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A Special Spook-tober!

So October is upon us and that means PIGoween is coming! That is why this month whee are going to be having a spooky theme to some of our posts.  To kick it off whee are revealing a great pigture courtesy of two Molly/Mollie’s!

You can see more spooked pigtures in Molly The Wally’s Spooky Gallery or ask to be spooked yourself over at Miss Mollie’s, just comment ‘spook me’!

This month whee have spooky photo’s, competitions, and even spooky stories on the blog so this is going to be an exciting month! Whee invite you all to take part in our Spook-tober events. Everyone who takes part will get to use the special logo on the left as proof and winners will get themselves Special Spooky Logos and Awards!

Our first task for you to kick all this off is give us your most petrifying pigoween pet joke! There must be some of you terrible jokers out there! Give it your best shot and whee will reveal the winner and the winning joke in our next post!

Happy October Efurryone.

May it be short and spooky!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


A Crying Shame!

So whee are sure you have heard of this (if not actually done it yourself!) Pet Shaming! Accusing, without any real evidence, darling pets of bad behaviour.

Shocking, isn’t it?! Well Mummy made pet shaming pigtures of us and whee just finished dragging her through court over them.

Here are the pigtures which caused such a fuss, whee would like to remind efurryone these are all lies as proved by a Cavy Court of Law!

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Has your hooman pet shamed you yet? Or had they missed it until seeing this and are now going to try it? (If the latter accept our deepest apologies!)

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Cavy Comic!

Today whee thought whee would share a little comic/cartoon strip about how two ordinary piggies save the day! Mummy has learnt how to do some new cool things with the computermabob so she editted pigtures to make this. Whee hope you like it!

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What do you think? What adventure would you have if you were a cartoon superhero?

Buddy & Basil

Guinea Pigs Eat Anything!

Basil Behaving Badly!

Us piggies are . . . well . . . Complete pigs! Whee eat anything. So today Mummy wrote a poem called “Guinea Pigs Eat Anything”, inspired by this post on a kitty blog whee love!

Also, the pigture of Basil eating the little hooman’s dressing gown is just one of the entries from us to Mollie’s Naughty Pet Competition.

Feel free to hop over there and vote for your favourite (It had better be us if you prefer your clothes without holes! Lol! Whee are kidding. Whee prefer shoes anyway!)

Anywho, whee hope you enjoy the poem furfriends! Hope you had a great day!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Guinea Pigs Eat Anything – by Amy Williamson

Guinea pigs will eat anything,
A carrot destined for the bin,
A sequin off your favourite dress,
A pile of shredded paper mess,
A zip, a toggle, your back door keys,
The frayed hole in your trouser knees.
A toe, an ear, even your hair,
It’s all food to them, and they don’t care,
If you yelp or squeal, cry or shout,
They’ll wonder what all the fuss is about,
And then turn to eat something new,
And there’s nothing you can do.
Yes a guinea pig will eat anything,
Even their Mummy’s jewellery bling!

The Leaves Of Change . . .

Autumn leaves are changing. Oranges, reds, even some browns already! I like looking at them change to more ‘nutty’ colours. They look bootiful but they also make me sad.

The colours of the leaves changing means that the weather is changing, and if the weather is changing then it won’t be long before whee cannot go out in the garden for run time. (Not that I don’t enjoy my indoor runs but I like the fresh air and munching on my green spaghetti grass!)

Mummy had to put out cuddly fleece blankets for us to keep warm in while whee were in the garden (see me in the blue blanket below!). Look at how many leaves were everywhere! (Of course that isn’t photoshopped! What are you insinuating?! That Mummy wouldn’t let me play on the soggy leaves?! Nope, Mummy lets me do whatever I want!)

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Although I love this time of year and the excitment is already building for the coming events and special holidays, I still feel a little . . . wistful.

I do love Autumn but sometimes I wish it wouldn’t come so soon and it wouldn’t make things change.

Maybe change is good though. Mummy says whee can start having warm bran mushy noms and other warm foods to keep us happy as it gets colder.

Actually, thinking of that delicious bran-mushy, maybe change isn’t so bad.

What are you going to do to stay warm as the weather gets colder? Do you like Autumn and Winter or do they leave you cold? And how do you deal with change?


You Ain’t Never Seen A Guinea Pig Fly!

Quote from Disney’s Dumbo:

Crow #1: Did you ever see an elephant fly?
Crow #2: Well, I’ve seen a horse fly.
Crow #3: Ah, I’ve seen a dragon fly.
Crow #4: Hee-hee. I’ve seen a house fly.

One day, when my ears are big enough or I grow wings, I will fly!

Well Mummy was watching a film with the little hoomans today and they let me sit on their laps and watch it with them. It was called Dumbo. I thought it was amazing. Even though Dumbo was different he was special. I want to be special. I want to fly like Dumbo !

At the end of the film I tried to take a running jump down Mummy’s front and off of the sofa but she caught me. How can I test if I can fly if Mummy won’t let me jump?!

In the garden I spent a long time looking at the sky and wishing I could fly like the birds. Buddy says I’m being silly and guinea pigs can’t fly. But one day, maybe, I will find a way to fly.

