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Wordless Wednesday – End Racism In Football

#WeAreMonkeys #EndRacismInFootball


Reference – Campaign To End Racism In Football

Have a great Wednesday

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

Tuesday Trouble Maker

Well hello again furfriends. Buddy told you about his naughty behaviour yesterday but he neglected to mention that he led ME into bad habits. Yes my sweet, innocent little self misbehaving. I’m not sure you can imagine it!

It took place during cage cleanouts. Whee were playing in our indoor runs (just the upturned top bars of our cage) as it was too chilly for us outside.

Buddy began chewing the bars and pushing the side that swung open until all of a sudden he was FREE. Mummy spotted him quickly and put him back. But I was impressed. How had he done it?

Chewing the bars I spent a good few minutes pulling them until Buddy wheeked and gave them a push to demonstrate.

Realising my mistake I gave them a good shove and the hooman yelped. “Buddy!!” It had hit her leg as she passed to fetch the hay. I glanced sideways but Buddy was already and the back of the cage with an innocent look on his face. Rubbing her leg and muttering she continued with her cage cleaning.

Realising escape was something I might not achieve that day (there is a knack to it I think that I need to practise) I moved onto the achieveable; ripping up the newspaper, pulling plastic bags in with me, and grabbing dirty tissues that had been used to clean my cage with Buddy. Ewww!

Mummy was not impressed. Buddy soon became restless though and started trying to open the cage. I hurried over to help and watched him silently slip out, leaving a gap behind him.

I had two options at this point. Follow him out or get him in trouble. Using my bar pulling technique I pulled the run closed behind him with a loud clang.

He turned to me with an accusing glare but I was already innocently at the back of the run cleaning myself. “Buddy! Again? Really?!” the hooman grumbled.

Unfortunately for me the little hooman saw the whole thing and grassed on us to Mummy. The sneak!

Suffice to say I did not get to sleep in the pigloo that night!

Me in the dog house!!

Happy Tuesday, and try to stay out of trouble like me!



PS. Please don’t forget to enter out Spring pigtures contest! Whee are extending the end date to Saturday 3rd May:) You can find all the details here.

Monday Morning Mischief Makers


A baby pigture to charm my way out of trouble!

My name is Buddy and I am a delinquent guinea pig. Mummy says confession is good for the soul so I am here to admit my bad behaviour.

It started Saturday night when I had an idea. Whenever the food bowl is empty, Mummy gives us a little handful of food. But the amount of noms left in there meant I wouldn’t be able to finish before Mummy went to bed. So I lifted the bowl down, dragged it into my pigloo and tipped the food out and dragged it back out then looked mournfully at it. Mummy gave us a small handful and put the bowl back. Realising my plan had worked I did it again and began wacking the empty bowl against the bars. Mummy frowned at me but topped it up and sat in front of the cage and waited. I innocently sat there eating. She disappeared off and I repeated my trick.

“Ha” Mummy yelled triumphantly bouncing out from behind the sofa.

I guiltily jumped and burrowed under the hay.  So she stole my stash and went to bed muttering darkly about how I was too clever for my own good. Sunday’s mischief involved Basil too so I’m going to leave that story for him to tell another time.

Afterall, you can only confess so much before favourite veggie portions start being reduced!

Have a mischevious Monday everyone.


PS. Don’t get caught!!

PPS. Please don’t forget to enter our Blogoversary contest. Details in the previous post.

Feeling Fabulous and Flowery Friday!

Well it’s Friday and whee are feeling FABULOUS!! First thing whee wanted to share some pigtures of flowers that Mummy took over the past few days:

Now, yesterday was our second Blogoversary. Yes, whee have officially been around for 2 years!

Thanks you so much for efurryone following us whether you’ve been here from day one or just joined us. Now to celebrate whee have decided to hold a competition!

It’s been a long time since whee did one of these so please bear with us!

The competition is a pigture/photo one based around the theme “Spring Pets”. Whee want to see your Spring flowers with your kitties, your Spring sunshine on your rabbit, Spring anything! It’s open to your imagination.

There will be prizes for 1st prize and honourable mention. You can enter a maximum of two pigtures.

