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Wordless Wednesday – Easter Egg-citement!


Happy Wordless Wednesday and Happy Easter!



ps. If you have a moment please watch and share this video to raise money for doggies in rescues

Small Pets Matter!!

Do small pets matter? That is the question asked over on Blog Paws to celebrate Small Pets Month.


This answer is furry simple. You bet whee matter! Fellow small animals, our day has come. Be you ferrets, guinea pigs, birds, fish, snakes, insects, rabbits, gerbils, hermit crab, snail or anything else for that matter you are part of the movement whee belong to that is redefining the definition of what a “pet” is.

No longer does pet cover only dogs and cats. Us “exotics” as whee are known are far less exotic than whee used to be. Visit any pet shop and you will see the choices of foods, habitats, play things and information have grown considerably. As the Blog Paws article says:

We aren’t just shopping for basic and essentials for small pets: We are competing in photo contests, dressing them in clothes, blogging and writing about them, and we want our due day. We are pet parents, no matter the pet.

Looking up the statistics to back the growing popularity of small pets whee found this site about the UK households breakdown of pet ownership in 2013. It included these amazing figures.

  • Fish kept in tanks: 20 – 25 million IMG_0051
  • Fish kept in ponds: 20 – 25 million
  • Rabbits: 1 million
  • Caged birds: 1 million
  • Domestic fowl: 1 million
  • Guinea Pigs (That’s us!!): Half a million
  • Hamsters: Half a million

This compares to the dog and cat figures of:

  • Dogs: 8.5 million
  • Cats: 8.5 million

It’s impressive when you see it like that, right?!

So small pets, today is our day, (not specifically this Thursday but you get the pigture) to rise up and take over the world, take the world by force storm and become even more popular!

What is your favourite thing about being a small pet owner and why do you think small pet ownership has risen so significantly in recent years?

Have a great Thursday efurryone



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