Baby Photos!

You know how everyone claims to be embarrassed by their baby photos? I’m not. I think I look really cute in mine. My ears are too big for me as I need to grow into them. My face is babyish and pointed but I am cute! This is me before I matured into a handsome teenage piggy. Before I found my fanpigs. When I was young and innocent.

Baby Buddy’s Big Ears!

Do you like sharing your baby photos? If yes, why are you pleased with them? If not, then why not?!!!

Your Piggilicious Rockstar


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  1. Oh, Buddy, you were such an adorable little guy! I always enjoy seeing baby pictures. I posted baby pictures of Sakura’s wee baby poofiness in March.

  2. Hmmm… I don’t have many baby pictures, but I know that at a certain stage my teeth rivalled your ears. We humans go through an unfortunate stage at around 8-10 years of age where we haven’t quite grown into our adult teeth. We get over it. With therapy.

    • Bingo claims to need theraphy about his foot size! They were enormous and it took a long time for him to grow into them. He found it frustrating running around because he kept tripping over his own feet!


  3. I don’t have any baby photos because i was rescued from a shelter when I was about a year old. But I’m sure I was amazingly adorable too!

    • See our Mummy got all of us as babies (though she does have her eye on a pair of himi piggies at a local rescue which are a year old) so she took lots of baby photos. I am sure you were really cute as a baby!


  4. oh Buddy I would be more than happy to display my baby photos if I was as cute as you were!
    I’d show mine, but the situation just never occurs that I can/would!

  5. Hey Buddy – you were cute with those pinky ears of yours! I have posted some of my baby pix on my blog from time to time and there’s one on my Home Page. Now that I’m a senior citizen I remember those “baby days” fondly – I have to say, baby piggies are awful darn cute!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. I had dumbo ears too when I was a kid, as for Doggy he was the cutest little curly furry ball I’ve ever seen, but he’s over that. You are still handsome, of course you don’t need me to tell you that, you are quite popular with the ladies.

  7. you have grown into your ears very nicely…if I do say so myself…and I want to tell you that I have awarded you guys the Sunshine Award on my blog this Sunday! I hope you like it. There are just a couple of things you need to do for the Award…can’t wait to see your answers…happy Sunday, paw pats Savvy

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