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Has Spring Finally Sprung?!


You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!

So after the days and days of rain and coincidentally as whee recieved a great award from our furry special furfriend Misaki, whee have SUNSHINE

Whee don’t know where it came from, whee don’t know why, whee don’t even know how but the morning has started so bright and sunny (but still cold!) that Mummy went straight out to fetch us some grass!

Best hooman ever! Anyway, onto this award, our weather good luck charm!

The sunshine award!


As whee said, this award was given to us by Misaki here. Thank you for bringing back the sunshine! Whee have really missed it.

Whee would like to pass this award onto some furfriends who are our little sunbeams!

Bacon from Pig Love

Bailey from Bailey Boat Cat

Gypsy and Sundae from These Days of Mine

Fozzie’s Mum from All Fur One and One Fur All

Easy Rider from Easy Weimaraner Blog

Thanks again Misaki for bringing us the sunshine! Hopefully Spring has finally sprung here!

Have you seen any signs of Spring where you are yet?

Happy Friday


Food?! Omnomnomnom

Well the rains have come again and that means whee are stuck inside with no fresh grass. Mummy says that I in particular get furry demanding when the weather is wet and rainy but I can’t help it.

I feel like I’m going crazy, even running around the living room and hallway I still feel trapped. Not that I’ve been outside since Autumn but the fact that it is now the weather preventing me just makes me cross.

And the lack of grass doesn’t help either. I love it that Mummy goes out and pick a handful of grass in the morning, the fact that the pouring rain stops her. It makes me so cross! In fact, the only thing that calms me is food.

This is the face that greeted Mummy when she said no grass. It clearly says, “Well get something else for me then hooman!”

She fetched me some spinach. Boy have I got her wrapped round my little paw!

What do you like to do when the weather is rainy or horrible?

Have a great Thursday efurryone


Wordless Wednesday – *gasp* Nooooooooo Piggy Pedicures!

Piggy Pedicures do not go down well . . .





To Infinity Tuesday

Have you heard? Guinea pigs beat hoomans into space (see our post about that here) and yet again whee are proving our astronomical space skills by going on a mission to the moon with Sammy from One Spoiled Cat!

Whee have entered some costumes Mummy designed and a lunar hotel room design.


Whee would really appreciate if you would vote for us here. There are plenty of familiar faces to see too and some crazy aliens! It’s definitely worth a look!

Happy Tuesday

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Driving Me Knots

For those of you who don’t know, I am the oddest mix of heinz 57 type guinea pig our hooman has ever come across. I have a short hair fair, a few rosettes, curly whiskers, half a ridge on my back and a long haired bottom. Mummy often jokes about what my pawrents were like. I don’t remember them so I can’t say but I’ll bet they made a funny looking couple!

Now you might not know it but quite a lot of guinea pigs enjoy being brushed, those in my furmily included. I, however, am a bit more fussy and with my long hair sections, I am the one who needs it most. Go figure! Mummy says that when brushing piggies you will want a fairly stiff (small) brush and a small metal comb for longer hair piggies and a soft baby brush for short haired piggies.

The biggest indignity of my brushing is when the hoomans do my bottom brushing. Located just above where a tail would be if whee guinea pigs had tails, is a grease gland. In some piggies they can be furry active but it’s pretty mild with me. Still, the grease it does produce causes knots and matts around my bottom no matter how many times Mummy washes it. Mummy claims it is her greatest achievement efurrytime she manages to get rid of those knots. She gives me veggies and my teddy to try to calm me but I buck and kick and bite and grumble and hate her for it efurry time.

As I am growing into a teen piggy it is getting more and more active and Mummy says she may have to trim my lovely bottom fur to prevent more knots in the Summer. I’m not sure my ego can stand her hairdressing skills!

Have you ever been given a haircut? Do you like to be brushed?

*pricks ears* Ooooooo Mummy just called for breakfast, I’d better be going but if anyfurry knows of good ways to make my fidget bottom sit still when being brushed, please tell me! I’d rather not have that haircut!

Happy Monday



Wordless Wednesday – Basil Loves Breakfast

The most impawtent meal of the day



Happy Wordless Wednesday


Telly Addict Tuesday

Hello everyone. My name is Nacho and I am a telly addict.

There I said it. Admitted it to the world. I can’t help but love screens. All screens really. The little hoomans phones, the big hoomans tablets and the even bigger tellybox!

Sometimes I will wheek and squeak really loudly if there is something on the telly that I think I might want to watch! My favourite thing to watch is other piggies on youtube. I can sit for ages on the hoomans lap watching that!

Are you a telly addict or addicted to something else? What’s your favourite thing to watch?

Happy Tuesday


Soggy Saturday

As you may or may not know, whee are British guinea pigs. As British guinea pigs whee are expected to maintain a stiff upper lip. Unfortunately there is another thing whee British are good at doing and that is complaining about the weather. You see, recently my bottom lip has been wobbly and I may have thrown a small tantrum.


My wobbly bottom lip!

It. Won’t. Stop. Raining!

I’m sick of it. Raining all over the fresh grass which taunts us just out of reach in the garden. Raining all over our pigloos and outdoor runs so whee cannot play. Raining all over our hoomans and little hoomans and the vegetables they bring for us from the shops. It’s not good enough. Now I know whee are quite lucky in the fact that our house is at the top of a big hill but a lot of hoomans here in England have been flooded out of their homes. Some piggies in flooded areas won’t be able to have grass for ages because the flooded water contains lots of bad yucky things that can make us sick.

IMG_0091I have prayed to the clouds and asked them to stop. I have prayed to the weathermans in the tellybox. I have even prayed to Mummy to invent a big umbrella to put over England but nothing has worked. I guess whee are stuck with this weather until it decides to go away. In the meantime, fellow British readers whee hope you stay dry, and everyone else whee hope you stay cool, warm, dry and safe wherever you are!



Piggy Kisses – Happy Valentine’s!

Whee would like to all take this opportunity to tell you how much whee love you and show you a montage of piggy lips. Sending you all our kisses!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Valentines day hoomans and furfriends!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Be Mine


Will you be mine, this Valentine,

Even though I make a mess,

And even though I tore a hole,

In your sister’s favourite dress.

With you be mine this Loving day,

Even though I bit your nose,

And pulled off the radiator,

All those freshly laundered clothes?

This is no time for sleepy time

This is no time for sleepy time

Will you be mine, this Cupids day,

Even though I squeaked too loud,

At the creepiest part of your movie,

And made you so scared you, howled.

Yes even though I make you jump,

Or even make you mad,

Will you be mine, this Valentine,

My little hooman Dad?!

Whee just wanted to show our little hoomans some love and appreciation for Valentine’s day tomorrow 🙂

Why do you love your little hoomans or big hoomans?



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