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Naughty Nacho!

So if you have our Mummy on Facebook you may have heard about this already but in case you haven’t I’m here to be a tattle tale! (It’s normally me making mischief so this makes a nice change!)

A week or so ago Mummy decided to do a big tidy up and this included washing all our toys and beds. Unfortunately someone had eaten the washing instruction tags off every single one of them šŸ˜…

Nacho certainly acted guilty when she questioned us on this!

Have you been caught out after doing something naughty recently? How do you trick those hoomans into forgiving you quickly? Do you do the cute embarrassed look like Nacho?
Hope you’re having a good wheek!



Bag Biting Buddy

So Basil shared with you his habit of sitting in bags and now I feel I need to tell you about my recent bag-related-issue. Whee get floor time on a regular basis, which is where the hoomans put us on the floor and let us roam about and play in our pairs. Typically I find a warm spot (on the rug or by a hooman) and refuse to run about on the cold laminate floor.

Then, on Monday, I noticed it. The moutain like beast of a bag sat there, waiting for me. The straps were just begging to be nibbled. I ran over, surprising the hoomans with the speed I was able to move considering I don’t normally like to do anything!

I bit down, and it was as satisfying as I had expected!

“Buddy!” came the hoomans disapproving voice.

I glanced innocently over my shoulder in time to spot the flashy box going off in her hands.

Bother! I was caught out! There’s no denying the photographic evidence, but in my defense, they never specifically told me I wasn’t allowed to eat that bag…


How would you defend me if you were defending me in court?! Can you recommend a good lawyer with to be paid in fruit and veg?

Hope you’re having a great wheek!



Black and White Sunday – Bag of Basil

I have recently developed a habit which the hooman say is bound to end in trouble. I like bags. I like sitting on bags, climbing into bags, being one with the bag. The hoomans think one day I might end up going out with them if I get into a bag and they don’t notice!


Do you have a habit that could get you in trouble?

Happy Sunday


Pushy Piggy!

So yesterday the hooman asked you to take guesses at what I had been up to the previous evening that was so naughty. Plenty of you had brilliant ideas but no one guessed exactly the mischeif fun I had.

Now I don’t know about you but sometimes I like to pretend to be a hooman. So that night instead of cuddling in my usual spot on Mummy’s lap, I climbed off onto the sofa next to her. She said I was looking extra cute as I snuffled around the cushions. I lay down and stretched myself out to my full length as I’d seen the hooman do before when she wanted to claim a sofa as her own.

Then I realised I was at a slight height disadvantage! So I gently “encouraged” Mummy to get up.

“Now that’s not quite how it happened Basil-“

She was quite happy to move onto the floor and make way for me after a few gentle nudges…

“I think you’ll find I wasn’t that happy about-“

She got up and sat on the comfy floor. The other hoomans were quite accepting of my human dominance also.

“Well with you rumbling, biting my clothes and trying to dig your nose under me and flick up, I didn’t really have much choice! Plus you tried to nip anyone who wanted to sit down on the sofa near you, even though there was plenty of room!”


I don’t know what you are talking about hooman, I was furry comfortable!

Does anyone else like to pretend to be something else once in awhile? What are you up to today?

Happy Thursday!



What Has He Been Up To? (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Any guesses what naughty thing Basil was doing last night? Here’s a selfie with him at the scene of the crime…


Hope you’re having a great Wednesday. What are you up to today?


Throwback Thursday -A Little Handful!


So I have always had quite a pigsonality as this pigture of me as a baby demonstrates! Here I am a literal handful and this week, two years on I have been accused of beingĀ  a metaphorical handful!

From the great t-shirt tearing trouble (you don’t want to know) to the hair-cutting-commotion of yesterday, it’s been a adventure and a half in the hutch household.

Let me tell you about the hair incident. Well to my surprise the hooman was quite unimpressed by my hair dressing skills, and I’m wondering if I should be offended.

It all started when I noticed her hair was getting a bit long and decided I should take matters into my own paws, or should I say mouth! I cuddled up to her face and neck to put her at ease, even kissing her ear, before settling down.

Then I got to work. After a couple of minutes she half turned suspiciously and said, “You’re too quiet, what are you up to?”

Then she picked me up, off her shoulder and held me in front of her. I smiled my most innocent toothy grin as a large hunk of hair fell from my mouth. Her mouth fell open and I smiled more thinking she was shocked at my amazing handiwork. “Naughty Noah.” she gasped, placing me on her lap and pullingĀ  the remainder of a good couple of inches of her hair from my mouth.

“Naughty?” I squeaked back, outraged that she wasn’t recognising my obvious creative genius.

“Naughty!” she repeated, as she carried me back to my cage.

