Soggy Saturday

As you may or may not know, whee are British guinea pigs. As British guinea pigs whee are expected to maintain a stiff upper lip. Unfortunately there is another thing whee British are good at doing and that is complaining about the weather. You see, recently my bottom lip has been wobbly and I may have thrown a small tantrum.


My wobbly bottom lip!

It. Won’t. Stop. Raining!

I’m sick of it. Raining all over the fresh grass which taunts us just out of reach in the garden. Raining all over our pigloos and outdoor runs so whee cannot play. Raining all over our hoomans and little hoomans and the vegetables they bring for us from the shops. It’s not good enough. Now I know whee are quite lucky in the fact that our house is at the top of a big hill but a lot of hoomans here in England have been flooded out of their homes. Some piggies in flooded areas won’t be able to have grass for ages because the flooded water contains lots of bad yucky things that can make us sick.

IMG_0091I have prayed to the clouds and asked them to stop. I have prayed to the weathermans in the tellybox. I have even prayed to Mummy to invent a big umbrella to put over England but nothing has worked. I guess whee are stuck with this weather until it decides to go away. In the meantime, fellow British readers whee hope you stay dry, and everyone else whee hope you stay cool, warm, dry and safe wherever you are!



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  1. Oh Noah. Hogs and snout kisses from a fellow piggy. I do understand your pain. The weather here has also been awful.. Snow, ice and rain. I’m so hoping that spring is right around the corner for all of us. Hang in there my friend. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Oh, Noah – the weather seems to be a little crazy everywhere. I do hope it clears up for you soon so that you can go play in the grass. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  3. We’ve heard about the rain and wind. My breeder lives outside London and couldn’t make it to the dog show today because of flooded roads and trees fallen on the roads.

  4. We feel your pain. Has there been a dry day this year? No worries we are fed up with it too and the weather blabbers predict more to come. Big sigh. Have a super dry Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. We wish old man Winter would stuff all his tricks back in his bag and go wherever it is he stays the remainder of the year. He definitely has showed his cruel side this year. We just had 20 inches of snow dumped on us in one day. No idea when we might even see the grass again. We hope things dry out for you sometime soon. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily OLivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. A big waste of water – Kyla in the desert.

  7. I completely understand your weather complaints. We have had oodles of snow and cold. πŸ˜• I think I would rather have snow than the constant rain you’ve had. (So gloomy!) We do have sunshine today, even though it is freezing. Hopefully, some sunny days are just around the corner for you!

  8. Hi Noah…..I “feel your pain”….all that rain certainly gets to be a bit MUCH doesn’t it?! We feel that way about our snow. Just when it’s gone – it isn’t….it comes back and back…we’re tired of it. Maybe an umbrella over the whole EARTH would be nice???????

    Hugs, Sammy

  9. Hang in there, N. Every day it rains, you’re one day closer to it stopping. I haven’t seen grass in ages on account of 2 feet of snow. More is coming today. Before it started, Mom and I took a quick ride to the bagel store. Now the car is back in the garage and we are back in the house. Stay safe, little bud.

    Love and licks,

  10. Raining here,too, Noah (hey! Maybe you should build an ark….sorry…) But it’s better than snow like our friend, Sammy, has, just a couple of hours north of us. At least you can stay warm and dry inside.
    Love, Sundae

  11. Oh, Noah, we’re sorry that your weather is so soggy. If only we could shift it around so that the rain could be where it is needed. As for us, we have two feet of snow and it’s still coming down! It’s beautiful, but the kitties don’t like it when it makes their paws cold and wet, so they’re all staying snug inside. Having to drive in it doesn’t please me, but someone has to work to buy the cat food! πŸ˜‰

  12. That all sounds quite terrible. The misery of constant rain would be enough to my my lips wobbly too but I wouldn’t look as cute as you Noah. I’m so sorry that families are losing their homes to this terrible weather. I’m hoping everyone stays safe. I even saw a news story about the Prince’s helping out. Gads it must be really really bad. I hope you’ll see a sunny day very soon.

  13. Yep so bored with our wet weather now,xx Speedy


    We will do a reverse rain dance for you.

