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Saturday Stay Bowl Review

So you may or may not know but Buddy has a very naughty habit of tipping the food bowl over and throwing it all over the cage. Not only is this messy and means the cages needs cleaning out more reguarly but also, Basil doesn’t like eating food that has been on the floor so he has been going hungry.

I have searched and search for a solution and I have found it in the Stay Bowl! Initially it sounded like a bit of a gimmick. A bowl that is tip proof? Sure…

But for $9.95 (which roughly £6.80) where was the harm in giving it a try?

So it didn’t take too long and arrived with a lovely note.

The size was good. A lot of people tend to over feed their piggies but these bowls allow for good portion control. So I filled it up, put it in and kept my fingers crossed!

Buddy had a good go a trying to bite the edges and tip it over. At one point a worried Basil stepped on it to keep it in place!

But true to it’s promise the stay bowl, stayed upright!

So what are my thoughts?

Price: Great, pretty much the same price a good quality normal bowl

Appearance: The blue was great and matches their cage. It actually holds more than it looks and can contain the perfect portion size.

Thoughts: It actually works! It’s been four days since we started using the stay bowl and so far no spills or messes made!

Rating: 10 paws up out of 10!

Buddy disagrees and wants to give it a much lower rating…


I guess he’s going to have to find another naughty habit to wind us all up!

Have you got a product that you love that solved a problem for you? Any products you’d recommend for piggies?

Have a great Saturday



Pushy Piggy!

So yesterday the hooman asked you to take guesses at what I had been up to the previous evening that was so naughty. Plenty of you had brilliant ideas but no one guessed exactly the mischeif fun I had.

Now I don’t know about you but sometimes I like to pretend to be a hooman. So that night instead of cuddling in my usual spot on Mummy’s lap, I climbed off onto the sofa next to her. She said I was looking extra cute as I snuffled around the cushions. I lay down and stretched myself out to my full length as I’d seen the hooman do before when she wanted to claim a sofa as her own.

Then I realised I was at a slight height disadvantage! So I gently “encouraged” Mummy to get up.

“Now that’s not quite how it happened Basil-“

She was quite happy to move onto the floor and make way for me after a few gentle nudges…

“I think you’ll find I wasn’t that happy about-“

She got up and sat on the comfy floor. The other hoomans were quite accepting of my human dominance also.

“Well with you rumbling, biting my clothes and trying to dig your nose under me and flick up, I didn’t really have much choice! Plus you tried to nip anyone who wanted to sit down on the sofa near you, even though there was plenty of room!”


I don’t know what you are talking about hooman, I was furry comfortable!

Does anyone else like to pretend to be something else once in awhile? What are you up to today?

Happy Thursday!



Saturday Snuggles

Whee may have our disagreements but whee do love each other really as this snuggling pigture proves. Whee love snuggling with the hoomans in front of the TV in the evenings!


How are you spending your Saturday?

Nacho & Noah


Wordless Wednesday – Waiting

Sometimes whee get bored waiting for the hooman to bring the veggies . . .


Happy Wordless Wednesday.


Wordless Wednesday is a blog hop hosted by BlogPaws, click here to join in or see what everyone else is silently saying today!



Food?! Omnomnomnom

Well the rains have come again and that means whee are stuck inside with no fresh grass. Mummy says that I in particular get furry demanding when the weather is wet and rainy but I can’t help it.

I feel like I’m going crazy, even running around the living room and hallway I still feel trapped. Not that I’ve been outside since Autumn but the fact that it is now the weather preventing me just makes me cross.

And the lack of grass doesn’t help either. I love it that Mummy goes out and pick a handful of grass in the morning, the fact that the pouring rain stops her. It makes me so cross! In fact, the only thing that calms me is food.

This is the face that greeted Mummy when she said no grass. It clearly says, “Well get something else for me then hooman!”

She fetched me some spinach. Boy have I got her wrapped round my little paw!

What do you like to do when the weather is rainy or horrible?

Have a great Thursday efurryone


Piggy Kisses – Happy Valentine’s!

Whee would like to all take this opportunity to tell you how much whee love you and show you a montage of piggy lips. Sending you all our kisses!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Valentines day hoomans and furfriends!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


(Not Really) Wordless Wednesday – Time Flies

Time does fly when you don’t have a camera to capture all the funny things whee piggies get up to. Already Mummy has missed capturing Basil destroying some carpet(He denies it of course), Noah getting his head stuck in a cardboard tube (Also denies this took place), Buddy refusing to get back in the cage and running around like a wild thing before bed (Buddy admits a Diva strop but no more than that!) and . . . me? Well using a friend’s camera she did capture one pigture of my gorgeous self snuggling my little hooman.


Hopefully the new camera is going to be chosen soon and whee will have lots of exciting pigtures to show you again! Happy Wednesday efurryone



ps. If you haven’t already seen it, whee have made a little video trailer for our Twitter using a nifty little app. Please check it out here and if you make one for yours let us know so whee can see it!

I Solemnly Swear I am Up To No Good

If you haven’t heard the quote at the title it’s from Harry Potter. If you haven’t heard of Harry Potter have you been living under a rock?! The quote is a phrase you have to say to get a magical map to show up and when you want it to vanish a change back into normal paper you say “Mischief Managed”

According to the hooman I have managed quite a lot of mischief lately. So today is Friday and I can tell you that this wheekend, I solemnly swear, I shall be up to no good!

What’s the naughtiest thing you have ever done or tried to do?



Wordless Wednesday – Winter Working It!

Sometimes you just don’t need words . . . Just a Santa Paws hat and a camera!

Have a wonderful wintery Wednesday



ps. For those who were interested, this hat is actually for dogs and the hooman bought it for 99p in the 99p store. It came with a red scarf and is in the size XS

Dear Santa . . . I Can Explain!

Mummy says that Santa Paws is always watching and he sees efurrything. Well I’m hoping Santa will forgive me if I confess to the naughtiness I have been involved in.


Dear Santa,

I can explain.

The sequins just didn’t look good on Mummy’s jumper. 

Who needs the pause button on the tv remote?!

The squeaking during the tense part in the movie was me showing how much I was enjoying it too.

I thought Mummy needed a hair cut.

It wasn’t me.

Please confess your sins too so that Santa will forgive and visit you. Remember ‘Sins Before Santa’! ( #sinsb4santa Hehehehe)

Happy Friday Efurryone



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