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Pushy Piggy!

So yesterday the hooman asked you to take guesses at what I had been up to the previous evening that was so naughty. Plenty of you had brilliant ideas but no one guessed exactly the mischeif fun I had.

Now I don’t know about you but sometimes I like to pretend to be a hooman. So that night instead of cuddling in my usual spot on Mummy’s lap, I climbed off onto the sofa next to her. She said I was looking extra cute as I snuffled around the cushions. I lay down and stretched myself out to my full length as I’d seen the hooman do before when she wanted to claim a sofa as her own.

Then I realised I was at a slight height disadvantage! So I gently “encouraged” Mummy to get up.

“Now that’s not quite how it happened Basil-“

She was quite happy to move onto the floor and make way for me after a few gentle nudges…

“I think you’ll find I wasn’t that happy about-“

She got up and sat on the comfy floor. The other hoomans were quite accepting of my human dominance also.

“Well with you rumbling, biting my clothes and trying to dig your nose under me and flick up, I didn’t really have much choice! Plus you tried to nip anyone who wanted to sit down on the sofa near you, even though there was plenty of room!”


I don’t know what you are talking about hooman, I was furry comfortable!

Does anyone else like to pretend to be something else once in awhile? What are you up to today?

Happy Thursday!



Many Reasons Monday

Hiya efurryone. Today’s post is going to be a little different because whee are letting the little hoomans and Mummy talk to you. Without further ado . . . the hoomans!!!

Hi there blogosphere. It’s nice to finally be posting directly to you without always being the piggies paws-on-writer. The reason I felt the need to write this is I have seen some people saying some pretty silly things about guinea pigs. People who really don’t know piggies and claim to be animal lovers but say these things: “Guinea pigs are boring” or “They’re not as much fun as dogs and cats” or “They’re not worth it”

So this post is about why I love my guinea pigs. You may or may not know, I spent the past eight or so years battling illness which was really tough and quite isolating, and the thing that really kept me going was coming home to those squeaky little fellas with their smiling lips and individual pigsonalities.


The simple answer to why I love my guinea pigs is; because they are my best friends. They listen without judgement, love without question, and are there in my moment of need. My piggies mean so much to me.

Any pet, big or small, smart or thick as two short planks, has the capability to change a persons life for the better. A few ways the piggies changed mine and reasons I love them are:

  • A reason to get up every morning. If they want their breakfast on time, there is no chance of that lie in!
  • Eating healthier. Believe it or not when I go shopping with my Mum we spend ages picking out and finding the piggies favourites and then look like we are on some sort of healthy eating kick when we pay! I do eat more fruit and veg than before now. But this also backfires as my Mum will be cooking and wanting to choose what veggies to have with a meal and I’ll say “you can’t have the spinach, the piggies will never forgive you” So it’s a double edged sword. Healthier eating as long as it’s not the boys favs!
  • They talk to me. No really!! Guinea pigs make so many adorable squeaks, wheeks, purrs, popcorns and when you have kept them for a bit you learn to recognise these noises and can understand them. I am sure they understand what I am saying!
  • They are intelligent. They can do some tricks. Mine will climb in and out of their cages and “go home” (get back in the cage) when asked. They will stand on their back legs to beg for food. When I put them on my lap, they wait till I give them a sign or say it’s ok before climbing up to their favourite spots on my shoulders. And best of all, they give kisses (little licks) when asked to “kiss kiss”
  • They give great cuddles. Unlike most rodent pets, they love to sit and be stroked and cuddled for long periods of time. Another sign of how clever they are is when they need to poop or pee they will stomp their back legs a few times so I can put them back before they make a mess.
  • And my Dad’s favourite thing about them is they make great lawn mowers. I am seriously considering hiring them out as professional gardeners!!

So those are the reasons I love my piggies. They are far from boring, completely worth it and just as good as any other pet!

What reasons would you give for why you love your guinea pig/cat/dog/rabbit/turtle/hamster/gerbil/etc?!

~ Amy

(Cavy Slave and Mummy to the Hutch A Good Life Piggies!)

Confessions of Cavy Criminals!

Today whee have been naughtier than usual. So whee are in the ‘dog-house’ as it were. Currently watching the hoomans fussing and cuddling Nutty and Nacho and feeling a tiny bit jealous.

Whee feel that whee must confess our naughtiness to get the hoomans to forgive us so here goes.

Bad Boy Basil

IMG_4605 My naughtiness was from early this morning when whee were allowed out in the garden, before it got to hot outside. Mummy was keeping a careful eye on us as it was already quite hot. But obviously not careful enough because one minute I was sitting there in my tent looking angelically up at her and the next time she looked I was the wrong side of the run nomming on a particularly tasty patch of grass!

