Saturday Stay Bowl Review

So you may or may not know but Buddy has a very naughty habit of tipping the food bowl over and throwing it all over the cage. Not only is this messy and means the cages needs cleaning out more reguarly but also, Basil doesn’t like eating food that has been on the floor so he has been going hungry.

I have searched and search for a solution and I have found it in the Stay Bowl! Initially it sounded like a bit of a gimmick. A bowl that is tip proof? Sure…

But for $9.95 (which roughly £6.80) where was the harm in giving it a try?

So it didn’t take too long and arrived with a lovely note.

The size was good. A lot of people tend to over feed their piggies but these bowls allow for good portion control. So I filled it up, put it in and kept my fingers crossed!

Buddy had a good go a trying to bite the edges and tip it over. At one point a worried Basil stepped on it to keep it in place!

But true to it’s promise the stay bowl, stayed upright!

So what are my thoughts?

Price: Great, pretty much the same price a good quality normal bowl

Appearance: The blue was great and matches their cage. It actually holds more than it looks and can contain the perfect portion size.

Thoughts: It actually works! It’s been four days since we started using the stay bowl and so far no spills or messes made!

Rating: 10 paws up out of 10!

Buddy disagrees and wants to give it a much lower rating…


I guess he’s going to have to find another naughty habit to wind us all up!

Have you got a product that you love that solved a problem for you? Any products you’d recommend for piggies?

Have a great Saturday



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  1. What a wonderful solution to the “bowl tipper” problem! No doubt Buddy will find something else to wreak havoc now that the food bowl can’t be flipped!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • It really is brilliant. I wasn’t sure it would work but it does and the cage looks tidy rather than so covered in spilt food it needs cleaning twice daily!

      Have a great day


  2. It must be the name lol…my mr. Buddy stew, he would tip his bowl over all the time! Then get mad when it was not cleaned up right away…and he would never eat the ones that touched the floor…like he knew exactly which ones it was. But he was only doing it to himself not to another piggy.

  3. Hahaha Speedy chucks his about to but it’s slightly to heavy for him to tip over as it is a dog bowl but he does drag about,xx Rachel

  4. I really enjoyed the blog. I’ll will be following in the future. Thank you for the review. My daughter and I invented for guinea pigs after she adopted a pair. The background story is can be found at this link from the Guinea Pig Magazine.

    Thanks again. really enjoyed the review and the pictures.

  5. I wish that all problems had a solution that easy.

  6. It’s always a bit of surprise to me when something works as promised, LOL Mr Buddy, you’ve met your match. xo

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