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Haunted Hutch House

A spooky tale of the dangers of Hallo-wheek. Have a good one ^_^


It was a dark and stormy night,
As spooky stories usually have,
Our travellers were travelling,
Till one needed to use the ‘lav’!
“You should have gone before whee left!”
Buddy said with a sigh,
“But I did.” Noah whinged,
Though this, it was a lie.
Still they had to go on walking,
Despite Noah’s squeaky moans,
And all the rains cold lashings,
And the winds mighty groans.

“There’s something up ahead!”
Nacho exclaimed with a shout,
Pointing at some metal gates,
And jumping all about.
Our travellers hurried forward,
And squinted at the sign,
“Hutch House.” Buddy thoughtfully read,
Wiping off some of grime.
They all agreed that it was best,
To seek some shelter there,
But had they paid attention,
They would’ve known, they were in for a scare.

As they hurried up the pathway,
Rain splashed the board,
Revealing the spooky words,
Our dear piggies would not have ignored.
“Haunted Hutch House
Enter if you dare,
But not on Hallo-wheek,
Unless you want more than a scare.”
Now by some cruel quirk of fate,
It was Hallo-wheek night,
So yes, well done, you guessed it,
They were in for a fright!

They finally spotted the house,
Crumbling, gothic and old,
They tried to knock at the door,
But there was no handle to hold.
The whole house seemed to creek,
More than should mortar and stone,
And yet it seemed empty,
And so cold and alone.
Buddy pounded at the door loudly,
As lightening lit the sky,
“Is any furry there?”
But a thunder clap drowned out his cry.

Still something must have heard him,
As the door swung and they fell inside,
With the it slamming behind them,
So in the dark they would collide.
“You stepped on my paw -”
“Hey! Get off my face -”
“Well why’s it by my foot,
On the floor in any case?!”
“Silence.” said snapped Buddy,
“Efurrybody stay still!
The very next piggy to move,
I swear, by my veggies, I’ll kill!”

They all mumbled quite crossly,
But still they behaved and obeyed,
But the bumping noises continued,
And it was then they were afraid.
“I no longer need the toilet.”
Noah whimpered in fear,
“What is that noise?
Is somefurryelse here?!”
There was a sinister giggle,
As lightning again lit the hall,
And our travellers realised, worriedly,
That there was no one but them there, at all.

“I don’t like this.” whispered Nacho,
Pressing close to Buddy’s side,
Well in the spooky old house,
There was nowhere else to hide.
“Well whee cannot go on,
That wind is howling a gale.”
Buddy told the others carefully,
And they all began to wail.
Then came another voice,
Hissing at them from the stair,
“Be silent you darn fools,
Or they will know that you’re there.”

They all froze in shock,
As a lady pig stepped from the gloom,
“You must need to rest,
Allow me to show you to a room.”
“ Apologies ma’am,
For us barging in,
Whee didn’t mean to be rude!”
Buddy charmed with a grin.
The ladypig smiled,
But it did not reach her eyes,
She turned and headed off,
So they all followed with sighs.

“You may sleep here,
Or at the very least rest,
Stay here till I come get you.”
She solemnly did request.
The door shut behind her,
“My lady!” Buddy cried in a prayer,
He flung open the door,
But there was nofurry there.
The corridors looked endless,
And creepy in the dark,
But Buddy, undeterred called,
“Come back to me, my lark!”

Basil pulled him back,
And closed the door quick,
“She said stay and be quiet,
So don’t be so thick!”
Buddy huffed crossly,
Then stifled a yawn,
Should he sleep or find her,
He had to admit he was torn.
But exhaustion claimed them all,
And they slept most of the night,
Missing the worst of the hauntings,
Until the first stirring of light.

Basil woke first,
As the sun started to rise,
Something loomed over him,
He gasped and rubbed his eyes.
But there was nothing there,
At least not that he could see,
Maybe it had been a dream,
Well what else could it be?!
He shut his eyes tight,
And hid under the covers,
If there was something there,
He was going to wait for the others!