She made a high pitched very piggy like squeak which I managed to translate into “OMG!” and dropped to her knees and crawled commando style towards me cooing and reaching slowly.

Completely cool with this development I let her grab me where she cuddled me close muttering what a bad boy I was. It took her less than a minute to find the small gap I had dug out and squeezed under the run. Considering how chubby I am getting she was impressed I had managed to fit.

She borrowed a plank of wood to block up the gap and checked carefully for anymore before flopping onto the garden bench with a huff. She is not as impressed by my Houdini antics in the garden as she was inside when I broke out of my cage! Sorry Mummy!

Bit Bratty Buddy

IMG_4602My naughtiness tracks back to yesterday but Mummy only admitted it to her Dad (who is even less impressed than her!) today. The hoomans have been enjoying the sunny weather and discussing where they would go on holiday this year. I do not like the hoomans going away. Even though I get the bestest love and care from our holiday hoomans I miss my Mummy a lot.

So you see my crime has the best of motivations!

They had maps and brochures everywhere so when I had my floor time I crept up to one and within seconds I managed to tear off most of the South Coast! Try going on holiday now hoomans! I mean, I am very sorry Mummy.

Whee know Mummy will forgive us but whee can’t help being a little naughty sometimes!

Yours, the currently in disgrace

Buddy & Basil


Tired Out Tuesday!

Well yesterday the weather wasn’t too bad, a little bit windy but nothing whee can’t handle! So whee spent most of it in the garden and today whee are tired right out! Just look at me, in my highly attractive and comfortable looking sleeping pose:

IMG_0275Just to give you a glimpse of the funs whee had, the little hoomans and Mummy filmed us playing out there. My favourite part is the end bit with Nacho popcorning in the tent! The green spaghetti is very disappointing at the moment, all dried out thanks to the sunshine and our munching so Mummy let us eat our vegetables out there to cheer us up. Yes, whee piggies had a PIGnic! I can tell you is super jealous!

Did you have a fun time in the sunshine? Are you tired out today? Do you like my sleeping position (provocative but not showing to much ^_^)?!

Have a terrific Tuesday



ps. in the video the observant of you will notice Nacho closing his right eye a little. He has seen the vet and is having eyedrops (which he is very brave about) to make this better.

Nutty’s Guide To Bringing Up A Naughty Piggy!

You probably all know that Nacho, my new cage mate is furry young. Between 9 and 10 wheeks old in fact! Well like most babies he is causing a lot of trouble and it’s up to me to keep him under control and teach him all he needs to know . . .

Nacho?! Nacho, What are you doing over there?!! Behave!

Sorry about that, now where was I? Oh yes. There are many lesson he must learn, like, how one should eat the green spaghetti in the garden really really fast then look up at the hoomans with the hungry face

Speed nomming, the whippersnapper's not half bad!

Speed nomming, the whippersnapper’s not half bad!

And how to bounce around in a cute way so the hoomans go “D’awwwwwww”

How to wheek at the top of your lungs to make the hoomans hurry up with the noms, be it hay, veggies or breakfast! He’s not to great at this one, whee will have to film it because it’s quite funny! When he gets really excited he actually can’t squeak, he just puffs out lots of air and dashes around. Whee got the vet to check this was ok on his first ever vet trip and she said there’s nothing wrong with him, he’s just super duper excited!

And how to share a tent . . .


Ok, so he hasn’t quite got the hang of that one but these things take practice!

The final art I have been working on with him, is the art of adorable snuggling on the hoomans . . .


He’s getting good at this one! Wait! Nacho! What are you doing? Where are you going kid?! Naughty Nacho!!!


Ah well. Whee might need to work on that one too!

What other lessons do you think efurry young piggy or pet should learn?

Happy Monday efurryone!



Somewhere To Be Sunday

Well it was nice while it lasted. The sunshine went away yesterday evening, making way for a horrible thunderstorm. Luckily whee spent some time out enjoying the garden while it was nice.

Mummy always thinks I look funny in the garden as I bustle around a lot, like I’ve got somewhere to be! What she doesn’t know is that I am like a guard. Just call me the Cavy Crusader! I am watching out for threats! Those mischievous magpies, sly sparrows, cunning cats (Sorry kitty furfriends but you have not seen the way next doors kitty Lucky McFluff looks at us! Whee are not lunch!) and don’t even bring up that troublesome toad. See, somefurry has to watch out and sound the alarm if danger approaches. I know Mummy sits out so she might see but two pairs of eyes are better than one.

