What Wonderful Whiskers?!

So some of you successfully identified my back end in our ‘Guess Who’ game but now I am asking you to consider something at the other end of me. On my nose to be precise. My whiskers.

They are longer than any of the other piggies and though I once considered the extraordinary length of them to be something special I now find myself feeling a little self concious. Multiple times Mummy has nearly shut them in a zip or cage. Hoomans complain I am tickling their chins and squirm when I snuggle up.

But they are very beautiful, and I am very proud of the perfect shiney condition they are kept in. And I am occassionally complimented on them . . .

I guess what I need is some to say “Buddy, what gorgeous whiskers you have!”

I cannot help being so vain. I blame the weather. The constant rain is dampening my mood and meaning I think about things for far to long. Please help me feel better about myself.


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  1. Awww… Buddy, your whiskers ARE gorgeous! It is not being vain to want to take care of them! It is being responsible to take good care of them.
    I’m with you Buddy 🙂

  2. Don’t you know that long whiskers are a sure sign of superior intelligence? Not to mention a real tun-on to the ladies. So celebrate them!

  3. Hiya Buddy!! Ya know I luvluvluv white whiskers…mine look like they have diamonds in them in certain lighting…and I betcha your do too…so here it comes…wait for it…wait for it…OK I TOTALLY LUVLUVLUV YOUR WHISKERS!! YOUR WHISKERS ROCK!! How’s that…feelin’ better little bro’…good…I can’t stand it going to bed thinking you might feel down…sending emergency ration of Savvy Paw Hugs…aire express via BA….:)

  4. LetSleepingPigsLie

    Fabulous whiskers, Buddy!

  5. I love your whiskers buddy, they are very distinguished on a gentlepiggy, and make you look extra handsome!

  6. i have quite a few whiskers too and my daddy is always laughing at them. But my mummy says they make me who I am, and the same goes for you. 🙂

  7. Buddy I think you have wonderfully long and silky looking whiskers and you should be totally proud of them! They are just one of your wonderful features – I like your crinkly ears and your pretty coloring, not to mention your awesomely pearly pink nose. YAY for long whiskers – mine are too!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  8. Buddy, those are truly MAGNIFICENT whiskers! I’m quite envious of them.

  9. awwwww….. you are such a little cutie!

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