He waited for minutes,
Or days or just hours,
And began to wonder if the house,
Had mind reading powers.
For it would let him relax,
Before making a sound,
And scaring him so much,
He didn’t dare look around.
Finally with a sigh,
The others did wake,
Basil hoped it wasn’t a trick,
Or a hallucinating mistake.

“Why are you hiding?”
Noah asked him, amused,
“Are you definitely you?!”
Basil, wild eyed, accused.
“I think Basil’s gone barmy.”
Nacho said with a laugh,
“Oh do leave him alone,”
Buddy said, “That’s enough!”
Before they could argue further,
The door opened with a click,
And the ladypig stood there,
So white, she looked sick.

“I fear you cannot stay longer,
In fact you must go now.”
She looked at where they had lain,
“You managed to sleep through that? How?”
She hurried them down the hallways,
And rushed them down the stairs,
Forcing them to not just take one step,
But to jump them in pairs!
They ran out the door,
She called out a goodbye,
Then slammed the door shut,
Before they could protest or cry.

They exchanged looks of confusion,
And called thanks as they walked away,
Again reaching the sign,
And reading all it did say.
They looked back at the house,
Perched a top that creepy hill,
So empty by day,
But by night, was it still?
They never spoke again,
Of that Hallo-wheek night,
But warn of the dangers of Hallo-wheek,
When you turn out the light.

Sleep tight efurryone!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Wordless Wednesday – Speechless

Someone (who has asked not to be named) drew Mummy holding Basil and she is just speechless. They are incredibly talented don’t you think!



Whee Wish It Could Last Furever – Pet Expo

Well the hoomans had the bestest of times yesterday at the Pet Expo at Glow, Bluewater. As the wind is howling and the rain lashing, whee are sitting snuggled on the sofa looking through the video clips of what they saw and did.

Enjoy and stay safe efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


ps. If you want any of the links to things in the videos they are in the youtube description box or just ask us ^_^

Rock Me Like A Hurricane!

Have you heard the news? Whee have weather warning here in the UK! They are giving us an Amber Warning for Wind. Wind? The little hoomans made a lot of naughty jokes about how they shouldn’t have had beans last night but Mummy said it’s not that sort of wind. It’s the outside wind.

Now I’m not a baby but I really don’t like wind. It ruffles my fur and makes me rumble crossly. A little breeze is nice. In fact I like to climb the bars of my cage so I can spy on the others feel the breeze through my tummy furs!

Whee live in the front room of our house which has a big chimney. When it’s windy it’s really noisy in there and whee don’t much like it. I sit there rumbling and rumbling. Mummy said I should be grateful because some piggies live outside in the wind. I wouldn’t like that so I take her point. But with these wind warnings in place whee hope that efurryone with outdoor piggies, rabbits or other animals brings them indoors, just till it’s past. The winds are predicted to be 80mph round us which is pretty scary.

To check what the weather near you will be like you can get an up-to-date forecast here.

This is what it says for us tonight:

Heavy and persistent rain will spread northeast, coupled with increasingly strong winds. Winds strengthening further towards dawn, with potentially damaging gusts and squally showers.

Eeeks, whee think it’s extra hay and snuggles before bed tonight!



Buddy Spookbuster!

With Hallo-wheek nearly upon us I decided to launch an investigation. There is a good chance that the hallway is haunted!


*gasps* Yes, you heard me! You can see our full investigation below!

Have you ever had a ghostly experience? A spooky something happen to you?

Hope you are all having a great wheekend!



A Little Fun Friday

Apologies for the lack of post yesterday, Mummy was preparing for a pretty busy wheekend! On the Sunday she will be visiting a Pet Show at Bluewater’s Glow building (it’s essentially a really big hall that they put all their events in!). It’s going to be furry exciting and she has decided to do her very best at vlogging the experience to share it with you all. If anyfurry else is in the UK and thinking of coming, please do let us know. Whee would love to see you there! It’s there today, so the 25th, 26th, 27th October and looks to be lots of fun for pet lovers of all ages.

