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Ham You Believe It?!

Well whee can hardly believe how lucky whee are being at the moment. Bingo must be smiling with adorable piggy lips down on us because whee have won another prize. Whee are being so lucky Mummy is thinking about getting a lottery ticket. (She could get a whole lot of carrots with winnings from those!)

This prize was celebrating reaching 100 posts on The Hamster Diaries. Our dear furfriend Dexter made the difficult decision using a high tech piece of equipment! You can watch a video of our magnificent victory and see the amazing runners up here – The Post Of Proof

Whee are really looking forward to our special Hamster Diaries Goodie-Bag/Cave-Of-Wonders! Whee will tell you all when it arrives. For now, thank you hammy friends for bringing brightness to a sad time.

To our loyal followers whee will be back to normal posting soon, it is as you might imagine very hard to write when things feel so wrong. 😦

Nibbles, Nutty & Buddy

Bittersweet Boys

So after the tragic loss of one of our blogs greatest pigsonalities whee thought whee would write a happier post. But first whee would like to extend our deepest sympathies to ‘Beloved’ the hooman who belonged to our wonderful friend Zac the All Black. Zac also had to be helped across that Rainbow Bridge today and leaves behind ‘The Princess’ who probably feels the same sense of loss as whee do. Our hearts go out to you at this terrible time.

The one piece of brightness in a sad first day without our bootiful Bingo was the arrival of a parcel. Addressed to ‘Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy’ it was also a sad reminder of how sudden this loss was and how he would never get to enjoy the contents of the gift.

The parcel was from our doggy friend Miss Mollie , whose comPIGtition whee won a prize in for a pigture of Nutty in his jumper. (See this post for proof of our awesomeness !)

The parcel contained a selection of amazing things including some drool worthy alfafa treats! (How did you know, my lovely Miss Mollie, that whee adore alfafa treats!) There was also a pigture of Mollie looking lovely which has been stuck by our cages. Yes Mollie is a pin-up girl/dog!

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Thank you Miss Mollie for running such a great comPIGtition and giving us such a wonderful gift!

Nibbles, Nutty (the handsome winner and reason for this prize!) & Buddy

Bingo The Brave

It is with the heaviest heart and tears in our eyes that whee must reveal something that happened today.

This will come as a shock to some of you and maybe not as much to others. Bingo has become more and more unwell the past few days but today he was really sick. Mummy called the specialist vet and the local vet then, crying, took him away.

She said he has gone to go to sleep for a very long time. Now Mummy says he lives over the Rainbow Bridge.

Yes, Bingo has passed away. Whee are still reeling from the shock.

Mummy wrote a poem about his last moments and wanted to tell efurryone how he just peacefully fell asleep.

A Piggy Mummy’s Lament

Hush little piggy,
Yes I cry,
I’m very upset,
And I can’t say why.
Hush little piggy,
Cuddle close,
This is the one thing,
I will miss the most.
Hush little piggy,
Feel no fear,
There’s no need to be afraid,
When your Mummy’s here.
Sleep little piggy,
While I cry,
It was the hardest final kindness,
But now I say “Goodbye”.
My little furbaby,
Popcorn free,
But don’t you forget,
What you meant to me.
Your cage feels empty,
Your friend’s alone,
He doesn’t understand,
You won’t be coming home.
Hush my sweetheart,
While we cry,
I’m drowning in my tears,
Like my cheeks will never dry.

Whee cannot believe this has happened and though whee know it is for the best it doesn’t make it hurt less.

RIP Bingo. In our lives for months, in our hearts forever.

Gone but not forgotten.

Yours Sorrowfully
Nibbles, Nutty & Buddy

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Can You Feel The Love Tonight?!

Piggy Problem Parlour again and this time whee are advising on the matter of lurve! 😉

Hello Handsome Boarpigs.

I have a problem and I hope you can help me out.

You see I am completely in love with a gorgeous agouti boarpig, but I am too scared to talk to him and tell him that I do. I have struggled with confidence talking to boarpigs all my life, although I am verreh chatteh to hoomans. It is mainly because of my size – my hoomans feed me way too much and when Poppy, my sister, leaves some of her food because she is full, I can’t help myself and eat her leftovers too. I am nothing but a ‘big fat chubba wubba’.[?]It makes me feel like if I try to tell the handsome boarpig about how I feel, he will just laugh at me and tell me I am too fat to be a bootiful ladypig.

Poppy, my sister, has a perfect mini-pig body and great confidence with
boarpigs and I am sosososo jealous of her. Please tell me how I can improve
my confidence so I can talk to the gorgeous boarpig.


