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Naughty Nacho!

So if you have our Mummy on Facebook you may have heard about this already but in case you haven’t I’m here to be a tattle tale! (It’s normally me making mischief so this makes a nice change!)

A week or so ago Mummy decided to do a big tidy up and this included washing all our toys and beds. Unfortunately someone had eaten the washing instruction tags off every single one of them 😅

Nacho certainly acted guilty when she questioned us on this!

Have you been caught out after doing something naughty recently? How do you trick those hoomans into forgiving you quickly? Do you do the cute embarrassed look like Nacho?
Hope you’re having a good wheek!



Saturday Stay Bowl Review

So you may or may not know but Buddy has a very naughty habit of tipping the food bowl over and throwing it all over the cage. Not only is this messy and means the cages needs cleaning out more reguarly but also, Basil doesn’t like eating food that has been on the floor so he has been going hungry.

I have searched and search for a solution and I have found it in the Stay Bowl! Initially it sounded like a bit of a gimmick. A bowl that is tip proof? Sure…

But for $9.95 (which roughly £6.80) where was the harm in giving it a try?

So it didn’t take too long and arrived with a lovely note.

The size was good. A lot of people tend to over feed their piggies but these bowls allow for good portion control. So I filled it up, put it in and kept my fingers crossed!

Buddy had a good go a trying to bite the edges and tip it over. At one point a worried Basil stepped on it to keep it in place!

But true to it’s promise the stay bowl, stayed upright!

So what are my thoughts?

Price: Great, pretty much the same price a good quality normal bowl

Appearance: The blue was great and matches their cage. It actually holds more than it looks and can contain the perfect portion size.

Thoughts: It actually works! It’s been four days since we started using the stay bowl and so far no spills or messes made!

Rating: 10 paws up out of 10!

Buddy disagrees and wants to give it a much lower rating…


I guess he’s going to have to find another naughty habit to wind us all up!

Have you got a product that you love that solved a problem for you? Any products you’d recommend for piggies?

Have a great Saturday



Pushy Piggy!

So yesterday the hooman asked you to take guesses at what I had been up to the previous evening that was so naughty. Plenty of you had brilliant ideas but no one guessed exactly the mischeif fun I had.

Now I don’t know about you but sometimes I like to pretend to be a hooman. So that night instead of cuddling in my usual spot on Mummy’s lap, I climbed off onto the sofa next to her. She said I was looking extra cute as I snuffled around the cushions. I lay down and stretched myself out to my full length as I’d seen the hooman do before when she wanted to claim a sofa as her own.

Then I realised I was at a slight height disadvantage! So I gently “encouraged” Mummy to get up.

“Now that’s not quite how it happened Basil-“

She was quite happy to move onto the floor and make way for me after a few gentle nudges…

“I think you’ll find I wasn’t that happy about-“

She got up and sat on the comfy floor. The other hoomans were quite accepting of my human dominance also.

“Well with you rumbling, biting my clothes and trying to dig your nose under me and flick up, I didn’t really have much choice! Plus you tried to nip anyone who wanted to sit down on the sofa near you, even though there was plenty of room!”


I don’t know what you are talking about hooman, I was furry comfortable!

Does anyone else like to pretend to be something else once in awhile? What are you up to today?

Happy Thursday!



Funny Feline Friday

Ok, so today whee thought whee would tell you about a kitty who has decided that he owns most of the street! Mummy called him Kit.

He is very confident and friendly and likes to visit our garden and spend time with our hoomans when they are out there. He sometimes even walks part of the way to work and home from work with Mummy. But recently he’s a puss that’s getting to big for his boots!

He has decided that, even when the door is only slightly open, he wants to try to get into our hutch. As you can see from the pigture below, he’s quite determined.


Whee don’t mind the hoomans making other furry friends but when those furfriends try to get into our hutch whee have to really put our paws down. None of us have even met this “Kit”! Are whee right to feel be unimpressed by this moggy’s manners?

Have you ever had any unwelcome visitors or wildlife trying to let themselves into your Hutch/House?

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Where For Art Thou Piggies?

Hello there blogosphere *awkwardly waves paw*

So whee realise that us disappearing of the face of the hutch may have been a bit confusing for you all.

So where have whee been?

Honestly, at home. Sort of staying out of trouble. Our hooman has been lacking ideas (whee couldn’t believe it either with us as inspiration but it’s true!) to post so she has taken a rather long break.

What did you miss?

Not much. Nacho broke a tooth but it got better. Noah got a hair cut and broke a hair dryer, he was fine, the vicious little wind machine was destroyed not. Buddy has become even more naughty if that’s possible when it comes to throwing his food bowl about (more on that in another post). Basil has been pretty good, though apart from a recently addiction to each newspaper (yes, newspaper like the stuff our bedding is made out of)

What happens now?

Well hopefully, we make a little trip around the bloggy land and say hello to everyone, catch up and see what we’ve missed (please let us know if you have any news) and we will get back to posting updates on our antics and adventures!


Whee have missed you all!

Buddy, Basil, Nacho & Noah (and hooman)



Ps. As soon as the hooman helped us write this, Noah decided to have a little accident and hurt his eye so whee have all been too worried to hit post. Today he looks much better but he still needs your thoughts! Whee will give you a better update on him in the next post

Wordless Wednesday – Not A Morning Piggy!

Below are some pigtures of a sleepy little piggy I met at a zoo 🙂


Happy Wednesday



Worrier or Warrior!

So today whee were thinking about how much whee worry about different things. I am definitely the most nervous of all us piggies. I jump at efurry noise or movement. Mummy says it’s because whee are prey animals and it shows I have good instincts, but none of the other piggies do that and it has made me think. What if I never do anything fun because I am so worried all the time?

Anyway, this wheekend I have decided I am going to be a warrior not worrier. I’m going to be braver, Mummy said I already am because I didn’t get scared of the vacuum cleaner or the noisy car from next door this morning. She said she is really proud of me. I also didn’t run away when she opened the cage!

Have you ever faced a big fear and decided to be brave? Happy Friday efurryone


Wordless Wednesday – Waiting

Sometimes whee get bored waiting for the hooman to bring the veggies . . .


Happy Wordless Wednesday.


Wordless Wednesday is a blog hop hosted by BlogPaws, click here to join in or see what everyone else is silently saying today!



Wordless Wednesday – Where Does The Degu?

Mummy often say “Where does the day-go?” Whee wonder why she cares about degus when she has us! 🙂


Happy Wednesday

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

My Guinea Pig Rules The Roost

wpid-PicsArt_1383593146452.jpgYou’re here about my guinea pig?

What has he done this time?

There’s nothing that I’ve done so far,

That’s made him toe the line.

He seem to find some pleasure,

In pooping where he pleases,

Down your shirt and in your shoe,

And on your trouser knee-ies!

As for the weeing everywhere,

It doesn’t matter how I protest,

He likes to make the carpet smell,

And put our cleaner to the test.

Has he chewed your button off?

Or ripped a hole in your t shirt?

Or did he make it to the skin,

My word, that must have hurt!

The hay you found in your handbag,

Was probably down to him,

He tends to flick it everywhere,

When he runs about popcorning!

It doesn’t matter what I do,

Or even what I say,

It’s quite clear to see,

At least to me,

My guinea pig rules the roost! Okay!

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