They can be edited for the techies of you but it must all be your own work. The deadline for entries is 30th April 2014 with voting hopefully up on the following day.

Please send your entries to with the subject line saying “Photo Contest”

Whee can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Happy Friday

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday – 3D And All Me!

Ever wondered where little guinea piggies come from . . .

3D printers are getting good!


Happy Wednesday



Throwback Thursday – Baby Basil!

Today whee are just finalising our special 2nd Blogoversary plans so whee thought whee would share this Throwback Thursday Selfie of Mummy and baby me! (See whee were doing selfies waaaaay before it was cool!)


Have you ever taken a selfie with your pet, or with your hooman?

Have a great Thursday everyone


Wordless Wednesday – Easter Egg-citement!


Happy Wordless Wednesday and Happy Easter!



ps. If you have a moment please watch and share this video to raise money for doggies in rescues

Noah’s Nose Knows


My nose is a furry thing of beauty according to my hooman. She often says “look at your ickle nosey” (Hey, I never said she was sensible!)

Anyway, I have decided to make this post all about noses in honour of my own lovely one.

Did you know that whee guinea pigs have a better sense of smell than you hoomans but not quite the level of a dog. It is often remarked as being somewhere between the two.

It’s instinct for us to smell everything whee come across in order to determine if it is safe or dangerous. That is why whee spend some time looking at and sniffing new veggies when whee could be eating them!

Whee also use scent to recognise and communicate with others. One example would be using our scent glands to mark our territory and tell other piggies to keep back.

Whee always say that hoomans shouldn’t wear perfumes or strongly scented things as they interfere with our understanding of the hooman and also with our ability to recognise you.

Luckily Mummy doesn’t much like those fancy stink sprays so whee are alright. However she has a cucumber moisturiser which whee love sniffing on her!

What’s your favourite smell?

Have a great Tuesday efurryone


Make Them Welcome Monday

Well whee have heard that two of our readers have recently brought home or will be bringing home some new little piggies this wheek. So whee wanted to give some advice and tips on how to settle shy new piggies. For other information and pieces whee have written on guinea pig care please click here.


Nacho when whee first brought him home

Firstly, like any pet, guinea pigs will take time to settle in their new surroundings; sometimes a bit more than you might think. So don’t forget that patience is a virtue! It can take months before they are relaxed with you.

Now whee know whee piggies are irresistible and impossibly cute but our first tip is that you should really try to resist handling us to start with. The minimum whee would recommend would be 48 hours before trying no matter whether they are from a rescue and have been regularly handled, or from a pet shop with minimal handling. They do need time to settle and adjust. After that there are a few different methods you can use for taming but they vary wildly so whee may do another post on that soon.

Our next tip is to give your piggies lots of hiding houses. These can be plastic pigloos, or cardboard boxes with holes cut in the sides. To start with your piggies will hide all the time and only sneak out to eat when they think there isn’t anyone around. Don’t panic if you don’t see them eating as they are fairly secretive. You can leave little treats to tempt them near the hideys and round the cage.

New piggies will be very shy

Another thing to do is try to make as many normal sounds as possible after a few days of quiet. You don’t want to tip toe round, gain their trust and then find it vanishes when normal things happen such as music playing or the telly being on. Just remember to talk to them whenever you are near the cage, whether it is to feed them or just in passing. This will help them to get used to the sounds of your voice and bond with you.

Next, as least to start with, you will want to move carefully and avoid sudden movements – guinea pigs are prey animals, and in unfamiliar territory you will find that their instincts on high alert. Make sure to kneel or make yourself as low as you can to to make yourself seem less threatening and like a predator about to pounce!

Whee are not sure if these tips apply to other animals but  whee want to know, what are your top tips for settling new pets?


Happy Monday efurryone


Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


ps. Whee will be adding this to the “Handling & Health” section of our guide, if you have any questions about piggies you would like to see answered please let us know in the comments, whee are happy to try to help answer them!

pps. Thanks for the great feedback of the new blog look. Whee wanted to complete the make-over for our 2nd Blogoversary which is just over a wheek away now. More on that coming soon!

Silent Sunday – Feed Me




ps. Whee are working through a new look on the site. Please let us know what you think as whee are still making changes

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