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Santa Paws Came To Town!

Whee will share what he brought us tomorrow. In the meantime,  wishing you and your family a furry Merry Pigmas. May all your dreams come true!



Ps. Thank you for your wishes for Noah to get well soon. He’s still not eating properly but much better than yesterday ūüôā

Noah Needs You

We have rushed to the vet this morning after Noah had an accident. He has shattered a tooth and hurt his jaw. The teeth have been trimmed into line and he has had some pain relief but whee need him to eat tonight. Keep paws crossed please!!


This isn’t the best start to Christmas in the Hutch household but whee are hoping things will improve

Merry Christmas efurryone. Whee hope you have a safe, happy one wherever you are! ūüôā


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – Twas The Night Before Pigmas

And all through the house. Not a creature was stiring . . .


Only one more sleep!

Merry Pigmas efurryone!


Does My Guinea Pig Love Me?

As you know, whee love answering your questions. So when Olivia asked:

Does my guinea pig love me?

Whee just had to write this post!


Arguably one of the greatest parts of having guinea pigs is how much pigsonality whee have. Whee show a huge range of emotions with rumbles,squeaks, purrs and wiggles.

So do we show love to our hoomans? Yes, whee do! Of course, much like hoomans whee are all individual and some of us may be very shy or grumpy but most of us will show some signs of affection.

So how can you tell if your guinea pig is being affectionate?


Purring – When you are hugging us and whee let our a little content “drrrrr” noise, much like a louder cat purr, this is a sign whee are feeling relaxing and safe which means whee feel some affection for you. This is not to be confused with the rumble strut where whee are much louder and wiggle our bottoms!

Squeaks – Our squeak will vary from little cooing contented noises, to full squealing the house down “where-are-our-veggies” squeaks! In time you hoomans come to learn them but it you want to listen to some whee have a few videos on our instagram you can look through or youtube is full of great videos!


Popcorning – When whee are happy whee sometimes just can’t contain it and it explodes from us in a bounce into the air, with a kicking out of feet and usually accompanied by a squeaks. The scientific name for this is “pronking” but whee think popcorning sounds much cuter!

Shakes – This is not to be confused with something serious like a seizure, but sometimes whee get furry excited and much like a popcorn whee can’t contain it. Then, like a dog wags it’s tail, whee will wiggle our bodies. Noah does this a lot. It’s not quite a popcorn but more a head flick and splat! (his legs go everywhere because he gets too over excited!)


Licking – Sometimes whee lick you as a sign of affection. Licking fingers is a common way for us to greet our little hoomans. Apparently, it is rarer for nose licks to happen but I freely gives these out to anyone and efurryone when I’m asked for kisses, what can I say, I’m a¬†floozy!

Whiffling – Sometimes when you are holding us whee will nuzzle our head against your face, neck or hands. Whee have long whiskers so this usually tickles and makes our little hoomans giggle!

Whee are sure there are plenty of other ways whee show whee love you¬†but these are the one’s that come to mind. How do your guinea pigs/pets show affection?

Have a great day efurryone



Sad Snowman Sweets Sunday

So out little hoomans were inspired by a youtuber to make these festive sweet treats for themselves today!


All you need are biscuits of your choice, white icing, writing icing and marshmallows! They’re so easy and fun.

Whee have been told they are going to make guinea piggy Christmas treats tomorrow so that’s something to look forward to!

What’s your favourite Christmas munchie? It’s getting furry close to Christmas now!

Have a fab day

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

Dear Santa . . . Define Naughty!


Dear Santa,

I can explain! You see, breakfast was late and I was furry hungry . . . And when I bashed the bowl on the bars through the weather report Mummy was trying to watch, it was an accident. A hunger induced moment of madness!

Please visit me! I’ll try to be good, honest!

Have any of you slipped up in your quest to be good this year? Whee hope you have a great Saturday ūüôā


Squeakers And Stockings – The Pets-As-Presents Debate

IMG_0382We have noticed a lot of debate recently over the giving of pets as presents for Christmas. Though whee know our view is a controversial one, whee feel whee need to fully explain it.

Should pets be presents?

