Driving Me Knots

For those of you who don’t know, I am the oddest mix of heinz 57 type guinea pig our hooman has ever come across. I have a short hair fair, a few rosettes, curly whiskers, half a ridge on my back and a long haired bottom. Mummy often jokes about what my pawrents were like. I don’t remember them so I can’t say but I’ll bet they made a funny looking couple!

Now you might not know it but quite a lot of guinea pigs enjoy being brushed, those in my furmily included. I, however, am a bit more fussy and with my long hair sections, I am the one who needs it most. Go figure! Mummy says that when brushing piggies you will want a fairly stiff (small) brush and a small metal comb for longer hair piggies and a soft baby brush for short haired piggies.

The biggest indignity of my brushing is when the hoomans do my bottom brushing. Located just above where a tail would be if whee guinea pigs had tails, is a grease gland. In some piggies they can be furry active but it’s pretty mild with me. Still, the grease it does produce causes knots and matts around my bottom no matter how many times Mummy washes it. Mummy claims it is her greatest achievement efurrytime she manages to get rid of those knots. She gives me veggies and my teddy to try to calm me but I buck and kick and bite and grumble and hate her for it efurry time.

As I am growing into a teen piggy it is getting more and more active and Mummy says she may have to trim my lovely bottom fur to prevent more knots in the Summer. I’m not sure my ego can stand her hairdressing skills!

Have you ever been given a haircut? Do you like to be brushed?

*pricks ears* Ooooooo Mummy just called for breakfast, I’d better be going but if anyfurry knows of good ways to make my fidget bottom sit still when being brushed, please tell me! I’d rather not have that haircut!

Happy Monday



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  1. Noah to me you look like a lion with a golden mane….so you should be very brave! is there a detangle product like for kitties that mum can use on your ahem…ummm…hmmmm..well tocks 😉 Maybe some talc powder etc I don’t know…I know I had a heck of a time cleaning tiny foster kittens…washing them and drying them..they would be only days old with no mummy to do it so I did…and bless them they would wriggle and scratch with their tiny claws…they had no teethies yet so that was a bonus! good luck to mum I hope there is an easier way 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xxx

  2. Yikes not the fur stealers. Show me a pair of scissors and I am out of here. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Can’t help – I hate being brushed and do not let them brush me without lots of struggling and running away!

  4. Oh, N. I feel your agony. I don’t do well with brushing, even though I know I will get a treat afterwards. I run around in circles and try to bite the brush (or comb or Furminator). Whatever the method of torture, I am NOT on board. Good luck keeping still….

    Love and licks,

  5. Noah I’m so with you. I hate the brush and I hate it when they brush my bottom. I bet you dislike it, because you are a tenn-piggy now and there are always worlds between teens and her pawrents when it comes to hairstyles :o)

  6. We always used electric dog clippers on our long-haired guinea pigs to keep their hair nice- looking. As it gets rather hot here, they liked keeping it as short as the short-haired piggies. The clippers didn’t have a risk of injury like scissors do, so it was less dangerous if the piggy wasn’t perfectly still. However, lots of resistance is difficult. God luck with that! My piggies loved it- no fighting!

  7. Whatever your mix it, you are awesome looking 😉

  8. My mum thinks you’re the most handsome little piggy ever! I can sympathize with the brushing… I’m not a huge fan and apparently I’m going to be brushed everyday when we move to the boat because daddy doesn’t like my fur everywhere! I think that’s just rude!

  9. When I get groomed, they take a lot of fur from my rear. I go around bare ass.

  10. Agree with Fozziemum you look like a LION 😉

  11. I LOVE being brushed:-) but funnily enough the one place I do get funny about is my bum, I guess we have that in common 🙂

  12. Blush, that’s a tricky bit of business isn’t it. I used to have to do this for my fluffy (chubby) cat Ginger. She didn’t manage it well either. I just got my hubby some welding gloves so he could get scratched or bit, LOL

  13. Poor Noah…..I think it’s the price you must pay for being a Heinz 57….yep – that bottom fur just gets hard to brush so if you let her trim it you won’t have to go through that brush agony for a while. I suggest you allow this to happen – then you can maintain your FABULOUS look so much better!

    Hugs, Sam

  14. We have thought you’re the most furbulous piggie ever since you found your new home! Vlad & Barkly both get “lick tangles” in their undercoats on their bellies. The best thing I’ve ever found is something called Stazco Conditioning Spray. We saw it recommended on another blog, but now can’t remember which one it was. It’s a miracle. I’m not sure if it’s for piggies, but on their website, it seems that the word “dogs” is interchangeable with “pets.” Maybe your mummy could find something like that for you, Noah? We know there are “show piggies.” Maybe they have something special like Stazco for show piggie coats?

  15. Loo Noah, Miss D sympathizes. My mommy takes me to a groomer to do the deed, but instead of a regular schnauzer cut, she makes them shave my leggies too. My hairs is so curly they knots up terrible otherwise. She has to clean around my eyes regular else my moustache turns to dreadlocks. And ooooo how I hate getting my eyes cleaned!

  16. Ahh Noah! It’s a shame I can’t get Millie to have a word with you. She has long brushing sessions, usually an hour per day and she just goes right to sleep. There are bits she doesn’t like, but she definitely puts up with them for the treats at the end.
    She also knows that she melts human hearts more when she looks so lovely, maybe you come think of this part? because you are just gorgeous!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

  17. Poor Noah! Andy has sympathy for you! Andy has floofy fur and he hates having it combed or brushed. He really hates the Furminator being used. He hates having the base of his tail and the fur above the tops of his legs messed with. Sometimes he gets downright grouchy about it. Mom keeps telling him how handsome he is and he gets treats afterwards. The rest of us have short hair so we don’t mind getting groomed at all. Tater will jump up and meow and dance around until Mom brushes her. She really likes it. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  18. Yeah, I just cut the mats and, er, random acts of *boar glue* indignities as I find them. I also keep the mat-prone piggies cropped short from the hip-bones back. My set are mostly American Silkie or American Shorthair, and I’ve found that a jelly rubber wash mitt meant for dogs and horses is FANTASTIC for them (it would likely work well for you guys too). It has little jelly rubber nubs, is easier to clean than a brush, can be used wet or dry, and is WONDERFUL for shedding out because the static pulls the loose hairs loose more quickly than a brush.

  19. I think you are a beautiful piggy.

  20. thats ok if she does a neat job like my mummy does,hate grooming days but it does feel better after woulds,xx Speedy

  21. Yow Noah m can reelate n me iz a Kitteh!!!
    Me had to hab nottz cut out of me fur after me had da rest of bad teefiez out. Mum bott one of dem ‘Furbuster’ brushez but it waz kinda ruff n spikey…Mum gave it away!
    Mum den got me a ‘Hello Kitty’ small soft bristle brush n me lubz it….she also usez her hair brush on me so me getz a dubble brush ebery nite….
    As fer tushie cleeenin when da Bowel disease messez me up; Mum haz to wash me wif soft cloth n me doez not stand still. She closez da bathroom door n we do da ‘tushie tango’ til she getz fingz cleen 😉
    Now when me iz at da Vet’z n da Bowelz let loose me getz a spa bubble bath n dat iz lubly…Docktur Dave haz B-I-G handx butt iz so gentle n me just letz him wash me nice n no fussin…go figure!! 😉
    Nott shure if we helped any butt it iz fun to talk ‘tushie stuff’ MOL/SOL
    Lub Nylablue ❤

  22. Dude, you do look like three pigs smooshed together! – A

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