Whee have been stuck inside for so long with it being soo hot. Me and Basil have been waiting for it to cool down. (and tearing up all our bedding and chucking the hay out of the cage in protest about lack of grass access. Running on the carpet isn’t the same, it doesn’t taste as nice for starters!)


And it is finally cool enough for us to spend a little while outside!! Here is me enjoying some time in the garden today!

Please let us know what you think of the new style and be completely honest!

Have a Super Saturday!



EDIT – Trying a new header with pictures of us instead now, let us know what you think!

Your Face Looks Furmiliar . . . ?

So those of you who followed the blog back when I was a little baby (ok, it wasn’t that long ago but I am trying to sound grown up here!) may remember the below pigture on the left, however the one on the right isn’t me! Who is that impostor copying my cute-bag-nesting-style?!!


The new kid Nacho does look rather like me. Though not as cute, of course

Yours, the slightly insecure



Wordless Wednesday – Prince Nacho

Hearing about the Royal Baby has given Nacho ideas . . .


What’s In My Guinea Pig First Aid Kit?

Well whee asked you peoples what you would like to see us cover in future posts and this was one mentioned. What do whee keep in our piggy first aid kit?

Well first you might wonder why you need a piggy first aid kit. When whee piggies get hurt or sick there is nothing whee need more than veterinary treatment. Nothing in the first aid kit can take the place of the professional opinion of a vet, these are just things to tide you over till you can get to a vet, or things to use in emergencies.  You need to make sure you have a cavy savvy vet you can get to and know about before your piggy gets sick. You will already be pretty upset if your piggy is unwell so the last thing you want is to do is have to dash around searching for a vet. There is a great list here for people in the UK, of vets recommended by other guinea pig owners, including ours, through The Guinea Pig Forum.

Without further ado, here are the things in our first aid kit!

This is everything including the things Mummy forgot to take pigtures of!

  • 1ml syringes (some with the tips cut off to allow for easier syringe feeding)
  • 2ml syringes
  • Our brushes (whee are always soothed by being brushed so Mummy keeps those nearby)
  • Nail clippers, whee use Options Nail Trimmers from here
  • Pill crusher (pestle and mortar, it’s the hoomans one kept in the kitchen but useful for us too)
  • Tweezers
  • Small scissors (such as hooman nail scissors)
  • Towels (whee have a few small hand towels just for us)
  • Cotton wool pads
  • Cotton buds
  • Bandages
  • Disposable gloves
  • Weighing Scales
  • Piggy shampoos, whee have one insecticidal and a few others. Whee use shampoos by Johnsons or Pets At Home
  • Small animal wipes (the ones whee use are suitable for cleaning eyes and ears as well as our furs!) Whee use Johnsons Vet Small Animal Wipes, found near the bottom of this page 
  • A few small bowls and spoons
  • Pet Safe Heatpad (Snuggle Safe Microwaveable Heat pad, good for all animals, not just piggies! Found here)
  • A few tubes of saline (for cleaning and flushing out wounds, bought from our vet)
  • Probiotic powder (add to water and give to piggies when they are having antibiotics to replace the good bacteria that is being killed too.  Also good for digestive problems in piggies) Whee use Pro-C Probiotic by Vet Ark and bought it here
  • Syringe food formula (whee have two brands because whee are fussy piggies! Oxbox Critical Care and Selective Science Recovery are the two whee recommend, both bought from our vet and whee have two sachets of each)
  • A veterinary wound powder (available in some pet stores and online) Whee use Johnsons Veterinary Wound Powder from here
  • The pet safe tea tree skin cream (soothes itchy skin, only the one in pet shops and labelled for guinea pigs is suitable) Whee use Johnsons Tea Tree Skin cream here
  • Daktarin cream (used to treat patches of fungal infections, available in chemists)
  • Anti-fungal spray (used on large areas of fungal) Whee use Beaphar Anti-fungal spray from here
  • Vicks Vaporub or Vicks Inhaler (really helps piggies with respiratory infections or allergies to breath easier, best placed near the cage but out of reach)

Mummy keeps most of our stuff in a little basket next to our cage. She also keeps the books she has about piggies there. Some useful books include ‘Peter Gurney’s Collins Family Pet Guide – Guinea Pig‘ which has a great section in the back about emergencies.

Also nearby is a selection of our favourite treats, as bribes and very important for a first aid kit!


Hope this is useful and efurryone has a wonderful wheeky wednesday

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


Quicky News

Well whee have been melting in this hot weather but whee have to pop back here to say:

Happy Blogaversary to Mollie & Alfie, don’t forget to pop over to theirs this Tuesday to enjoy a pawty to end all pawties!


The second little bit of news in case you didn’t know is our furfriend Nylablue hasn’t been feeling very well. Whee are sending healing huggles to her and cuddles of comfort to her hooman. Paws crossed she gets well soon.


Whee have a couple of interesting posts planned for this wheek if whee can gets the hoomans to do anything in this hot weather! Can’t get the cavy slaves these days!

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


Basil Birthday Bonanza

Basil: *wakes up and then gives an excited squeak seeing the calender* Morning guys! Do you know what today is?!

Buddy: *yawns* No, why? Is something happening?

Nutty: *yawns louder* Nope.

Nacho: Extra treats day?!

Basil: Oh (Did they all forget my birthday? I guess I’ll just take a nap. Maybe the hoomans will remember it)

Later on . . . 

Mummy: Morning, boys!

Basil: Wheeky wheek, morning Mummy!

Mummy: You look happy boys. I’ve got some things to do. Behave and I’ll chat to you later.

Basil: (They’ve forgotten too.  Oh dear, my very first birthday and everyone’s forgotten *sigh*)

Later still . . . 

Mummy: Baaaaaaasil?!

Basil: Wheek? Yes Mummy?

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!!!

Basil: Wow! You guys didn’t really forget! Thank you! Oooo some birthday cards from my furfriends, I’m so lucky!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Basil: Thank you efurryone. You sure know how to make a little man feel special! What’s this? A birthday cake?! Wowee. Thank you hoomans!

This is the best birthday ever! Thanks efurryone and enjoy the pawty. There’s cake suitable for all pets, veggies, green spaghetti grass and live music from the car stereo in the street . . . there are some very noisy builders next door today! Hehehe



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