Now for a little funny bit. This is something which is much requested as people didn’t believe it! Guinea pigs can learn tricks and whee have a favourite that Mummy can use if she needs to put us back in the cage quickly. She says “Go home” and whee do!

Whee hope you enjoy the video!

Do you do any funny tricks? Happy Friday efurryone!

Buddy & Basil


Wordless Wednesday – Don’t Rush Me!

I will run around in a minute. Don’t rush me!

Buddy & Basil


Home Squeak Home!

Mummy bought us a present! And it just about makes up for the baking betrayal of yesterday!

It’s a bootiful handmade sign by the lovely Stella (she’s Mollie and Alfie’s hooman) at Mollie’s Shop. They make lovely custom wooden plaques with your choice of pictures and writing. Mummy always says “Home Squeak Home” when she gets home and whee are all wheeking at her so it was perfect for us.

Whee want to say a big thank you to Miss Stella and if you are looking for a gift for yourself, or planning Pigmass, early then whee think you should really check out her shop!  Mummy is tempted by the charm bracelets for her furfriends but shhh, don’t tell anyfurry!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Nacho & Noah


ps. Mummy has been singing this a lot today, whee hope it gets stuck in your head and you are singing it too!

Buddy and the Baking Betrayl

It is not often that a hooman betrays you. They are usually very good at catering to your every wheek. But sometimes a hooman does things, a hooman never should.


Like make mini gluten free carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting late one evening, with carrots that rightfully belong to her half-starved, certainly-not-overweight piggies.

*sigh* Here is the evidence of her betrayal.

Then to add insult to injury she proceeded to make a large pumpkin cake with cinnamon frosting too.


What are whee going to do with her?! Whee wheeked our most ear piercing (nearly make your ears bleed) squeaks for a good half an hour and now whee are refusing to squeak to her. The cold shoulder hooman . . . How does it feel?!



How To Tame Guinea Pigs?

This is something Mummy is asked a lot and has seen asked on a forum she visits so she decided it was time to do a post on it. How you can tame your piggies. This is the method she uses, it won’t work for everyone and you do need to adapt it depending on how your piggy reacts and behaves at different stages but whee hope this helps and gives you ideas.

Over to you Mummy!

Thanks piggies. Firstly, I have to tell you, my taming method is a slow process. It’s all about positive reinforcement and gaining their trust. Some piggies will never fully settle or be fully tame, it’s a matter of pigsonality. This is the step by step guide of what I did when I brought Nacho home and when Noah joined him.

– First, whenever I was on the phone, I sat next to the cage for my conversations to get them used to the sound of my voice in a situation where when they weren’t the focus of my attention.

– After three or four days of this, I did the same but with the cage open.

– Then when they were brave enough to peek out at me (I think this took two days) I changed so I was talking to them softly and had my hand on the edge of the cage holding a piece of spinach or parsley. Parsley got their attention more but it’s all about what is your piggies favourite. After four attempts over four days, they came and grabbed a mouthful.


– Slowly I worked with letting them eat from me and then putting my other hand in the cage next to them. (over two days)

– Then I used the hand not holding the veggie to stroke them gently. (again over two days)

– Then, even when they were a little skitty I got them out every day to handle and snuggle them. As they were little, I cuddled them in an old beanie hat. For bigger piggies a blanket, or fleecy jumper will work well. You can buy or make your own cosies too. When you have them out, feed them a little herb treat or piece of veg to build their confidence. Now when they see the beanie they know there is a positive experience or treat on the way so don’t seem to mind coming out. In fact they really enjoy it!


I hope this helps some people learn how to tame their piggies!

Happy Sunday

~ Amy

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