I watched as she held the wad of hair in her hand, “It’s so wonky…and…uneven. At least it was only a small section I suppose.” she muttered, still apparently in shock as she wandered out of the room.

I huffed. Well there’s no pleasing some people!

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Hope you’re having a great day, and remember to keep me in mind if you’re ever looking to update your fur-style.

From Your Fashion Forward Fashionista Friend Noah


Dear Santa . . . Define Naughty!


Dear Santa,

I can explain! You see, breakfast was late and I was furry hungry . . . And when I bashed the bowl on the bars through the weather report Mummy was trying to watch, it was an accident. A hunger induced moment of madness!

Please visit me! I’ll try to be good, honest!

Have any of you slipped up in your quest to be good this year? Whee hope you have a great Saturday šŸ™‚


Monday Mischief – What A Naughty Boy

What a naughty boy. That’s all Mummy seems to say to be right now.


When I start chewing the cardboard packing boxes . . . No Basil! What a naughty boy!

When I pee on the carpet . . . What a naughty boy!

When I throw the food I don’t like out of the cage . . . What a naughty boy!

When I hit the little screen machines out of the little hoomans hands to get their attention . . . What a naughty boy!

When I walk all over the newspaper the hoomans are trying to read and snuggle down to sleep . . . What a naughty boy!

When I rip pieces off the run and break things . . . What a naughty boy!

Honestly, Mummy is super fussy right now, I’m not sure what’s up with her! How can I wheedle my way back into her affections and stop her being cross at me?

While whee are on the subject of naughtiness and guinea pigs whee have the sad news that THE original naughty piggy Alfalfa himself passed away recently and whee would very much appreciate if you could go and leave your condolences for his hooman who misses him very much – here.

Have a mischeviousĀ Monday efurryone, in Alfalfa’s honor!



Monday Mischief – ASBO Piggy

I may have been a little naughty yesterday as whee played outside in the sunshine. And yes, I was silly enough to get caught on camera again (I just don’t learn!)

Once upon a time there was a Basil

Once upon a time there was a Basil

He was hungry so ate some of his Castle

He was hungry so ate some of his Castle

It wasn't very tasty but he chewed anyway

It wasn’t very tasty but he chewed anyway

Until he pulled right off when Mummy was distracted by a friend

Until he pulled part of it right off when Mummy was distracted by a friend

And left a bit of a mess. The End!

And left a bit of a mess. The End!

Not that it excuses my behaviour but it was furry hot and Mummy was washing most of our toys so I didn’t have much to do!

What’s the naughtiest thing you ever got caught doing?

Have a mischevious Monday efurryone



ps. For those not from England, ASBO is something you get from the police here if you are naughty and stands for Anti-Social Behaviour Order. Mummy says I definitely deserve one šŸ™‚

Tuesday Trouble Maker

Well hello again furfriends. Buddy told you about his naughty behaviour yesterday but he neglected to mention that he led ME into bad habits. Yes my sweet, innocent little self misbehaving. I’m not sure you can imagine it!

It took place during cage cleanouts. Whee were playing in our indoor runs (just the upturned top bars of our cage) as it was too chilly for us outside.

Buddy began chewing the bars and pushing the side that swung open until all of a sudden he was FREE. Mummy spotted him quickly and put him back. But I was impressed. How had he done it?

Chewing the bars I spent a good few minutes pulling them until Buddy wheeked and gave them a push to demonstrate.

Realising my mistake I gave them a good shove and the hooman yelped. “Buddy!!” It had hit her leg as she passed to fetch the hay. I glanced sideways but Buddy was already and the back of the cage with an innocent look on his face. Rubbing her leg and muttering she continued with her cage cleaning.

Realising escape was something I might not achieve that day (there is a knack to it I think that I need to practise) I moved onto the achieveable; ripping up the newspaper, pulling plastic bags in with me, and grabbing dirty tissues that had been used to clean my cage with Buddy. Ewww!

Mummy was not impressed. Buddy soon became restless though and started trying to open the cage. I hurried over to help and watched him silently slip out, leaving a gap behind him.

I had two options at this point. Follow him out or get him in trouble. Using my bar pulling technique I pulled the run closed behind him with a loud clang.

He turned to me with an accusing glare but I was already innocently at the back of the run cleaning myself. “Buddy! Again? Really?!” the hooman grumbled.

Unfortunately for me the little hooman saw the whole thing and grassed on us to Mummy. The sneak!

Suffice to say I did not get to sleep in the pigloo that night!

Me in the dog house!!

Happy Tuesday, and try to stay out of trouble like me!



PS. Please don’t forget to enter out Spring pigtures contest! Whee are extending the end date to Saturday 3rd May:) You can find all the details here.

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