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Monday Morning Mischief Makers


A baby pigture to charm my way out of trouble!

My name is Buddy and I am a delinquent guinea pig. Mummy says confession is good for the soul so I am here to admit my bad behaviour.

It started Saturday night when I had an idea. Whenever the food bowl is empty, Mummy gives us a little handful of food. But the amount of noms left in there meant I wouldn’t be able to finish before Mummy went to bed. So I lifted the bowl down, dragged it into my pigloo and tipped the food out and dragged it back out then looked mournfully at it. Mummy gave us a small handful and put the bowl back. Realising my plan had worked I did it again and began wacking the empty bowl against the bars. Mummy frowned at me but topped it up and sat in front of the cage and waited. I innocently sat there eating. She disappeared off and I repeated my trick.

“Ha” Mummy yelled triumphantly bouncing out from behind the sofa.

I guiltily jumped and burrowed under the hay.  So she stole my stash and went to bed muttering darkly about how I was too clever for my own good. Sunday’s mischief involved Basil too so I’m going to leave that story for him to tell another time.

Afterall, you can only confess so much before favourite veggie portions start being reduced!

Have a mischevious Monday everyone.


PS. Don’t get caught!!

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