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What Wonderful Whiskers?!

So some of you successfully identified my back end in our ‘Guess Who’ game but now I am asking you to consider something at the other end of me. On my nose to be precise. My whiskers.

They are longer than any of the other piggies and though I once considered the extraordinary length of them to be something special I now find myself feeling a little self concious. Multiple times Mummy has nearly shut them in a zip or cage. Hoomans complain I am tickling their chins and squirm when I snuggle up.

But they are very beautiful, and I am very proud of the perfect shiney condition they are kept in. And I am occassionally complimented on them . . .

I guess what I need is some to say “Buddy, what gorgeous whiskers you have!”

I cannot help being so vain. I blame the weather. The constant rain is dampening my mood and meaning I think about things for far to long. Please help me feel better about myself.


Revealing The Owner Of A Battenburg Bottom!

So I think you must all be dying to know who that strangely-marked, not-quite-symetrical bottom belongs to . . . .

It is in fact Buddy! Which is why he is fondly known as Buddy Battenburg Bottom. (If you see a picture of the cake you will understand!)

Now whee actually had some people get it right this time – which whee are very relieved about. Here are the recievers of an exclusive Piggy Nose Whiffle, even Bingo promises not to bite your noses out of respect for your great guessing skills!

– Texas, a cat in New York
– guineapigarron
– slowborg

*Piggy Whiffles 🙂 *

Congratulations to all of you for being the first to manage to work out a Hutch A Good Life Blog Guess Who! (What?! It is an achievement!)

Whee hope to come up with another Guess Who for you soon. Untill next time.

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo, Buddy, Poppy & Clover

Guess Who?!

Yes whee have decided to do another guess who! The last one was maybe a little difficult so whee hope people (and pets!) will be about to guess who this cute little bottom belongs to!

Who does this shapely and strangely marked behind belong to?!

Remember, it could be any of us! Good luck

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo, Buddy, Poppy & Clover

Amazing Awards

So whee found out something which made us wheek with excitment and popcorn round our cages like no bodies business!

Whee have been given not one but TWO awards by people (and furries!) reading this blog! Whee are so honored that people thought of us, despite the fact whee are so new to the animal blogging world.  You are fabulous furry friends! Anyway, our Mummy decided to do some Award Acceptance portraits of us –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So without further ado [And I apologise for the length of this post!] The first award is . . .

So as you may know these are the instructions for earning this award…

Link the award to the person who gave it to you . . .  The fabulous – Savannah’s Paw Tracks

  • Answer the questions that come with it
  • Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it

Here are the questions and MY answers:

Favorite number: 4 (because there are four of us)

Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Water (whee don’t drink anything else really!)

Facebook or Twitter: Neither, our Mummy says that whee are lucky to be allowed a blog

My Passion: Well Bingo likes biting, Buddy likes posing, Nutty likes adventures and Nibbles likes peace and quiet (not that he gets much of that in our house!)

Favorite pattern: The sun through the windows looks lovely

Favorite Day of the Week: Every wheek day!

Favorite Flower: Whee like eating parsley, it’s a plant . . . does that count.

In no particular order our nominations for The Sunshine Award are:

Doggy Style

Dr Rayya The Vet

Clowie’s Corner

Meanwhile Melody Muses


The Lonely Dogs

Wayward Dogs


Alfafa’s Adventures

Let Sleeping Pigs Lie


Our second award is . . .

1. Link back to the person who nominated you: It came from our dear friend Texas, A Cat In New York.

2. Nominate five (5) bloggers who have less than 200 followers (if you can tell).

Hamster Diaries


Alfafa’s Adventures

George’s Guinea Pig World


3. Let nominees know by leaving a comment on their sites.

4. Post nomination image on this blog. (It’s up there!)


Thanks again. Whee love you all!

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy


Pigs In Blankets!

Our Mummy isn’t to well at the moment but she was very excited to discover whee have been given the Sunshine Award. She will help us with it tomorrow but for now I will leave you with some photos of cosies our Mummy made us out of a dressing grown, and fleece blankets a couple of months ago. (Buddy the Rockstar is pigtured giving her handy work a test run)

A baby Buddy enjoys cosy testing!

Piggy kisses

Sir Nibbles

Baby Photos!

You know how everyone claims to be embarrassed by their baby photos? I’m not. I think I look really cute in mine. My ears are too big for me as I need to grow into them. My face is babyish and pointed but I am cute! This is me before I matured into a handsome teenage piggy. Before I found my fanpigs. When I was young and innocent.

Baby Buddy’s Big Ears!

Do you like sharing your baby photos? If yes, why are you pleased with them? If not, then why not?!!!

Your Piggilicious Rockstar


Inside The Box & French Cuisine

So whee left you all trying to guess who had a little foot sticking out of that box. Shockingly NO ONE got it right. That pretty paw did in fact belong to Clover!

