Pigs In Blankets!

Our Mummy isn’t to well at the moment but she was very excited to discover whee have been given the Sunshine Award. She will help us with it tomorrow but for now I will leave you with some photos of cosies our Mummy made us out of a dressing grown, and fleece blankets a couple of months ago. (Buddy the Rockstar is pigtured giving her handy work a test run)

A baby Buddy enjoys cosy testing!

Piggy kisses

Sir Nibbles

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  1. wow, Buddy…very very nice! Looks good on ya buddy…and warm…mmmm…sweet! have fun with the Sunshine Award when Mum feels better

  2. Super cozy looking cosies! I wish mine looked that nice. I’m sewing impaired, although fortunately I think Tulip and Paloma don’t care too much as long as they are comfy. Congrats on the Sunshine Award, and hope your Mummy feels better soon!

  3. Awww… I hope your Mummy feels better soon.
    Here’s something to comfort you all: http://texascatny.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/i-am-so-purringly-happy-i-was-nominated-for-the-liebster-blog-award/
    The blankets look great by the way!

  4. Congratulations to my favorite piggies! YAY! Two awards in one day and both very well deserved…..I love your “cozies” that your Mum made you – they look VERY snuggily and what a lovely place to take a cuddily nap. Your Mum must love you guys to pieces to make each of you a special “love pocket” like that!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. Get well mum xxx and well done on your award 🙂

  6. Those cosies look the perfect place to snuggle up. Congratulations and I hope your mum feels better soon.

  7. Oh buddy your mum has made amazing cosies for you! I’m so inspired by her handiwork, that I am going to attempt to make my ratties some of these, you look so comfy and warm and it’s an incredibly cold Autumn here in Australia.
    Lucky you!
    And congratulations on your awards! Well deserved!!

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