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Staying Safe Saturday

Basil: Now I love my garden time as much as the next piggy and I’m not easily scared but I’m sure that pair of magpies want to eat me!


Buddy: What magpies?


Basil: I don’t know where they went but I know they are watching us!


Buddy: *sigh* What turns you into a scaredy pig when you should be having fun furfriends? Even though whee make fun of Basil the watcher pig sometimes he does have a good point. Whee are getting to the time when lots of hoomans like to put their piggies out in the garden in runs and there are a few safety tips whee have that whee think piggy, and rabbit, pawrents should know.

  • Always make sure there is nothing that can harm your pet in the run. This includes plastic, twigs, broken plant pots and poisonous plants such as the following common garden flowers;  Bluebell, Crocus, Daffodil, Dock, Foxglove, Hyacinth, Buttercup, Poppy, Ragwort, Tulip You can find a list of other poisonous plants in good guinea pig books and online.
  • Check your local weather forecast. If it is going to be hot then provide lots of cool water, shade and high water content vegetables. If it is going to be cool provide heat pads and cozies to snuggle in. Also remember that in Spring the temperatures are temperamental and it can start sunny and warm and cool quite quickly in the evenings so be prepared to add heat pads or take the piggies in if it  does cool or rain.
  • Always make sure there is someone watching your pets. Even with secure, covered runs they are not always predator proof. Foxes, cats, birds and other wild animals can all present a danger to your pet.
  • Check the run regularly for parts that might have been chewed and exposed splinters or metal.
  • Guinea pigs are expert escape artists. If no one is watching (and even if someone is, mentioning no names here Basil!) then they can break out in the blink of an eye and be off down the garden. Try putting in lots of toys and distractions to prevent them from wanting to test their houdini skills!

Whee hope all these tips help efurryone to stay safe. Happy Saturday, whee hope you have a great one!

Buddy & Basil

Flowery Friday

Whee have all been talking about wanting Spring to hurry up and arrive and stay fur awhile now. Though the weather can still be a little cold whee are seeing the first signs of spring in tulips and other flowers in the garden. Whee were also thrilled to discover that our little curled parsley plant survived the winter! So whee got to enjoy some fresh parsley in during our garden time yesterday. Here are some pigtures

Have you noticed any new signs that Spring is on the way where you are?

Happy Flowery Friday efurryone!



Look At Me, Look At This!

You may have been wondering yesterday what had Noah’s attention. Some of you thought he was staging a jail break but I can tell you that he was in fact . . .

Watching me (and Basil)! Even though whee started grumbling and rumbling pretty soon after whee spotted each other Mummy still managed to find time to snap some cute pigtures of us.

It’s not often that she will get all of us in one pigture as whee are not four close furfriends but rather two brotherly like pairings. It is actually very difficult to bond more than two boars (male piggies) together and Mummy says that Basil and Noah both have furry strong pigsonalities so would probably not get along well.

Anyway, whee got pretty worked up seeing each other so Mummy hooman let us try something she has been using recently to calm herself and it worked like magic. So magical in fact whee want to share it with you, whee will see if Mummy can video us so you can see our reaction. The magical meditation tool which helped even some over excited piggies find zen is this site – When whee listen and look at it on Mummy’s laptop whee become almost trance like and Mummy likes to stroke us and give us a little brush or massage which just improves the time! Sometimes whee don’t like the song/background/theme so Mummy refreshes it and whee get a new one just like that.

Whee highly recommend it if you need to de-stress! What do you normally like to do to help you relax?

Anyway whee hope you have a furry relaxing Thursday



Wordless Wednesday – Freedom



Happy Wednesday efurryone




Small Pets Matter!!

Do small pets matter? That is the question asked over on Blog Paws to celebrate Small Pets Month.


This answer is furry simple. You bet whee matter! Fellow small animals, our day has come. Be you ferrets, guinea pigs, birds, fish, snakes, insects, rabbits, gerbils, hermit crab, snail or anything else for that matter you are part of the movement whee belong to that is redefining the definition of what a “pet” is.

No longer does pet cover only dogs and cats. Us “exotics” as whee are known are far less exotic than whee used to be. Visit any pet shop and you will see the choices of foods, habitats, play things and information have grown considerably. As the Blog Paws article says:

We aren’t just shopping for basic and essentials for small pets: We are competing in photo contests, dressing them in clothes, blogging and writing about them, and we want our due day. We are pet parents, no matter the pet.

Looking up the statistics to back the growing popularity of small pets whee found this site about the UK households breakdown of pet ownership in 2013. It included these amazing figures.

  • Fish kept in tanks: 20 – 25 million IMG_0051
  • Fish kept in ponds: 20 – 25 million
  • Rabbits: 1 million
  • Caged birds: 1 million
  • Domestic fowl: 1 million
  • Guinea Pigs (That’s us!!): Half a million
  • Hamsters: Half a million

This compares to the dog and cat figures of:

  • Dogs: 8.5 million
  • Cats: 8.5 million

It’s impressive when you see it like that, right?!

So small pets, today is our day, (not specifically this Thursday but you get the pigture) to rise up and take over the world, take the world by force storm and become even more popular!

What is your favourite thing about being a small pet owner and why do you think small pet ownership has risen so significantly in recent years?

Have a great Thursday efurryone



(Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday – Happy Birthday Mollie!!

In honor of Mollie’s birthday, whee embraced our feminine side and wore Mummy’s bra. Some of us suited it more than others!! (And some of us fell asleep cos whee got cozy *ahem* Basil!!)

Happy Birthday Mollie and Happy Wednesday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


ps. Sorry for the absence, whee had some news and things to adjust to but whee are back now 🙂

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