Guest Post Girlies!

Pretty Princess Poppy

Hello there,

Clearly Cute Clover

You may or may not know us. Our names are Poppy and Clover. We are Buddy’s favourite slightly obbsessed, fanpigs and today, their Mummy has been looking after us so we were offered the privilige of posting on Hutch A Good Life.



At first we were squealing and then we were doing zoomies round the cage, when all of a sudden it dawned on us . . . We had to think of something so write!

Considering the others think of something every day, we assumed it would be easy. We were wrong. We started to think of all of our favourite things and racked our brains all day. (It meant a lot of thinking and thinking requires sustenance so our diets will have to wait for another day!)

Then it hit us, not literally as if ideas actually hit you then you would be covered with bruises. But it came to us. What if we tell you what we find attractive in a potential mate and you tell us your ideas!

Here is our list:

– Must have stable home/hutch life (No possibility of him running off with next door!)

– Must have a regular income (preferably of veggies but may be accepting of other currencies if they can go towards getting veggies)

– Must have all own hair/fur (Nothing worse than discovering that too late!)

– Must be able to make you feel special (Like Buddy’s very romantic poems!)

– Must enjoy walks in the park/garden/hallway/run

– Must be prepared to drop everything and come if there is an emergency (So you have someone to call when a hooman breaks your treat bowl and you are in a panic!)

– Must love us regardless of flaws (Like Clover’s voluptous figure and Poppy penchant for naughtiness!)

Do you have anything else you look for in a mate? We’d love for you to tell us.

If you like us then we might be able to convince the boys to let us guest post again in the future. Hope you are feeling piggilicous!

Poppy & Clover


About hutchagoodlife

Tales and adventures from the hutches of British blogging guinea pigs!

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  1. I love your pictures! You have some very cute guinea pigs.

  2. Poppy you are striking quite the pose! You’re both very pretty! And yes, it would be bad if ideas hit you and gave you bruises :).
    Tulip and Paloma would probably add “Protect us from scary humans (which so far seem to be all–except if there are treats involved)” to the list.
    So I guess hairless guinea pig males aren’t your thing? I hope you are allowed another guest post while you’re visiting!

    • Thank you for calling us pretty! Whee do our best. It’s all thanks to a good skin care regimen and eating our five a day of fruit and veg!

      Whee actually quite like hoomans now. When whee were little they were quite scary but now whee aren’t bothered by them unless they are bringing food!

      Poppy & Clover

  3. Personal hygiene should definitely be added to your list… πŸ™‚

  4. I think a sense of humour is important.

  5. Hi Poppy and Clover…..since I’m a cat I have very little experience with piggies (until now since I’ve met the Hutch Crew here!!)….but you seem like quite lovely ladies and whoever you choose for a mate will be lucky that’s for sure…………..wink wink

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. As a puppy, I’m looking for someone playful, someone I can wrestle with, chase and generally have fun with.
    I hope you find your ideal piggie mates soon, perhaps there’s a suitable candidate reading your blogpost right now…:-)

  7. Nice guest post, Poppy and Clover. I don’t have piggies of my own but I guess I’m an Aunt to one. I think my piggy nieces and nephews want a mate who shares. It’s one thing to bring veggies into the hutch but you’ve gotta share.

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