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Basil Does A Bieber

Again, without the camera Mummy has no evidence but she alleges I did some furry naughty things. Number one was eating the new rug and apparently the threaded corner has something to do with me.

Second was running around under the influence (of parsley!) and causing a pile up by the sofa. I was fine but the other casualty who doesn’t wish to be named Buddy was treated at the scene for injuries to his pride. I then resisted arrest by popcorning off to hide behind my cage but was subsequently captured later. Luckily I got off with a warning but next time, if Mummy has a camera you might see my mugshot!!


Smiling mugshot?!

Mummy says I’m a teenage tearaway and thats before she even notices my stash of poops near the radiator (keeps them warm and fresh!)

Were you naughtier as a teenager? What was the best/worst naughty thing you did?

I’ve got that Friday feeling!


Things I Love Thursday


Hello efurryone! Today whee are thinking about Valentine’s day coming soon. Valentines is the day to remember the special people in  your life. Or maybe the special pets. It is a proven fact that having a pet lowers depression chances and improves your health. Mummy thinks that this is because even if you are really down you keep going for your pets. They are a reason to get up and go out.

So this Valentines when you give something to your loved one, remember the special pet or pets in your life. If you don’t have any then think about us! (What?! Whee are furry loveable, there’s plenty to go round!) Also take a moment to think about animals in rescues looking for someone to love.

What ways do you show your pet or your hooman that you love them?

Happy Thursday efurryone, share the love!! *hugs*


(Not Really) Wordless Wednesday – Time Flies

Time does fly when you don’t have a camera to capture all the funny things whee piggies get up to. Already Mummy has missed capturing Basil destroying some carpet(He denies it of course), Noah getting his head stuck in a cardboard tube (Also denies this took place), Buddy refusing to get back in the cage and running around like a wild thing before bed (Buddy admits a Diva strop but no more than that!) and . . . me? Well using a friend’s camera she did capture one pigture of my gorgeous self snuggling my little hooman.


Hopefully the new camera is going to be chosen soon and whee will have lots of exciting pigtures to show you again! Happy Wednesday efurryone



ps. If you haven’t already seen it, whee have made a little video trailer for our Twitter using a nifty little app. Please check it out here and if you make one for yours let us know so whee can see it!

Wordless Wednesday – Where Does The Degu?

Mummy often say “Where does the day-go?” Whee wonder why she cares about degus when she has us! 🙂


Happy Wednesday

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

My Guinea Pig Rules The Roost

wpid-PicsArt_1383593146452.jpgYou’re here about my guinea pig?

What has he done this time?

There’s nothing that I’ve done so far,

That’s made him toe the line.

He seem to find some pleasure,

In pooping where he pleases,

Down your shirt and in your shoe,

And on your trouser knee-ies!

As for the weeing everywhere,

It doesn’t matter how I protest,

He likes to make the carpet smell,

And put our cleaner to the test.

Has he chewed your button off?

Or ripped a hole in your t shirt?

Or did he make it to the skin,

My word, that must have hurt!

The hay you found in your handbag,

Was probably down to him,

He tends to flick it everywhere,

When he runs about popcorning!

It doesn’t matter what I do,

Or even what I say,

It’s quite clear to see,

At least to me,

My guinea pig rules the roost! Okay!

I Solemnly Swear I am Up To No Good

If you haven’t heard the quote at the title it’s from Harry Potter. If you haven’t heard of Harry Potter have you been living under a rock?! The quote is a phrase you have to say to get a magical map to show up and when you want it to vanish a change back into normal paper you say “Mischief Managed”

According to the hooman I have managed quite a lot of mischief lately. So today is Friday and I can tell you that this wheekend, I solemnly swear, I shall be up to no good!

What’s the naughtiest thing you have ever done or tried to do?



Thankful Thursday – Cameras and Crazies

IMG_0742Well it’s Thursday again and that day when whee all have to be thankful for something. Today whee are thankful for something a little odd. It’s something Mummy has nicknamed ‘the crazies’.

Whee all seem to get it at about the time the hoomans go to have their dinner, just after whee have gone back to our cages from cuddles and floor time. It’s starts with a little squeak and a popcorn (a bouncing thing piggies do). Then a dash round the veggie bowl. Then whee get the complete ‘crazies’ and play chase and squeak and dash about popcorning and flicking hay and bedding efurrywhere.

This whole spectacle lasts under two or three minutes but always makes the hoomans laugh. Mummy says it’s nice to see how happy and healthy whee are to do that.

What are you thankful for? Is it something new your hoomans got you or something you have learned to do?

