Foxy Friday!

Whee have mentioned before all the amazing wildlife whee have around near the hutch house. One of the most exciting developments that Mummy has noticed is the emergence of the fox cubs from a nearby den just over the road from us!

She has been trying really hard to get some pigtures of them but they usually come out quite late so it’s hard to get the pigtures in the dark without frightening  them. However just the other day they came out at dusk and started playing in the long grasses and the flowers. One even seemed to think it was hunting a butterfly!

Mummy counted three cubs in total and the Mother kept watch over them. They were all moving about so it was difficult to capture anything but she did get these:



They really are just perfect miniature versions of their pawrents! Do you have any baby animals near you now Spring is coming?

Hope you’re having a great Friday

Buddy, Basil, Nacho & Noah


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  1. Isn’t it great fun watching fox cubs play! Lucky things.

  2. What does the fox say? we have baby sheeps on our meadow and we saw some baby frogs :o)

  3. They look super sweet. But don’t let them see you, boys. You will look like a ham sandwiches to those guys!

    Love and licks,

  4. I would probably want to play with them

  5. What a handsome fox! We see a lot of birds at our house out the window — there is a feeder near the window. And we have been told that there are deer and coyotes around outside. The coyotes worry us a bit, but they stay outside and we only go out with one of the people to nibble grass safely. Wheeks from Willow and Zuna

  6. Your mom must have been soooo patient to get these photos! Thanks for sharing! We haven’t seen any babies but recently a young bunny hopped by where our kitties watch birds from the screened porch. It was almost as big as they are – seeing the bunny hopping was just WEIRD, and startled kitties ran back indoors!

  7. Oh yes we have babies. Coyotes, scorpions, rattlesnakes, tarantulas and even rabbits.

  8. doodz…..we haz fox but ya hard lee ever see em…coyoteez two N ya hafta bee veree care full oh them coz they will catch catz & small dawgz …..we haz rabbitz, squirrelz, chippeez, racoonz, possumz, deer…noe bearz tho 🙂

  9. lots of birds here,xx Speedy

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