Now, onto what whee got up to today. Again the temperatures were warmer than expected, leaving us sleepy and lazy! (Not too different from normal for me!) Mummy put us out in the garden when it was cool enough. There whee enjoyed grass and herbs.

I had a very interesting discussion with a snail sliming around on our run. Seeing as he did very little (No!) talking I had to think up my own name for him. I chose Louie. Unfortunately Nutty tried to eat him and he refused to come out of his shell after that. I was rather frustrated when Mummy took him away saying that she was worried that Nutty may succeed in make Louie his lunch! I think Nutty must be French if he likes eating (or trying to eat!) snails. I asked him if he was and he just said “Oui”. (though it could have been a “whee”) I will take that as a yes!

Here is a pigture of me enjoying the sunshine (please ignore the parsley behind my ear. Mummy though it looked funny when it dropped on my head and insisted on taking a pigture!):

“What are you doing Mummy? Remove this ridiculous piece of vegetation from my fur!”

Sir Nibbles

Guess Who?!

Well whee have had a very long day and are very tired but whee had an idea earlier for a game whee could play with you (It is sort of like our friend Sammy the Cat’s ‘Tuesday Teasers’)

Whee will show you a pigture, and you will try to guess who it is! The winner/winners will get a big piggy kiss! (Whee may even think of other prizes when whee are not so hot whee feel like our brains have melted!)

It could be Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo, Buddy, Poppy or Clover. Here is your first Piggy Guess Who:

Think Inside The Box! Try to guess who this little foot belongs to!

Lots of love
Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo, Buddy, Poppy & Clover

Sunny Day; Piggies Play

I just want to first say a big thank you to our beautiful guest piggy girlies for their enlightening post into what they seek in a mate! You are truly the most talented and pretty piggies I have ever seen. Maybe one day we will meet . . . But then again probably not. My Mummy says I would have my wicked way with you. I try to assure her you will not mind but, alas, she ignores my pleading. Know that not a day goes by when I do not think of you. My stomach feel like it is filled with butterflies just at the thought of you. (Bingo says that it’s probably the spinach I ate earlier. He does not understand the depth of our love!!!)

Me and Bingo enjoying the sun in the great outdoors!

Now for my post about what we have been up too . . . Today was beautiful! Brillant sunshine and the bluest of blue skies. Whee were so happy. Mummy made us some veggie ‘kebabs’ on willow twigs. She said that the veggies had high water contents to keep us hydrated on what became a very hot day. My kebab had cucumber, melon, grapes & celery. I liked the celery most because it makes such a satisfying crunch when you bite into it!

Anyway, the day got soo hot that Mummy couldn’t put us outside and had to fan us. Finally, a little after tea time, Mummy put us out in the run. We were out there for about two hours and it was wonderful!

Mummy says the sunny weather will continue for at least a few more days according to the little man in the telebox. I hope it does! I want more sunshiney days where I can feel the breeze through my fur in glorious Summer sun. Where I can frolic in the garden eating grass and popcorning to my hearts content.

Mmmmm sunshine!


Guest Post Girlies!

Pretty Princess Poppy

Hello there,

Clearly Cute Clover

You may or may not know us. Our names are Poppy and Clover. We are Buddy’s favourite slightly obbsessed, fanpigs and today, their Mummy has been looking after us so we were offered the privilige of posting on Hutch A Good Life.



At first we were squealing and then we were doing zoomies round the cage, when all of a sudden it dawned on us . . . We had to think of something so write!

Considering the others think of something every day, we assumed it would be easy. We were wrong. We started to think of all of our favourite things and racked our brains all day. (It meant a lot of thinking and thinking requires sustenance so our diets will have to wait for another day!)

Then it hit us, not literally as if ideas actually hit you then you would be covered with bruises. But it came to us. What if we tell you what we find attractive in a potential mate and you tell us your ideas!

Here is our list:

– Must have stable home/hutch life (No possibility of him running off with next door!)

– Must have a regular income (preferably of veggies but may be accepting of other currencies if they can go towards getting veggies)

– Must have all own hair/fur (Nothing worse than discovering that too late!)

– Must be able to make you feel special (Like Buddy’s very romantic poems!)

– Must enjoy walks in the park/garden/hallway/run

– Must be prepared to drop everything and come if there is an emergency (So you have someone to call when a hooman breaks your treat bowl and you are in a panic!)

– Must love us regardless of flaws (Like Clover’s voluptous figure and Poppy penchant for naughtiness!)

Do you have anything else you look for in a mate? We’d love for you to tell us.

If you like us then we might be able to convince the boys to let us guest post again in the future. Hope you are feeling piggilicous!

Poppy & Clover


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