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Noah’s Nose Knows


My nose is a furry thing of beauty according to my hooman. She often says “look at your ickle nosey” (Hey, I never said she was sensible!)

Anyway, I have decided to make this post all about noses in honour of my own lovely one.

Did you know that whee guinea pigs have a better sense of smell than you hoomans but not quite the level of a dog. It is often remarked as being somewhere between the two.

It’s instinct for us to smell everything whee come across in order to determine if it is safe or dangerous. That is why whee spend some time looking at and sniffing new veggies when whee could be eating them!

Whee also use scent to recognise and communicate with others. One example would be using our scent glands to mark our territory and tell other piggies to keep back.

Whee always say that hoomans shouldn’t wear perfumes or strongly scented things as they interfere with our understanding of the hooman and also with our ability to recognise you.

Luckily Mummy doesn’t much like those fancy stink sprays so whee are alright. However she has a cucumber moisturiser which whee love sniffing on her!

What’s your favourite smell?

Have a great Tuesday efurryone


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