A Hoomans Guide To Guinea Pigs

As requested whee have put our series of Are Guinea Pigs The Right Pet For Me under it’s very own tab so it is easily available. Under this tab whee will cover the basics you need to know about guinea pigs.

Part 1 – For Me, Or Not For Me? The Basics of Guinea Pigs!

Part 2 – Handling and Health

Part 3 – Emergency and Illness

Part 4 – Break The Boredom! Time For Toys!

Part 5 – Guinea Pig First Aid Kit

Part 6 – Heat Stroke (And how to deal with it)

Part 7 – Cold Weather Care

Part 8 – Guinea Pigs Do Grieve (And How You Can Help)

Part 9 – Defining Digestion

Part 10 – Safety Tips

Part 11 – Moving House Tips

Squeak to us!!!

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