Dear Clover,

As an agouti cutie myself I felt that I, Nutty Nutkin, should advise you. I know that love matters are usually more Buddy’s business but he is being a busy piggy. As I know whee have said before whee loves the bigger pigger. I personally prefer the larger ladypig. It proves they appreciate their noms!

Every well fed piggy knows a nice meal sits on your stomach. A little chub looks good on any piggy. There is no need to worry. A good and worthy boarpig will appreciate you for who you are.

To improve your confidence you should name five things that you love about yourself. Then maybe try talking to this boarpig you fancy. If you cannot speak to him face to face you could try sending a letter anonymously sharing your feelings. Then you could find out how he reacted. You could even enlist Poppy’s help with this.

Just remember; no body is perfect and Poppy probably has fears and insecurities as well.

If anyone else has advice for Clover please comment.


How To Handle A Hooman!

So our latest problem whee are advising on in our Piggy Problem Parlour is about the difficult and often controFURsual subject of hooman training.

Wheeks to Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo and Buddy!

I have a slave that has a very annoying habbit she gets me out for cuddles which of course i do not mind as i get to snuggle up and have a well deserved nap but when she starts stroking me she always finds my tickely spot! I can be laid there being all nice and quiet and then all of a sudden she tickles me i can’t help but start squeaking and jumping! She finds it very funny and says i’m cute (which of course i am ;)) but its so very annoying. She finds it that funny she does it on purpose sometimes. Do you have any tips on how i can keep my slave in line? She’s usually a very good slave but if we could just make her understand we do not like to be tickled that would be great. My brother Bruce isn’t very sympathetic either he finds it funny too and often tells me to stop being a baby, if only he was ticklish too then he’d understand! Please guys help me stop my slave tickling me!!

Joey xx

Dear Joey,

When it comes to hooman handling look no further than No-Nonsense Nutty. I have our Mummy wrapped around my little paw! *restrains mildly evil laughter*

The important thing is to never give them praise, cuddles or adorable looks until they have done exactly what you wanted. Take today for example. Mummy was running late with the veggies. She strolls in perfectly relaxed and I demand to know what she is doing. She reaches into my cage, and has the cheek to request a snuggle! I think not. Of course I dodged her incoming hands and put my paws on the empty veggie bowl while squeaking loudly. The look on her face said she was going to protest but I wasn’t having any of it. I stomped one paw for emphasis and she sighed and went off to get the veggies. When they arrived I licked her hand and showed her my cutest piggy lip smile.

So I rewarded good behaviour and refused to acknowledge the bad. With your hooman you must withhold pigture oppotunities and cuteness until your hooman learns how to behave. It may take awhile as hoomans can be foolish, stubborn and rather dense but they do get it eventually.

Does anyone else have hooman handling tips for Joey?


Never Fear, Tiny Tia, Your Hero The Brave Buddy Is Here!

So here is another problem needing our expertise! The second problem in the Piggy Problem Parlour was sent in by Tia the guinea pig. Tia needs help with confidence and whee are just the pigglies to teach her how to be brave!

Dear Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy,

I have a bit of a problem, and I hope you can help!

My name’s Tia and I’m quite small, my hutchmates push me out the way when I am trying to get something to eat. Sometimes the humans put some yummies through the bars at the from of our hutch, and I can smell the yumminess, it even makes me drool a little but I am too scared to go out and face the human and the other girls. I have to resort to stealing the food right from the other girls mouths (of course those are the tastiest bits). As well my ‘friend’ Ruby keeps picking on me, she says she’s only teasing but I sometimes have to run away and cry. She sometimes chases me round shouting at me. She should know that I am surely the BOSS not her, size isn’t everything you know.

How can I be more brave so I can grow up into a big and strong piggy like my Mummy and stand up to shouty piggy Ruby? 

Piggy Kisses to you all especially Buddy 🙂

Hope you can help!


Dear Tia,

As you were so charming I, Buddy The Brave, had to be the piggy to reply to your problem! You say that Ruby picks on you? Well I should first advise that you tell a responsible hooman or a furry you trust. As you have told us I think you should know that I think you are really brave. Tiny Tia, you are the biggest of heart and courage and probably of appetite too!

Use your new found bravery to demand your share of veggies and soon you will be a big piggy that even shouty Ruby won’t dare be mean to. You could even name drop about how you know me. I’m sure the others will be really jealous!

Take small steps. First go up to the bars and take anything the others drop. Then try taking something from a hooman. If Ruby is mean then just ignore her. Nothing else will annoy her more and she will soon give up. If you eat all your veggies you will grow big and strong and then Ruby won’t push you around.

