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Saturday Stay Bowl Review

So you may or may not know but Buddy has a very naughty habit of tipping the food bowl over and throwing it all over the cage. Not only is this messy and means the cages needs cleaning out more reguarly but also, Basil doesn’t like eating food that has been on the floor so he has been going hungry.

I have searched and search for a solution and I have found it in the Stay Bowl! Initially it sounded like a bit of a gimmick. A bowl that is tip proof? Sure…

But for $9.95 (which roughly £6.80) where was the harm in giving it a try?

So it didn’t take too long and arrived with a lovely note.

The size was good. A lot of people tend to over feed their piggies but these bowls allow for good portion control. So I filled it up, put it in and kept my fingers crossed!

Buddy had a good go a trying to bite the edges and tip it over. At one point a worried Basil stepped on it to keep it in place!

But true to it’s promise the stay bowl, stayed upright!

So what are my thoughts?

Price: Great, pretty much the same price a good quality normal bowl

Appearance: The blue was great and matches their cage. It actually holds more than it looks and can contain the perfect portion size.

Thoughts: It actually works! It’s been four days since we started using the stay bowl and so far no spills or messes made!

Rating: 10 paws up out of 10!

Buddy disagrees and wants to give it a much lower rating…


I guess he’s going to have to find another naughty habit to wind us all up!

Have you got a product that you love that solved a problem for you? Any products you’d recommend for piggies?

Have a great Saturday



Pushy Piggy!

So yesterday the hooman asked you to take guesses at what I had been up to the previous evening that was so naughty. Plenty of you had brilliant ideas but no one guessed exactly the mischeif fun I had.

Now I don’t know about you but sometimes I like to pretend to be a hooman. So that night instead of cuddling in my usual spot on Mummy’s lap, I climbed off onto the sofa next to her. She said I was looking extra cute as I snuffled around the cushions. I lay down and stretched myself out to my full length as I’d seen the hooman do before when she wanted to claim a sofa as her own.

Then I realised I was at a slight height disadvantage! So I gently “encouraged” Mummy to get up.

“Now that’s not quite how it happened Basil-“

She was quite happy to move onto the floor and make way for me after a few gentle nudges…

“I think you’ll find I wasn’t that happy about-“

She got up and sat on the comfy floor. The other hoomans were quite accepting of my human dominance also.

“Well with you rumbling, biting my clothes and trying to dig your nose under me and flick up, I didn’t really have much choice! Plus you tried to nip anyone who wanted to sit down on the sofa near you, even though there was plenty of room!”


I don’t know what you are talking about hooman, I was furry comfortable!

Does anyone else like to pretend to be something else once in awhile? What are you up to today?

Happy Thursday!



Sometime Ago Sunday

As you will know if you follow us on Twitter, whee sent our hoomans off to visit the London Pet Show a few weeks back and they saw lots of fascinating things and even brought back a present for us (whee will do another post on that soon!). But for now here are some of the pigtures Mummy took, including some of the little hooman who was extremely afraid of small dogs after an incident but got to speak to and meet a breeder who talked him through it and eventually had him hugging one of the very dogs he was so afraid of. It was amazing and whee cannot thank her enough as he is a whole different hooman since!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whee loved getting the chance to meet some of our Twitter furfriends and learn more about all the different animals they had there. Hopefully there will be another similar event soon!

Have a serene Sunday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Wordy Wednesday – Yule Be Furry Impressed!

Whee are pretty sure you will be furry impressed by this. As much as whee are!

An amazing hooman that our Mummy knows on The Guinea Pig Forum made something she had imagined, a reality. Mummy has spent awhile in the run up to Pigmas worrying about piggies which will be bought as presents and hoomans will not properly research their care.


Here comes Santa Paws . . .

So Mummy thought; if whee cannot stop people from getting them, whee can at the furry least, educate them! So whee have had help putting together an advent calender containing impawtent information and fun facts for little and big hoomans alike to learn about their new additions in the run up to getting them!

You can check it out here. Just click the day to read a fact, see a pigture or hear a sound clip.

Whee hope you like it! Have a wonderful Wednesday



Oh Monday, Why Did You Come?!

Monday again? But it feels like the wheekend barely started. Can you believe how close it is getting to Pigmas now? Hover over the pigtures to read the captions!

Have a great Monday



ps. What do you the of the blogs seasonal look? Mummy says she’s not quite happy with it so it might change a little but it would be great to get some feedback!

Two Pigs And A Piano!

Well the little hooman is learning some songs on the piano at school and being the supportive FURmily piggies whee are, whee have been wheeking along to help him!

Now today is pretty special because it is teen hoomans birthday and he is 17! Unfortunately, little hooman has only learnt Pigmas songs so whee played him ‘whee wheek you a merry Pigmas’ instead but whee think he liked it.

Hope you have a great day. Happy Saturday efurryone!

Buddy & Basil


How To Bath Your Hoomans!

IMG_7034Our little hoomans are not altogether terrible. Occasionally they are late with our veggies or don’t give us as much food as whee would like but in all they are pretty good.

However, sometimes they have dirty fingers and with us being clean pretty piggies whee don’t like dirty fingers. So whee bath our little hoomans fingers. Mummy calls it kisses but whee are definitely bathing them.

Some of our furfriends have asked how, so whee have put together a little video explaining how whee do it.

Have a terrific Tuesday

Nacho & Noah


Mega Fan Monday

Inspired by the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary whee have created a little trailer . . . Enjoy!

Happy Monday efurryone

Buddy & Basil


Why do guinea pigs burrow and make hay nests?

Happy Saturday efurryone. Today’s post is something a little bit different. Whee have been asked on twitter a furry good question; Why do guinea pigs burrow in their hay and make nests?


Being the 21st Century pigs whee are whee immediately googled it to give a precise answer. Surprisingly, whee could find nothing specifically answering the question. So I, Basil B. Pig, have decided to investigate and give you my thoughts on the matter.

The first thing you should remember is that us piggies are prey animals. That means it’s important to hide and camouflage ourselves. In the wild guinea pigs are a colour called agouti which blends in very well. Mummy used to struggle to spot Nutty when he was in the garden as he somehow seemed to vanish against greens and browns.

So whee hide to protect ourselves from predators. Whenever there is a loud unexpected noise in the house whee will dash to our pigloos and hide under the hay. It’s instinct.

Another thing, probably more relating to domesticated pigs, is it keeps us warm. Whee are far more likely to burrow and make hay nest when it’s cold so Mummy gives us extra hay to hide in.

Hay is 75% of our diet so it is furry impawtent to our physical and emotional well being.

Whee hope this has answered your question twitter person and if anyone else has any idea why piggies might burrow and make nests in hay whee would love to hear it.

Where do you go when you want to be safe and/or warm?



Thursday Tickles

As some of you know our hooman has been a bit unwell. Today she feels very sick but luckily, Nurse Noah is on hand to help.

He charged the very reasonable rate of two minutes chin tickles.


With this prescription of snuggles and whiffles whee are sure she will be feeling better soon.

Have a nice Thursday 🙂


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