  15. We are so fed up to. We hate the wind more as we get lifted up 😦

  16. Sasquatch, Ichi, Mamma Pig and the people under the stairs whish you warm days and lots of grass.. whee have been short of grass as it has been whery hot here in Australia and all the grass is crunchy and not very tasty at all! Whee hopes that you dry out soon!

  17. Poor sweeties. I’m so sorry for the rain. Maybe you can send it to the u.s.? California needs it badly. Have you tried asking ceiling cat for the rain to stop? Cats hate rain, it ruins their fur.

  18. hello hutchizens its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes i hav herd abowt yore awful fluds over their!!! meenwile heer in the mithikal land of kalifornya we ar havving the wurst drowt in owr rekorded history!!! i gess it is just like the faymus minstrels marillion sed sum go thirsty sum just drown!!! ennyway i am glad yoo ar staying sayf and dry!!! ok bye

  19. I’ll come and pick you in my ark:-)
    Seriously though, glad to hear you’re ok. We had a lovely sunny day today, though I gather we’re in for more rain this week.

  20. Pls stay safe, my friends! Maybe your mommy can toss over some rain across the Pacific to California…we are pretty thirsty here! πŸ˜‰

  21. Sweet deer Noah yer stiff lower lip iz a bit droopie n me understandz…we did not reealize ya are British G-Piggiez n we hopez ya iz on a huge mountain far away frum da floodin n rain n windy wind!! We purrayz to KATGOD to stop diz madness wif all da bad weather n we hopez it stopz soon fer ya dere. Bee carefull what ya eatz…backteareea can grow on moldy veggiez n make ya sick…n water must bee furresh…me nose yer Hu’Manz will take guud care of ya all..
    It just iz so scarey izn’t it??
    *putz pawz together n purrayz again*
    Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

    • It’s not a mountain but it’s a furry big hill so whee are nice and safe. It makes us soo sad to see all the homeless little hoomans on the telly though. Whee would offer to share our cages but whee don’t thinks they would all fit


  22. Hope you guys are staying dry!!

  23. Yow ya iz so sweet G-Piggiez t offer yer homez fer da homeless…
    We can not eemagin what we wuud do if we were homeless..Mum sayz she cuud not handle now n me wuud bee so scared me iz shure!!!
    We hope da rain stopz n da water reecedez soon..
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too xxxx

    • It’s no picnic. Homelessness is a wandering life, to say the least. It’s about walking the tread off your shoes and sleeping where you can when you can. Homelessness smells like the 16th c., and it takes a lot of borax to get that smell out.

  24. Oh Noah we feel for you and your soggy weather…it really is quite right to complain…when we can’t do the things we want or even get the food we need because of the weather is awfull..I would gladly send some sunshine to you πŸ™‚ hugs Fozziemum xx

  25. That is the cutest stiff upper lip I have ever seen.

  26. Dear Mr. Nice Noah Pig, Sir,

    Please send us your rain, buckets and buckets please! It hasn’t rained in three years my mom says. I’m not even one, my Mama is not even two. I don’t know what rain is, but it is very hot all the time — summer every day! — and the flowers are sad, the grass all died long before me and my brothers were born, and the humans are cranky. My Mama is cranky too, but that’s mostly because she’s bigger than me and it’s hot.

    Also, if you see my mom, please tell her I miss her.

    Thank you, and say hello to Mr. Nacho pig and Mr. Basil and Mr. Buddy from me and my family. Please do not forget the rain.

    Thank you very much.


    Sophie Wigglewhiskers

    P.S. – My Daddy’s birthday is next Wednesday, he will be four! — S.W.

    • Wow, that would be horrible. Whee don’t know what whee would do without our green spaghetti. Whee think you should do a rain dance . . . it could work!


      • Guess what nice boy pigs? Today is my daddy’s birthday! He is four — that’s one whole paw!

        It’s supposed to rain this weekend, which makes me sad for my mom. It’s going to be hard to carry four days of clothes plus rain gear plus bedding, and all the other things she needs with her until Monday. It’ll be the bad kind of rain too — inches per hour which will make the burned up hillsides slide away. Benwick said he thought that sounded fun, but I think it will just be a muddy mess.

        I hope you are all having a super day!


        Sophie Wigglewhiskers

      • Happy Birthday to your Daddy from efurryone here!!


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