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Christmas Crates – Help Us Make a Difference

Today whee are doing a slightly different post. With all the negativity in the world recently whee would like to ask you to please consider joining us in doing something positive, in the spirit of Christmas giving.

It’s called “Christmas Crates” and you can read more about it here.

Essentially it is a reversed advent calendar. Instead of opening a door and getting something every day of advent, you put something in a box instead for a charity or cause of your choice. This time of year is a difficult time for anyone, animal or hooman, that needs a charity to help them survive and get by. So whee would like to ask you to pledge (using the link here) to make a Christmas Crate of your own for a charity or a cause local to you and/or close to your heart.

You could collect blankets, food, bedding, and toys for a animal shelter.

Image result for donations for animal rescue

You could collect cans, packets and non perishable foods for a local food bank.

Image result for christmas donations for food bank

You could collect coats, gloves, socks, hats and unopened toiletries for a homeless charity.

Image result for box of clothes for charity

It can be for any worthy cause you can think of. Simply find out what they are looking for and put it in the crate every day of December to donate on Christmas Eve. You can do it at home with your family, with a team at your place of work, at a local church or club. Anywhere where people want to come together to help others.

Whee really hope you will all join us in doing this. Even if you cannot get involved yourself, please share this to let others know about it.

Don’t forget to “pledge” your crate on the link above to show you are going to be doing it and who you’re doing it for.

Thank you, and our post will be back to normal tomorrow!

Squeak soon

Nacho and Noah


Where They Went Wrong . . . And Lost A Friend.

There are very few things to do with animal charities which Mummy would say are wrong but a few cases recently have highlighted parts that she doesn’t approve of or like. Whee know animal charities really could do without the bad press right now but this is important. Whee are not aiming this against all charities but some may need to change.

In a newspaper today was the case of a dog who was found by his owners body. There seems to be a rather public outcry about it but Mummy doesn’t really know what to think. You can read more about the story here and make up your own minds.

Another case was to do with another large animal charity here in the UK. The issue – spending a lot on court cases against fox hunting and whee do mean a lot of money. Mummy finds this complicated as although she does believe that these things need to be stopped she fails to see why animal charity donations must be used to deal with a legal situation. Mummy thinks that some donaters are feeling betrayed because they are not sure where their money is going. To court cases? To animal care? Or to funding the bigshots salaries?

Sounds harsh? Whee don’t mean to be. But whee think that people should have a say as to where their donations are going.  Mummy would like to make donations specifically towards the care of mistreated animals. Maybe the big charities need to organise things with this. That is why she is now only donates to smaller charities. Charities where everything goes to the animals and no one is paid because it is all volunteers.

Well big hooman charities. This is where you went wrong, and I’m afraid you have lost a friend.

Please tell us what you think.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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