The next thing whee want to mention is cameras. After many years of faithful service it seems that Mummy’s camera is giving up the ghost. She is more than a little upset because she has been told it can’t be mended, it’s just worn out. So she is currently in the market for a new camera! Does anyfurry have some good recommendations? She hasn’t really got an idea of a budget yet but knows she loves Canon cameras the most. Do your hoomans love their cameras?

Hope efurryone has a lovely Thursday



Wordless Wednesday – Handsome Handful





What Time Is It?! Time Warp Tuesday!!

beforeafter1 This exciting blog hop is hosted by our furfriends Mollie and Alfie and Easy Rider

The idea of this blog hop is to post an old pigture and say a little bit about why you picked it and/or the story behind it.

Well whee couldn’t pick just one pigture but these are of Tilly (Aka Tilly-Dog), our Australian Aunt’s doggy. They were taken in 2008 when the hoomans spent three wheeks out there. Mummy still gets her updates on what Tilly is up to but she does miss her a lot. Luckily whee are here to cuddle her and cheer her up!

Tilly is a funny little doggy who snores really loudly and kept sneaking into Mummy’s room and bed when they were there. Mummy always took one look at those eyes and couldn’t bear to tell her off. So what if the hooman couldn’t sleep eh?! You can tell by the fact most of the pigture are on the bed how often she was told to get down!

What is your favourite holiday memory? Do you know an animal or hooman who snores a lot? How do you deal with a snorer?

Happy Tuesday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Whee Hope You Aren’t Eating Your Breakfast . . .

Whee really hope you aren’t eating while reading this.

If you are, please finish whatever it is before reading on. You have been warned!

Whee piggies have decided to discuss digestion today. It’s Monday and whee are going to start as whee mean to go on . . . with food and poop and poop as food. Yes, you heard us. Whee eat our poop. It’s not as gross as it sounds, unless you are hooman, in which case you likely pulled a face reading that! Coprophagy, as it is known, is a furry impawtent part of our digestive system. The first part of digestion is perfectly explained in this quote from Guinea Lynx (the Cavy Care bible according to the hoomans!)

Gastric Transit Time.
The food a guinea pig eats, generally leaves its stomach in a couple hours. Start to finish averages 20 hours and can vary from 8 to 30 hours, according to Hillyer and Quesenberry’s book. This does not include coprophagy, which would extend the time until the food completely leaves the system to 66 hours.


The next part is as whee mentioned called “coprophagy”. This is essentially as whee guinea pigs produce two types of poops. One is a normal poop and the other is a soft one which whee then eat. This is vital to our health as it provides us with another chance to absorb impawtent nutrients whee may have missed on the first try! Think of it as recycling!



  • Whee may eat these soft poops up to 200 times in a day.
  • Whee usually eat these straight from the source, whee like it fresh!
  • Sick or injured piggies may eat their cagemates poops to try to collect the healthy bacteria they need from it. If they are on anti-biotics then they very likely need the good bacteria from another piggies poops. You can collect poops from other piggies and make poop soup with a little water to give to the unwell piggy. If you are too squeamish there are pro-biotics on the market which do the same thing.

So what is normal for a piggy poop you may ask. As whee mentioned before there are two types of poop, the first should be oval shaped and a shade of brown (the shade varies depending on the diet of your piggy) The second are a slightly greenish colour and the same shape. Our hooman refers to our poops as ‘beans’ as they remind her of jelly beans!

Things which you should look out for that are not normal are clumped together poops, sometimes stuck in the piggies bottom. This occurs in male piggies and is known as impaction which is smelly and not fun to deal with according to the hooman!

Another thing you don’t want to see is small poops or stringy poops with a ‘teardrop’ shaped end. These show that a piggy may have stopped eating or be dehydrated. A dehydrated piggy goes downhill fast so you really need to syringe feed them water (so long as you know how to safely) if they will not drink from their normal source and get them to a vet quickly. The final thing to look out for is diarrhea which can be life threatening. If the droppings are just soft then temporarily stopping vegetables may help but it is better to be safe and sorry so a vet trip may be in order.

For young piggies their poops can become soft/sloppy if they are overloaded with too many new vegetables at once. Whee recommend slowly introducing small amounts to get their digestive system used to it.

Also younger and older piggies can have softer poops if they eat too much of the rich first grass of Spring/Summer. This can often be solved by withholding vegetables and grass and giving extra hay but trust us when whee say it makes you extremely unpopular with us so it is best to just let us eat it in moderation till our systems readjust to eating it.

Anyway, sorry if that grossed anyfurry out but whee hope some hoomans found it useful and it helped them to better understand their piggies.

Happy Monday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


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