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Flashback Friday – Hasn’t He Grown!

Around a year ago whee gained a new addition to our family. A funny looking, fluffy little fella whee decided to call Noah

Here’s our favourite pigture from when whee first got him!


And here he is all grown up (and looking furry dapper if whee do say so ourselves!) . . .


Even though I’m older than him he is already bigger than me! I guess some piggies are just a little more piggy if you know what I mean oink

Do you have younger brothers or sisters who are bigger than you? How do you show them you’re still boss even if they’re bigger? ^_^

Happy Friday



Thoughtful Thursday

As you have probably heard Noah had a hair cut on Sunday and he is still not happy. What he neglected to mention was that my booty also had a trim to prevent knots forming round my grease gland. I’m not as sensitive as Noah so I don’t mind people seeing my butt Noah’s tactics of hiding are getting more extreme. Take the below pigture for example. I was asleep in our little tent when he came running in with Mummy and the camera hot on his heels. I wheeked crossed as he reversed his bottom underneath me to hide it. Mummy thought it was hilarious. Me? Not so much.


How can I help Noah not hate his haircut? How would you boost his confidence?

Have a great Thursday efurryone!



Sunny Sunday Warning – When Water Bottles Go Bad

This has left our me quite upset but I needs to share it so other people keep a look out for it too.

This morning when the little hoomans were changing the water they noticed that Nacho and Noah has hardly drunk a thing and were lying around in the cage appearing quite listless. I immediately realised they were dehydrated and began syringing water into them. Very quickly they perked up and returned to their normal selves in under twenty minutes.


Looking much brighter

I then had to try and work out how they could have become dehydrated with a full bottle of cool water in it’s usual place on the cage when yesterday was one of the hottest days of the year so far here.

Answer? A broken water bottle.

Yes, I couldn’t believe it either but it appears that a piece of food, it looks like carrot, had somehow got itself stuck behind the ball bearing in the bottle and resulted in it not letting water out. With it now removed the whole thing works much better but I did pop out quickly and buy three water bottles so now both cages have two each and there is a spare if one does break.

Luckily there was no lasting damage but with the weather warming up the chances of heatstroke occurring are much higher and without water it could have been a very different story.

The most frightening thing is we clean the bottle with a bottle brush and rinse it through once a week to prevent this and that happening. We did that yesterday morning, yet somehow during the day it still happened. Please check your piggies water morning and evening, especially in hot weather.

If you need advice on how to deal with or prevent heatstroke in guinea pigs we have a page here.

Stay safe this Sunday efurryone

~ Amy (AKA The Hooman)

Come Sail Away

Ahoy there Sea Dogs/Cats/Piggies/Capybaras/Bunnies etc, Cap’n Basil here.

Thanks for sailing with us today.

Our first port of call is to tell you to get aboard the Pig Love express and read me ship-mates great answers to pet problems right here, argh!! Be sure to let Bacon know what you think.

Second port whee are docking in is the Marina of Bailey the Boat Cat. As you probably know, his hoomans got a book published about him and whee ordered a copy. It arrived early this morning and whee just can’t wait to sit down and read it. When whee have finished whee will be adding our paws to his map here, you should too! Well shiver me timbers, isn’t all this exciting


Happy Tuesday efurryone!

Cap’n Basil


Driving Me Knots

For those of you who don’t know, I am the oddest mix of heinz 57 type guinea pig our hooman has ever come across. I have a short hair fair, a few rosettes, curly whiskers, half a ridge on my back and a long haired bottom. Mummy often jokes about what my pawrents were like. I don’t remember them so I can’t say but I’ll bet they made a funny looking couple!

Now you might not know it but quite a lot of guinea pigs enjoy being brushed, those in my furmily included. I, however, am a bit more fussy and with my long hair sections, I am the one who needs it most. Go figure! Mummy says that when brushing piggies you will want a fairly stiff (small) brush and a small metal comb for longer hair piggies and a soft baby brush for short haired piggies.

The biggest indignity of my brushing is when the hoomans do my bottom brushing. Located just above where a tail would be if whee guinea pigs had tails, is a grease gland. In some piggies they can be furry active but it’s pretty mild with me. Still, the grease it does produce causes knots and matts around my bottom no matter how many times Mummy washes it. Mummy claims it is her greatest achievement efurrytime she manages to get rid of those knots. She gives me veggies and my teddy to try to calm me but I buck and kick and bite and grumble and hate her for it efurry time.

As I am growing into a teen piggy it is getting more and more active and Mummy says she may have to trim my lovely bottom fur to prevent more knots in the Summer. I’m not sure my ego can stand her hairdressing skills!

Have you ever been given a haircut? Do you like to be brushed?

*pricks ears* Ooooooo Mummy just called for breakfast, I’d better be going but if anyfurry knows of good ways to make my fidget bottom sit still when being brushed, please tell me! I’d rather not have that haircut!

Happy Monday



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