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Mister Man Monday


Mummy always calls me Mister Man and for a long time hoomans in our family have been confused as to why. The truth is; I’m pretty sure I’m hooman. Or at least half hooman, maybe linked through a distant cousin.

Mummy finds it funny how I will sit and have conversations with people. Try to pick up food with my front paws, stand on my hind legs, insist on sitting on the sofa next to a hooman, watch the telly with them, squeak when my favourite songs are on the radio, have favourite songs that I always react to. The list goes on.

Mummy says that sometimes she gets more sense out of me than most people.  What are your funniest quirks?

Happy Monday efurryone


Settling In Sunday

So whee are finally settling into our new Hutch and loving it! Here is me enjoying the sunshine 🙂


Whee will hopefully find a new normal soon and get a posting routine running once again!

Happy Sunday efurryone



Wordless Wednesday – Not A Morning Piggy!

Below are some pigtures of a sleepy little piggy I met at a zoo 🙂


Happy Wednesday



Silent Sunday

Noah says RELAX!

Noah says RELAX!

Tips For Moving House With Guinea Pigs – Part 2 – Travelling

Part 2 – Travelling To The New Hutch

Remember change can be very stressful for pets, especially for prey animals like guinea pigs. It is recommended that you should not travel with your piggies for more than two hours at a time. This is so that you can make sure whee stop to eat and drink at whee will very likely be too afraid to do that while in a moving vehicle.

Allowing us to sit on a seat in your car is extremely dangerous. Naturally whee will want to explore which can be distracting to the driver. If you were to hit the brakes or be in an accident then nothing would be there to protect us.

Just like children, whee animals should be restrained in the back seat where whee are safe from the air bag in the front.

You should also not travel with us in cages unless there is absolutely no other option. You may think you are being kind giving us all that space to roam around but in reality you would be risking us getting a serious injury with efurry turn. If your piggy has no other option but to travel in a cage remove all heavy objects from it and put in cozy blankets and towels to protect us and break our falls.

The best option for us is a well-ventilated pet carrier. There are plenty of great carriers sold a lots of different pet stores on online. If you cannot find a large enough pet carrier whee would recommend a small cat cage/carrier as a great alternative. Make sure whee get used to the carrier before the trip by having us eat treats like vegetables in there to associate it with good things.

When travelling, make sure the carrier is fully secured and nothing can fall on us

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Whee hope this helps you travelling with your piggies!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Top Tips For Moving House With Guinea Pigs – Part 1 – Packing

As whee all know, pets are considered to be part of the family so when the family decide to move, pets are taken into consideration.

Part 1 – Packing and Preparing

  1. Our first tip is to confine us to one room while you pack and try to do most of it out of that room. Change is scary for us and whee won’t be the most helpful packers!


    Whee may try to help with packing!

  2. Make sure whee have our favourite toys, bedding and food. Don’t wash our things for a little while, so that it has some familiar smells to go with the unfamiliar, new ones.
  3. If whee are not used to travelling in a carrier, make sure whee become more accustomed to it as quickly as possible as this will reduce moving day stress.
  4. One of our fears will likely be that whee aren’t coming with you, so give us loads of attention and reassurance before, during and after the move.
  5. If you’re really concerned about us during the move then it may be worth moving us to a friend’s house until you are settled but this could be furry disruptive and scary for us, moving multiple times so use this as a last resort.
  6. Whee piggies like our routines, so try to stick to the normal routine for as long as possible in the lead-up to the move and then get back into it as quickly as you can in your new home, especially in terms of when they are fed.

Whee hope this helps hoomans who are moving with piggies 🙂

Have a great day

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


An Open Letter To My Guinea Pigs On The Subject Of Packing

My dearest darling boys,

You know how much I love you. Despite your naughtiness and trouble making but there’s something we need to talk about.


When I said you could help with the packing, I didn’t mean flinging poops into every box in a five foot radius of your cage. I didn’t mean, chew on the boxes so three now have large areas of them missing. I didn’t mean, be uncooperative and messy and kick poops and food everywhere.

I meant being calm and quiet. Not chattering your teeth at the removal men. Not squeaking at full volume every time a bag rustles. Not kicking mess everywhere in excitement when you hear someone at the door.

Not rumbling when bubblewrap pops, or distracting the little hoomans or stealing things like newspapers when given the chance.

You, my sweethearts, need to learn to behave for five minutes and give us a chance to get you to the new hutch!

All my love and cuddles

Your Mummy


Wordless Wednesday – Can I Help You?



Happy Wednesday



Tuesday Turning Troubles

Do you ever find yourself stuck or backed into a corner with no way out. Sometimes hoomans feel that way. They get furry stressed and scared. I’m quite a nervous piggy myself but when I’m stuck in a corner like in the pigture below I have some top tips for stress busting which I think hoomans could use too! Whee are writing this post after on of our Twitter hooman friends said she gets panic attacks and wanted advice coping with them. Who better to advise her than me?!

Nacho’s Top 5 Tips for Handling Stress

  1. Don’t squeak and get your fluff in a twist, you may not be where you want to be but you will get where you’re going a lot easier if you don’t panic!
  2. Do stop to eat a snack or have a chat with somefurry to distract yourself.
  3. Don’t throw yourself at the wall. Think of a easy way out, sometimes going backwards is the only way to go forwards and that’s ok.
  4. Do tell someone if you can’t manage alone. Squeak once for your Mummy. She may be surprised at first and take pigtures of your butt even though you quite clearly didn’t intend to get your ass in the gap in the first place, but eventually she can help you out.
  5. And finally don’t ever feel alone. You’re never alone. Lots of hoomans and furries get stressed and scared over lots of things. Thunder storms, fireworks, spiders. If you’re the sort of hooman who is scared of a few more things, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Have a great day efurryone and whee really hope this helps somefurry out or puts a smile on their face 🙂

Happy Tuesday



Monday Mischief – What A Naughty Boy

What a naughty boy. That’s all Mummy seems to say to be right now.


When I start chewing the cardboard packing boxes . . . No Basil! What a naughty boy!

When I pee on the carpet . . . What a naughty boy!

When I throw the food I don’t like out of the cage . . . What a naughty boy!

When I hit the little screen machines out of the little hoomans hands to get their attention . . . What a naughty boy!

When I walk all over the newspaper the hoomans are trying to read and snuggle down to sleep . . . What a naughty boy!

When I rip pieces off the run and break things . . . What a naughty boy!

Honestly, Mummy is super fussy right now, I’m not sure what’s up with her! How can I wheedle my way back into her affections and stop her being cross at me?

While whee are on the subject of naughtiness and guinea pigs whee have the sad news that THE original naughty piggy Alfalfa himself passed away recently and whee would very much appreciate if you could go and leave your condolences for his hooman who misses him very much – here.

Have a mischevious Monday efurryone, in Alfalfa’s honor!



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