Reach For The Stars

No whee are not quoting a cheesy pop song or trying to give some motivational speech, whee are actually on about guinea pigs and space travel! This is something Mummy heard about in a paper she read about the history of guinea pigs and has researched to find out more!

Whee guinea piggies are not famous for our space journeys, but whee beat you hoomans into space by about 34 days. The first space travelling guinea piggy went into space on March the 9th 1961 with a dog named Chernushka, a dummy cosmonaut named Ivan Ivanovich, and an assortment of mice and reptiles. Ivan safely parachuted back to earth, and, thankfully, the animals also made it back alive. Sadly, some of the first animals into space weren’t so lucky.

However the first hooman in space was on April the 12th 1961. Oddly, while Major Yuri Gagarin received a promotion and was given the important sounding title of Hero of the Soviet Union for his achievement, there is no record of similar honours for the first guinea piggy in space.

This is not good! Whee cannot even find a single pigture of this brave soul that took one small step for a guinea pig, but one big leap for cavy kind! I have decided, given my good looks and general intelligence I may be descended from this first piggy in space. And it’s with that in mind that I show the following pigtures!

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Have you every wished to join the space race? Do you think piggies should be recognized and my great great great great great great grandpig that first cavy in space remembered?!



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  1. Oh Nacho!! I think you should at least have a hutch erected on the moon!! I was born in 1961 it was a good year for piggies and peeps 🙂 and I always wanted to be an astronaut..but I guess there is more chance of a piggie making space than me!! Have a great day pioneer piggie 🙂 Big hugs Fozziemum xxx

  2. I think your great great great great great great grandpig needs a statue in his honour! OOooo you should build one!!

  3. Guinea pigs are always ahead of the curve! Who knew??

    Love and licks,

  4. Wow, piggies in space! I did not know that but I don’t want to go…seems a bit too scary for me 🙂

  5. Cats will keep their paws on earth 🙂

  6. Wow! I didn’t know this! How pawesome is that and you should definitely get to go too! You’re a hero! =^.^=

  7. Why would a pig go? There’s no greenery. Imagine pig poo flying all around the space capsule in the weightless state. I think I’ll stay on earth also.

  8. There’s no food in space, I’m staying home.

    Annie Wigglewhiskers


    Your pictures are very cute Mr. Nacho. My daddy and brothers and sister say “Hi.”

    Benwick Wigglewhiskers

    • There might be food in space. I have heard the moon is made of celery! . . . What was that Mummy? Made of cheese? Yuck.

      Erm yep, maybe I’ll stay home too.

      Ex Piggy Pioneer Nacho

      • Have you considered time travel?

        Monday I was at the Getty Villa (J. Paul Getty’s former mansion, built in the style of a Roman Villa, which houses the majority of the Getty Museum’s collection of Greco-Roman art and artifacts). There was a special exhibition on Sicily that closed yesterday. In looking at the coins in the exhibit on loan from a museum in Belgium, I noticed that the ancient coins from the city of Selinos, Sicily feature a Selinon leaf.

        What is Selinon, you may ask?

        Wild parsley! Well, it’s the ancient Greek name for “parsley,” though the selinon plant tastes more like celery, so recipes often refer to it as “wild celery,” but I’m not sure you’d care about nomenclature, just as long as you could eat it, right?

        Check it out:

  9. See critters are far more advanced than humans,xx Speedy

  10. hmmm I think I better stay on slice earth it’s better than to have a problem with an eagle of houston or vice versa :o)

  11. A cavy blasting off into outer space . . . now that was really a day when pigs flew. 🙂 Thank you for the very enlightening lesson and for the very entertaining pigtures, Nacho. I think I’ll stay here on earth. I’m really quite fond of gravity because I’m not very good at catching balls mid-air. 🙂

  12. princess guinea and ariel

    Reblogged this on Princess Guinea and Ariel.

  13. Wow, I didn’t know that!

  14. You’ll have to practise planting a flag… and swimming in thin air… very adventurous of you 😉

  15. Mousiez diz iz sumfing speshell!! We finkz ya shuud bee recognized n yer grreat grrreat grrreat…Grandpapa Piggie fer shure!!!
    Lub Nylablue…
    Pee ess: Me nut shure if me wuud wanna go into Space….me wuud miss Mum far too much!

  16. 5 -4-3-2-1…….oh dear, flying too fast, want off NOW!!!
    That’d be me, I really don’t like to fly at all. It was more fun when the served booze for free 😀 I like your rocket launcher a lot. Very hi-tech, you must be one smart piggy!

  17. Wow, have never heard that before. Yay for space piggies!

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