If any furry else has confidence tips for Tia please comment! For now my dearest Tia I must bid you a furry sad farewell. I hope whee has helped you and you become the brave ladypig you were meant to be!

Piggy Kisses

Buddy The Brave (AKA – Babe Magnet!)

Caution! Slippery When Wet!

She finally did it. Honestly whee are still so shell shocked whee cannot bring ourselves to discuss it in detail. How can somefurry who claims to love us commit such atrocity?!

Yes. She BATHED us!

As you all shared your wet pet pigtures in our competition it is only fair whee do the same. You will note that there aren’t any of Bingo. He put up to much of a fuss and struggled through it so much it was all hands on deck. Would you believe that they only gave him a half-bath to protect his ear?! The lucky sod.

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Whee are currently recovering in our cleaned cages and giving Mummy the evil eye. She can expect the silent squeak-ment to last till veggie time tomorrow at least!

Whee are to distressed to answer any problems today but whee will continue working through them!

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

Big Girls . . . You Are Bootiful!

So here is the first problem whee are going to answer and advise in our Piggy Problem Parlour!

Settle down. Pull up a chair! Recline on the chaise longe! Take a snack and taste our haycakes!

Our first problem is a mix of body issues and bullying. It is from Strawberry The Guinea Pig.

Ok I’ve always known I’m a bit on the large side, my old slaves fed me so much(TOOMUCH)lovely food..oh it makes my mouth water..all that lovely food..SNAP OUT OUT OF IT,STRAWBERRY…oops sorry but those strawberries…NO!..ok! Anyway the embarrassing thing is I’m so large I can’t get up the ramp without making such a noise that I scare all my friends and it’s soooo tiring so I stay at the bottom because by the time I get up there i have to plonk myself down and have a sleep. And they ALL LAUGH AT ME!!! How mean is that!!! Just thinking about it makes me sad!! I might need another carrot to cheer myself up!! Wheres slave!!!!! Slave!!! I want a carrot!!!

From Strawberry

Dear Strawberry,

Know-It-All Nibbles here. I have to say that your furfriends are being pretty mean laughing at you. I like a ladypig who enjoys her food and I definitly live with a Nutty who is fond of nomming. I’m called Nibbles afterall because I am always eating!

I think you will find that if you compare yourself to hoomans (particularly the noisy ones of a smaller variety) they make far more noise running up and down stairs. So you see, you are practicually underweight in comparisons to hoomans. (Don’t argue with my logic, it made more sense in my head !)

In fact I find myself dreaming of a VOLUPTOUS ladypig I have a bit of a crush on! Whee boars don’t like a skinny little thing that picks at her hay, whee like a veggie munching, cuddly, furry, lady of a pig! Whee like somefurry who appreciates her veggies for the heavenly noms they are.

If you are concerned about your weight then you might want to try running up and down the ramp a couple of times a day until you can do it without needing a nap. Ignore your cagemates or make a game of it. You could even play see-who-can-make-the-most- noise-on-the-ramp! It could be fun!

Whee might do a post with some exercise tips soon so watch out for those. And stop worrying! Why try to change who you are? I bet your hoomans like having more of you to cuddle!


ps. Please keep sending in your problems, whee have had some great ones so far!

The Piggy Problem Parlour!

Squeak To Us!

Have you got a problem? Something you need advice on? Maybe you need to get some tips on dealing with ladypigs (or females of all species for that matter!)? Or maybe you want to know how not to get caught being naughty? Or maybe you need help with a situation? Or furry or hooman? Whatever your problem whee would like to help you.

In couple of days whee will open ‘The Piggies Problems Parlour’! Whee will squeak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Over a cup of very British tea (water) and scones (haycakes, veggies or your treat of choice!)!

If you have a burning question or issue you need help with let us . . . Well . . . help. Whee can’t promise to give the best advice but whee can promise you will get a giggle or two from it!

If all goes well then whee might make this a fornightly or monthly feature! To tell us your problem email us on or just comment here!

Our completely untrained advisors (us four piggies!) are on hand ready to help so get sending!


Look Ma! I Gots An Award!

There was a special little competition on the blog of the fabulous Miss Mollie Dog! Whee all entered one each of our favourite pigtures unfortunately Nibbles, Bingo and Buddy didn’t win, but they did get this super special, never before seen, handmade-by-Mollie award icon!

But, one of us won peoples over with our cuteness. I’m not boasting and it wasn’t FURnand! It was for a pigture of me, this one to be precise!

You can see The Post Of Proof right here! Whee just couldn’t wait to tell you all! Whee are going to be recieving a special goodie bag which whee cannot wait for! Thanks Miss Mollie and everyone who voted. And, congratulations to all the other winners, whee loved your pigtures!



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