Funny Face Friday!

Now I am quite an adventure-loving guinea piggy as you may well know, however, sometimes my adventures don’t quite go as planned.

When I go on a bit of a food based adventure and try new things I sometimes end up pulling a funny face I like to call “new-food-face”. Example below:


I like trying new things but it’s not always what you expect! Do you like trying new foods?

Hope you’re having a great Friday!



Throwback Thursday -A Little Handful!


So I have always had quite a pigsonality as this pigture of me as a baby demonstrates! Here I am a literal handful and this week, two years on I have been accused of being  a metaphorical handful!

From the great t-shirt tearing trouble (you don’t want to know) to the hair-cutting-commotion of yesterday, it’s been a adventure and a half in the hutch household.

Let me tell you about the hair incident. Well to my surprise the hooman was quite unimpressed by my hair dressing skills, and I’m wondering if I should be offended.

It all started when I noticed her hair was getting a bit long and decided I should take matters into my own paws, or should I say mouth! I cuddled up to her face and neck to put her at ease, even kissing her ear, before settling down.

Then I got to work. After a couple of minutes she half turned suspiciously and said, “You’re too quiet, what are you up to?”

Then she picked me up, off her shoulder and held me in front of her. I smiled my most innocent toothy grin as a large hunk of hair fell from my mouth. Her mouth fell open and I smiled more thinking she was shocked at my amazing handiwork. “Naughty Noah.” she gasped, placing me on her lap and pulling  the remainder of a good couple of inches of her hair from my mouth.

“Naughty?” I squeaked back, outraged that she wasn’t recognising my obvious creative genius.

“Naughty!” she repeated, as she carried me back to my cage.

I watched as she held the wad of hair in her hand, “It’s so wonky…and…uneven. At least it was only a small section I suppose.” she muttered, still apparently in shock as she wandered out of the room.

I huffed. Well there’s no pleasing some people!

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Hope you’re having a great day, and remember to keep me in mind if you’re ever looking to update your fur-style.

From Your Fashion Forward Fashionista Friend Noah


Wordless Wednesday – Can I Help You?

I’m always happy to help

Happy Wednesday efurryone, what are you doing with your day?



So it’s been 4 years…

Not four years since you last heard from us of course, but 4 years since we started our blog. WordPress emailed the hooman to remind us today and it inspired us to come back…again!

This has to be the third or fourth attempt at a comeback that whee have made but whee are giving it another go. (Bear with us, the hooman is not good at this malarky!)

Not much new has happened since our last blog. Noah is fully healed up and the naughtiest little piggy you’ve ever met, but more on that later. Nacho has discovered a fondness for apples which means his squeaks like crazy when someone is eating one. Buddy is on another diet and exercise plan after stealing Basil’s food portions on the sly and putting on a bit of  weight! Basil is being extra sweet, having even tried to make friends with a cat who visits our garden through the back door.

But anyway, back to our four year “blogoversary”. Here are some of our favourite photos from these rollercoaster years of happy, sad and funny times.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whee hope you have all been well and aim to catch up with everyone over the next few days

Squeak soon

Nacho, Noah, Buddy, Basil and Hooman


Whee are pleased to announce…

Noah has been given the all clear! Despite the fact they were so sure he was going to lose his eye they made the consultation we went to with the surgeon he has shown his fighting spirit and his eye is back to normal!

They did think his sight might still be affected but otherwise he is his usual naughty self again!


The biggest thing whee want hoomans to take from this is that quick veterinary treatment can really make all the difference for guinea pigs. Piggies are very good at hiding injuries and illness because as whee are prey animals, whee have to be! Even with going on the day of the injury to see the vet Noah still very nearly lost his eye. (Not that whee think he would have minded being a pirate piggy!!)

If you think there’s is something not quite right then it’s always best to get it checked. You can check our health check page to see if you can spot any signs that something might be wrong.

How was efurryones Valentines wheekend?

Hope you had a great one!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy and Basil

An Update on Noah – Whee Need Your Help

Whee are so sorry for the lack of updates. After Noah started to make an improvement he then suddenly went downhill again and looked much worse.

Another vet trip later and he has new eye drops to try to help but he really hates them. He does however still like the painkillers and takes them like a champ!

As you can probably see, his eye is very sore and he is not himself. So whee would like to ask you, on this soggy Saturday, please tell us your funniest animal related jokes or stories so I can try to cheer my fluffy little cagemate up

Whee hope you have a great Saturday and please keep Noah in your thoughts on Wednesday as that is when he goes back to the vets.

Squeaks and whiffles


Well Eye Never!

Well I’m finally feeling a bit better and hooman has asked me to write a little post to let you all know! It’s amazing the trouble a little bit of hay and a scratch can do to an eye though.

So what happened…Well Mummy saw a little bit of hay on my eye during morning snuggles and cleaned it out. By the evening my eye had gone cloudy blue, was weeping and I couldn’t really see. She rushed me to the vet and by some strange coincidence another piggy had been in that day with the same injury. Unfortunately for that other little piggy their eye was so bad they had to have it removed. I am quite lucky that I have the chance to try eyedrops and painkillers.

So far Mummy has noticed an improvement in my eye. The blue colour is mostly gone and it’s no longer bloodshot. I am much more bright in myself but still a little unwell so paws crossed I am back to normal soon!

I feel like this pigture sums up how I feel right now:


How are you spending this Tuesday?

Whatever you are doing, have a great day!


Black and White Sunday – Sleepy Snuggles


Sometimes you just need some lazy Sunday snuggles with your hoomans! How are you spending your Sunday?

Buddy & Basil

Ps. Noah is doing much better and seems brighter so paws crossed he’s on the mend!

Where For Art Thou Piggies?

Hello there blogosphere *awkwardly waves paw*

So whee realise that us disappearing of the face of the hutch may have been a bit confusing for you all.

So where have whee been?

Honestly, at home. Sort of staying out of trouble. Our hooman has been lacking ideas (whee couldn’t believe it either with us as inspiration but it’s true!) to post so she has taken a rather long break.

What did you miss?

Not much. Nacho broke a tooth but it got better. Noah got a hair cut and broke a hair dryer, he was fine, the vicious little wind machine was destroyed not. Buddy has become even more naughty if that’s possible when it comes to throwing his food bowl about (more on that in another post). Basil has been pretty good, though apart from a recently addiction to each newspaper (yes, newspaper like the stuff our bedding is made out of)

What happens now?

Well hopefully, we make a little trip around the bloggy land and say hello to everyone, catch up and see what we’ve missed (please let us know if you have any news) and we will get back to posting updates on our antics and adventures!


Whee have missed you all!

Buddy, Basil, Nacho & Noah (and hooman)



Ps. As soon as the hooman helped us write this, Noah decided to have a little accident and hurt his eye so whee have all been too worried to hit post. Today he looks much better but he still needs your thoughts! Whee will give you a better update on him in the next post

Happy 2nd Birthday Nacho!

Well it’s been a busy year, and so much has happened. Unfortunately Mummy was ill yesterday so whee are celebrating it a day late, but as they say “Better late than never”

Happy 2nd Birthday Nacho

Whee hope you will join us in squeaking a very Wheeky Wheek day to him!

Noah, Buddy & Basil



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