For now I will practise by climbing on the pigloo and shoe box and jumping off. I think I’m getting better at it. I may even have hovered for a few minut sections of a second on my last leap!

Who says pigs can’t fly? I will!

What is your dream?


Made-Me-Laugh Monday!

So, a little while ago whee did a post about funny pigtures whee found while surfing the web. Well whee have done it again! This time whee have more piggy pigtures that whee thought were furry funny. Whee don’t own any of these pigtures whee just thought they were funny. If you google funny guinea pig pictures there are more where these came from!

Anyway, here are the pigtures which made me laugh on a cold and wet Monday. Enjoy!

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ps. The one which looks kind of like Nutty and mentions a veggie burger has purple eyes just like my Baby Basil’s! (Mummy still hasn’t got a good pigture of his pretty eyes!)

Easy To See!

Well Miss Mollie has been found. Though in a shocking turn of events it would seem that she was never actually missing. She had run off to elope in Las Vegas with our good friend Easy Rider. The whole thing was shocking but you can read how the tale ends here.

Our dear friend Lady Litchi appears to have come off quite badly in this. Discovering her on off boyfriend had eloped would be a shock to anyone but now he is getting a divorce and grovelling for forgiveness. (though as yet whee don’t think he has been nearly grovelly enough!) On an upside, Doggy (who has been proven innocent to kidnap, though not much else!) invaded France and gave it to her!

In fact it is Easy who has come off worst with his credit card stolen by Elvis (you need to read the post to understand) and the divorce. And now the CIA (Cavy Investigation Agency) are going to be suing him for wasting piggy time. Whee believe the current total is 1001 lobsters!

With all this excitment I felt the need to relax and unwind a little on the way home from the exhausting search/adventure, so whee stopped off at the beach. Here are my holiday snaps:

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What are your feelings on this scandal? And how do you like the beach and my rather impressive beach ready body?!


Ransom, Revelations & Lobsters

Well it has been busy today! To see how whee got here please skip back and read the previous post.

Basically Mollie HAS been kidnapped. The kidnapper, using the rather anonymous title ‘The Dognapper’ has declared a ransom of 1000 lobsters. Why lobsters? Whee are still unsure. Live lobsters maybe to create an under the sea army? Cooked ones for a fancy evening meal? It is all speculation at this point.

With no certainty about Mollie’s safety (and Doggy’s threat of war endangering animals and vegetables everywhere!) whee have had to contact the CIA (Cavy Investigations Agency) who have sent four of their best agents.

Agent N1BBles,
Agent NU77Y,
Agent 8UDDY and
Agent 8A51L.

This crime fighting quad will soon have things sorted. They are experts. Silent and deadly as ninjas! Very handsome and brave and amazing. Obviously whee cannot reveal their real identities but whee did get the below pigtures of three of them parachuting in and one of an Agent deeply focused as he searches for Mollie in a toy box.

Whee also have three pigtures of evidence. Mollie’s proof of safety before the meal at Doggy’s castle, Mollie leaving Doggy’s castle and the Ransom Note. Whee are working round the clock to work out how to get Mollie back (as are the great team across the blogosphere as mentioned in the previous post!)

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If you have any information relating to the investigation, please contact us.

Your Reporting and certainly not Agent Piggies

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Exclusive! Kidnap Or Kisses?

That’s the question on efurryone’s lips right now as a situation which started off innocently has escalated into a WWIII (Woof War 3!) or possibly hostage situation!

It began with one blogger, Doggy, claiming that he deserved more than he had been offered in Paw Tokens being offered by Miss Mollie of Mollie’s Dog Treats. Mollie answered that the rules were clear and after a ruling by Judge Sammy and will the help of Misaki (The Lawyer) and the Lovely Lady Litchi a compromise was reached and a treaty signed.

But then in a shocking turn of events another situation took place. The Post Of Explaination And A New Treaty Proposal. Despite the best efforts of all involved, Doggy then announced war, where it is said snipers were involved!

Mollie asked to see Doggy and the request was granted and Mollie arrived safely for a dinner discussion. Was it romance or rioting in the air? Whee don’t know, but our reporters tried infiltrating the Castle through a system of sewage pipes to bring you the latest! Nofurry could say they aren’t dedicated! Below is a pigture released by Doggy to prove Mollie was safe and well.

However Mollie has not contacted her concerned fur-mily. Where is Mollie now? Doggy claims she has left the castle after their discussions in his usual dramatic way (This quote from Doggy was taken from Mollie’s blog):

This is unacceptable!!
Molliw [sic] left the castle after we reached an agreement. I do not know where she is, she said she was going back to her half burnt village. Somebody is trying to destroy my honor!
Be aware, dark day are coming, I will not hesitate to burn down villages, countries, continents,  bringing Mollie back, now we are talking about my honor.
I suggest you look for refuge, this is war!!

So what is happening? Where is Mollie? And do you think our veggies will ever arrive with Mummy’s attention so caught up in this story?

Whee will update you as whee discover more!

Anyfurry with details on the whereabout of Mollie should comment here or email us

Reported By – Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

PS. Whee are considering calling the CIA to investigate (That is the Cavy Investigations Agency – A private investigations group with contacts and whiskers everywhere!)

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