Well we would be hypocrites if we said no. After all, most of us have been birthday or Christmas presents and the first pair of us were a gift from Santa Paws to Mummy.

Does it mean we have suffered terribly and been abandoned to a rescue? Does it mean we have been forgotten or unloved? Nope. None of the above.

IMG_7094Because, contrary to the scaremongers of the internet . . . this doesn’t always happen!

Yes, whee think pets can be presents.

If families sit down to plan and research and it’s not an impulse buy then the majority of pets go on to live happy and fulfilled lives as much loved members of the family.

So how can we deal with the inevitable abandoned pets after Christmas?

Pet shops could ask you to come for information sessions to check you are ready for the pet you are choosing a week before purchase and need proof you attended. Rescues could, instead of closing their doors to potential adopters, do the same. Yes, some animals are abandoned after Christmas but should that stop rescues from giving the chance of a happily ever after to an unwanted pet over Christmas? Our local rescue doesn’t think so and they do brilliant sessions for owners to help them make an informed choice.

IMG_7197Based on this here are the most impawtent things whee think you need to know or think about if you are thinking of welcoming guinea pigs into your family this Christmas:

  • Whee are social animals and need a friend. Two guinea pigs need a minimum of a 120cm cage. Do you have the space for this?
  • Our typical life span can be anything from 5-7 years but some piggies have been known to live long. Whee are not a short term toy, but a long term commitment.
  • Whee need cleaning out regularly to keep us healthy. Do you have the time to do this every other day?
  • We can get sick and go downhill quickly. Vet treatment can be expensive. Can you afford to take us if whee are unwell?
  • Whee are not “low maintenance” pets. Whee require daily health checks and care. Our diet consists of hay, a pellet feed and fruit and vegetables. Our hooman worked out that she spends about ¬£20 a week per pair of piggies. Can you afford this?
  • Though whee make great children’s pets they can sometimes lose interest. Are you, as an adult, prepared to take on the care of these piggies and be ultimately responsible for their welfare? If the answer is no, then get your child a stuffed toy, they don’t suffer when your little darling gets bored.

If your answer was “no” to any of the questions asked then you shouldn’t take on a pet. (You can read more about the basics of guinea pigs in our guide¬†here)

Back to the original question. Yes, pets can be presents at Christmas. Just make sure you know what you are getting into and know we are not disposable.

IMG_7086A pet is for life not just for Christmas. 

They need to be thought out,

Not just bought for the missus.

As festive gifts go,

They can be the best,

But please don’t forget,

They aren’t just a guest.

They’ll be there for New Year,

And Easter, through Spring,

And all through the year,

On you they’ll be¬†relying.

So put lots of thought,

Into your gifts this year,

And we hope you’re as happy,

As we are all here!

6 days to go! Have a great day efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


ps. Whee know you may not agree with our view but please keep things respectful in the comments. Whee want to know your opinions but it is Christmas after all!

Wordless Wednesday – Seasonal Screen Addiction

As the nights are drawing in and the little hoomans are spending more time at home for the Christmas holidays Mummy has noticed something.


Whee are becoming screen addicted!

What do you do more of this time of year to fill the time?

Happy Few-Words-Wednesday!


Monday Morning Mummy


Can you think of any better way to wake up? Sometimes the little hoomans take us to wake Mummy up in the morning. It always makes her smile so is great on a Monday!

Don’t be moany on a Monday morning. Have a great one!


Merry Christmas Mischief [Poem]

imageAre you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin

It’s getting close to¬†Christmas
And all through the hutch
The guinea pigs are squeaking
About veggies and such.

The ribbons which once
Hung over tree, hall and door
Are now torn to pieces
All over the floor.

And the baubles we lovingly
Placed on the tree
Are now somehow scattered
On the floor, running free.

Those stockings laid out
In a neat little row
Now have a hole
For each and every toe.

I’m sure of the culprits
Those eyes have me convinced
That each little piggy
Is some mischievous Grinch!

The paper chains are shredded,
The gift wrap is torn
Yet I cannot help smiling
Ready for Christmas morn.

They’ve taught me something
As they chewed on my glove,
That it’s about family, fun
And most of all, lots of love.

Happy Festive Friday to all!



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