Sunny Day; Piggies Play

I just want to first say a big thank you to our beautiful guest piggy girlies for their enlightening post into what they seek in a mate! You are truly the most talented and pretty piggies I have ever seen. Maybe one day we will meet . . . But then again probably not. My Mummy says I would have my wicked way with you. I try to assure her you will not mind but, alas, she ignores my pleading. Know that not a day goes by when I do not think of you. My stomach feel like it is filled with butterflies just at the thought of you. (Bingo says that it’s probably the spinach I ate earlier. He does not understand the depth of our love!!!)

Me and Bingo enjoying the sun in the great outdoors!

Now for my post about what we have been up too . . . Today was beautiful! Brillant sunshine and the bluest of blue skies. Whee were so happy. Mummy made us some veggie ‘kebabs’ on willow twigs. She said that the veggies had high water contents to keep us hydrated on what became a very hot day. My kebab had cucumber, melon, grapes & celery. I liked the celery most because it makes such a satisfying crunch when you bite into it!

Anyway, the day got soo hot that Mummy couldn’t put us outside and had to fan us. Finally, a little after tea time, Mummy put us out in the run. We were out there for about two hours and it was wonderful!

Mummy says the sunny weather will continue for at least a few more days according to the little man in the telebox. I hope it does! I want more sunshiney days where I can feel the breeze through my fur in glorious Summer sun. Where I can frolic in the garden eating grass and popcorning to my hearts content.

Mmmmm sunshine!


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  1. Love the picture! But you were photo-bombed by a human! OMG!

  2. Sounds like you have a better life than some humans I know. Hmmm… No one ever fans ME when I get hot. And I have to make my own kebabs – oh, oh. Piggy envy…

  3. Sunshine? What’s that? We haven’t had any of that nice warm yellowy happy sun in DAYS and DAYS……just soggy old rain! I’ve missed having a grass munch outside but Mom keeps telling me that with all this rain, when I do finally get outside, the grass will be extra long and yummy!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

    • Whee have told the sunshine to go and visit our good friend Sammy but it doesn’t listen. It just keeps getting hotter. Mummy is worrying about us getting heatstroke so whee are getting lots of attention. Whee aren’t complaining!


  4. You guys will get your tanning done in no time.
    And you sound to me like a heart breaker, too many girls after your fur.

  5. Miss Sakura says that your grass looks much more delicious that the stuff that grows here in the desert!

  6. you guys have it waaaaaayyy too good! Seriously…you are my role models for how to have fun! And how to get the peeps to do what ya want…go for it!

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