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Black and White Sunday – Sleepy Snuggles


Sometimes you just need some lazy Sunday snuggles with your hoomans! How are you spending your Sunday?

Buddy & Basil

Ps. Noah is doing much better and seems brighter so paws crossed he’s on the mend!

Where For Art Thou Piggies?

Hello there blogosphere *awkwardly waves paw*

So whee realise that us disappearing of the face of the hutch may have been a bit confusing for you all.

So where have whee been?

Honestly, at home.¬†Sort of staying out of trouble. Our hooman has been lacking ideas¬†(whee couldn’t believe it either with us as inspiration but it’s true!) to post so she has taken a rather long break.

What did you miss?

Not much. Nacho broke a tooth but it got better. Noah got a hair cut and broke a hair dryer, he was fine, the vicious little wind machine was destroyed not. Buddy has become even more naughty if that’s possible when it comes to throwing his food bowl about (more on that in another post). Basil has been pretty good, though apart from a recently addiction to each newspaper (yes, newspaper like the stuff our bedding is made out of)

What happens now?

Well hopefully, we make a little trip around the bloggy land and say hello to everyone, catch up and see what we’ve missed (please let us know if you have any news) and we will get back to posting updates on our antics and adventures!


Whee have missed you all!

Buddy, Basil, Nacho & Noah (and hooman)



Ps. As soon as the hooman helped us write this, Noah decided to have a little accident and hurt his eye so whee have all been too worried to hit post. Today he looks much better but he still needs your thoughts! Whee will give you a better update on him in the next post

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