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Be Mine


Will you be mine, this Valentine,

Even though I make a mess,

And even though I tore a hole,

In your sister’s favourite dress.

With you be mine this Loving day,

Even though I bit your nose,

And pulled off the radiator,

All those freshly laundered clothes?

This is no time for sleepy time

This is no time for sleepy time

Will you be mine, this Cupids day,

Even though I squeaked too loud,

At the creepiest part of your movie,

And made you so scared you, howled.

Yes even though I make you jump,

Or even make you mad,

Will you be mine, this Valentine,

My little hooman Dad?!

Whee just wanted to show our little hoomans some love and appreciation for Valentine’s day tomorrow 🙂

Why do you love your little hoomans or big hoomans?



Valentine Pigture Contest!

Well with Nutty on the mend whee have decided to announce our pigture contest! Better late than never. You have until 1st February 2013 to enter and here is what you need to do . . . 


Whether you are a Right Romantic Romeo or Jealousy Generating Juilet whee have a part for you!

Whee want you to send in pigtures of your pets acting out their favourite romantic movie scenes or being their favourite character in a romantic book, film or tv show.

Whether you are Rose and Jack on the titanic or Romeo and Juilet on the balcony or Cinderella and Prince Charming ballroom dancing . . . Whee want to see you!

Email your entries to us Just attach the pigtures to your email in jpeg format and use the subject line “Love Is In The Air!” Don’t forget to include your pet’s name and if you have a blog then the URL in the body of the email!

Prizes will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place and winners announced of the weekend after the closing date

Whee cannot wait to hear from you!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Do You Love Me?!

Whee would like to go to a ball hosted by our furfriends, see here!
But similarly to skeletons of halloween jokes whee have no body to go to!


This is our request.


Do you love us?! Would any furry go to the pawty with any or all of us and your arm candy?!

Don’t leave us hanging! Whee promise whee can be very romantic when whee want to be!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basi


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