I may have sounded the alarm prematurely sixteen a couple of times before by wheeking at the top of my lungs and sending efurryone dashing for cover when I saw shadows or something flew past but it’s better safe than sorry, right?!

I don’t usually stay still long enough for good pigtures outside but Mummy got caught me by surprise by hiding round the back of our tent as I made my perimeter checks. Of course this caused one of my false alarms and I don’t think anyfurry will believe me next time. It’s like that story of the boy who cried wolf cavy who squeaked cat.


Ah well, at least inside I have a better view of the entrances and exits. Nothing will get passed me in there!



Buddy And The Better Blog Style?

Well firstly, what do you guys think of the new style to the blog? Whee had a few people say the old background flashed a little too much and hurt their eyes. Also, after losing Nibbles it was upsetting to have his bootiful fluffy faced portrait in our header so whee designed a new one! Whee hope you like it!

Now I thought you might like to see these pigtures of me. Whee have been stuck inside for so long with it being soo hot. Me and Basil have been waiting for it to cool down. (and tearing up all our bedding and chucking the hay out of the cage in protest about lack of grass access. Running on the carpet isn’t the same, it doesn’t taste as nice for starters!)


And it is finally cool enough for us to spend a little while outside!! Here is me enjoying some time in the garden today!

Please let us know what you think of the new style and be completely honest!

Have a Super Saturday!



EDIT – Trying a new header with pictures of us instead now, let us know what you think!

Basil Birthday Bonanza

Basil: *wakes up and then gives an excited squeak seeing the calender* Morning guys! Do you know what today is?!

Buddy: *yawns* No, why? Is something happening?

Nutty: *yawns louder* Nope.

Nacho: Extra treats day?!

Basil: Oh (Did they all forget my birthday? I guess I’ll just take a nap. Maybe the hoomans will remember it)

Later on . . . 

Mummy: Morning, boys!

Basil: Wheeky wheek, morning Mummy!

Mummy: You look happy boys. I’ve got some things to do. Behave and I’ll chat to you later.

Basil: (They’ve forgotten too.  Oh dear, my very first birthday and everyone’s forgotten *sigh*)

Later still . . . 

Mummy: Baaaaaaasil?!

Basil: Wheek? Yes Mummy?

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!!!

Basil: Wow! You guys didn’t really forget! Thank you! Oooo some birthday cards from my furfriends, I’m so lucky!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Basil: Thank you efurryone. You sure know how to make a little man feel special! What’s this? A birthday cake?! Wowee. Thank you hoomans!

This is the best birthday ever! Thanks efurryone and enjoy the pawty. There’s cake suitable for all pets, veggies, green spaghetti grass and live music from the car stereo in the street . . . there are some very noisy builders next door today! Hehehe



Getting To Know You – A First Date Story

Well, if you follow us on twitter you will have seen the very exciting tweet whee gave earlier today. Nutty has a new little furfriend. The lucky fella is eight wheek old Nacho so please give him a big blogosphere welcome!


Whee were very nervous during their first meet up as they had to work out who was boss and Nacho is no push over. This little guy has a BIG personality. Now whee couldn’t keep this first date all to ourselves so Mummy filmed it for us to share with you and whee made a little video for you to enjoy!


Making himself at home!

Nutty is already a lot happier and eating and drinking for himself! As his weight is still down, Mummy is going to keep feeding him till he gets his strength up but the improvement is incredible. If anyone is in any doubt over whether or not their single piggy needs a friend they need to see this. Nutty is a new piggy! Nacho will never replace Nibbles but he has a big personality and is worming his way into efurryones hearts.

Hope you are all having a great wheekend, whee certainly are.

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


Water Torture Woes

Mummy was the Queen of Mean today when she put us out to play in the garden like normal. When getting us in she first took me, and I discovered what she was up to. But there was no chance to warn the others as I was put straight into my cage afterwards. They were then subjected, despite valiant protests, to the same water torture. Yes, I am talking about none other than the piggy bath! Below are my bath pigtures (yes they capture evidence of it, truly shocking). You may notice I am looking a little skinny, I have seen the vet and they can find nothing wrong with me, I am just very sad and lonely since whee lost Nibbles so the hoomans are searching for a new friend for me and making sure I eat.

Next whee have Basil who really looked hurt through the bathing but protested a lot at the drying!

And finally Buddy who started out rather enjoying it but got quite cross when the hoomans took longer to dry him because of his extra fluffiness and . . . voluptuous figure!

To add insult to injury they then decided it would be a good idea to trim our claws. My reaction to my back claws being done was to curl my body so I could look at them and occasionally lick one in horror. How often do you put up with such tortures? When is your next one planned or don’t you know? Is it a sneak attack?

Have a great Thursday



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